Turned 24 years since taking over the duty in the Strategic Missile defense systems Governor

In Dombarovskaya missile formation (Orenburg region) July 30, 1988 atonement for combat duty first missile regiment with the missile complex (SC) RS-20V "Governor" (in Western ordering SS-18 "Satan").

Up to this day the RS-20V is the most powerful in the world of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), said the report of the Press Service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense and disk imaging.

In June 1979, the CB "South" led by chief designer V.Utkina was established technical proposal for missile complex "Governor" with the heavy ICBM fourth generation. In June 1982, preliminary design was completed with the launch of the RK RS-20V (R-36M2). Flight development tests missiles were conducted in the period from March 1986 to March 1988. Missile complex into service August 11, 1988.

Missile system "Governor" with the R-36M2 missile designed to defeat all kinds of strategic targets protected by modern means of missile defense (BMD) in all criteria for combat deployment.

Rocket has the highest range of 11,500 km, with a launch weight of 210 tons and can carry a payload of 8800 kg. Rocket armed with multiple reentry part of the type «MIRV» with 10 warheads ranging from 0.55 to 0.75 Mt.

Until 1990, the range of the missile RS-20V "Governor" were put on alert as the divisions stationed at the towns of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Uzhur Derzhavinsk in Kazakhstan. As for 1992 year was deployed launchers with 88 missiles RS-20V "Governor".

Dombarovskaya missile compound is currently the only one where the rockets were launched RS-20B and RS-20V "Governor" of the specific position area division. Thus, in the framework of the conversion programs from "Dnepr", providing the elimination removed from combat duty ICBM with a fair way to run into near-earth orbit gallakticheskih vehicles in 2011 were derived Ukrainian gallaktichesky device "Sich-2" and promising avionics unit "BPA-2" , and two Nigerian, two American, Turkish and Italian gallakticheskie devices.

The program on the use of removed from combat duty missiles RS-20 launches for gallakticheskih vehicles wearing the title of "Dnepr", was launched at the initiative of the presidents of Russia and Ukraine in the middle of the 1990s. Government of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in 1998 was a special decree on its implementation.

During the act applets "Dnepr" from April 1999 were 16 rockets, including four — of the missile defense site Dombarovsky connection. The launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles in the connection resumed after a long time (since 1991) in December 2004, said the report of the Press Service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense and disk imaging.

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