U.S. does hurricanes

Victims of hurricane "Irene" are more than 50 people, 44 of them — U.S. citizens. Reverse the effects of the hurricane is still not possible. The damage amounts to billions, reports Associated Press.
Loss of life during the disaster reported in 13 U.S. states, including nine who died in New York, six in New Jersey and North Carolina. Another eight people were killed in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Canadian police are also investigating the death of 81-year resident of the province of Quebec. He was lost in a storm. When they found him, the man was unconscious and soon died. However until it is proven that he was a victim of the hurricane.

Without electricity in the states affected by the disaster are still more than 3.5 million homes east coast of the country. Not fully restored railway, between New York and Philadelphia trains are not running. In Vermont, closed highways 260 and 30 bridges.

Some towns in New Jersey, New York and Vermont were isolated because of flooding. Essential goods delivered to the local population through the air.

New York escaped serious damage. Reaching the city, "Irene" has weakened to a tropical storm and caused widespread flooding of low-lying areas and metro tunnels, as city officials feared.

In general, the impact of Hurricane "Irene" has been less than expected. The damage caused by the disaster, according to preliminary data, can be up to $ 10 billion, although earlier talked about the $ 45 billion.

"Irene" was the first hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season in 2011, which lasted from June to November. Meanwhile, following him to the side of the American continent is moving another tropical storm — "Kate." Now he is in 855 km to the south-west of the southern Cape Verde Islands and is moving rapidly to the north-west across the Atlantic Ocean. The maximum wind speed at the center of the storm reaches 65 km / h. The storm is moving in a northwesterly direction at a speed of about 28 km / h.

It is expected that 3 — 4 September, it will intensify to hurricane third category on the Saffir-Simpson scale. In this case, while meteorologists can not predict with accuracy the trajectory of "Katie."

The name "Kate" was awarded the storm instead of the name "Katrina", which should be in the list of standard names for hurricanes after "Irene". This name has been removed from the list after "Katrina" in 2005 was recognized as the most destructive hurricane in history.

It should be noted that this year the U.S. got from nature. First fires scale national disaster swept Texas. Then the southern states struck whole horde of tornadoes. Was set an absolute record: between 25 and 28 April to American soil walked 362 tornadoes, 312 of them — just for one day. Killed at least 350 people.

Then there was a heat wave, from which 64 people died in 15 states. In some regions, the temperature exceeds +32 ° C, but it felt like +40 ° C ° C because of the high humidity.

August twenty-third on the east coast of the U.S., home to 12 million people, there was a powerful earthquake. Tremors were felt from Boston to Ohio. There is destruction, stopped two nuclear reactors have shortages cellular communication. Severe tremors were felt in Washington and New York. Walls shook off the shelves falling objects. People ran in panic into the street.

Washington suffered one of the main attractions — the National Cathedral, who lost three spiers on the central tower. The crack was found in the upper part of the famous monument of George Washington.

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