U.S. newspapers screaming about the horrors of Hurricane Irene

U.S. East Coast is preparing for a big shake-up — there is a hurricane "Irene". Bad weather is raging in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

The population of the east coast of the U.S., which has recently undergone a six-point earthquake, preparing for a new shake-up — there is a hurricane "Irene". The storm has already intervened in the heavenly life of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. The next stop on his way — dozens of U.S. cities, including New York and Washington. There are going to meet the storm head-on.

NTV correspondent Julia Vasilchenko passes.

All East Coast from Florida to New York City is preparing for the disaster. State of emergency declared in five states: North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.

Bill Reid, the national center for the control of hurricanes: "The whole north-east of the country affected by the storm, because it will be very close to all the major cities of the region. Storm surges can reach a height of five meters, which is very dangerous. "

"Irene" — Hurricane third category — is now raging in the Bahamas. It is expected that on Saturday, he will fall in North Carolina, and then overwhelm the rest of the North Atlantic.

Ed Rappaport, the national center for the control of hurricanes: "This is a very rare event — a hurricane across the North Atlantic. People of the coast will see this in the first and last time in his life. In the sense that in our lifetime non-repetition. "

Preparations are already full. Bay of Norfolk, Virginia, where the largest U.S. military base, take out the ships. Plants NPP quickly take action. Airports canceled flights, somewhere has already started evacuating people. And the residents of coastal areas as they can strengthen their small private houses, although flood ground floors and basements would not save.

Flashlights, power generators already in short supply. Buyers rushed to shop for essential goods in an emergency.

Patricia Stapleton, a resident of the State of North Carolina: "I bought canned food, fill the car in case you have to leave quickly, removed everything from my garden, so that nothing flew away and did not break the window."

Unlike states such as North Carolina, Virginia or Washington, where hurricanes, though rare, do occur in New York is something unprecedented, akin to the recent earthquake. Since the mid XIX century, there were only five hurricanes. While the meeting with "Irene" is prepared only power.

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York: "Zone" A "- it's at home in New York, located close to the water in the lowlands — is likely to be evacuated. We'll hope for the best, but we must prepare for the worst. "

And New Yorkers themselves, especially the residents and guests of Manhattan, Mayor Bloomberg calls for special attention to the turn.

The New Yorker: "So many years, all was quiet, and now suddenly this happens?"
Dominic Bianco, tourist: "We do not want to leave now. Look around — beautiful day, the sun! "

Meanwhile, local TV channels already in full citizens describe the worst scenario. If a hurricane hit straight to New York, surrounded on one side of the Hudson River, and on the other the East River, the water will rush literally everywhere. Flooded underground tunnels, experience shortage of electricity. People will not be able to return to normal within a few days or even a week.

Forecasters predict that up to New York already weakened hurricane comes, perhaps, until the second or even the first category. But in this case the impact of the densely populated metropolis is serious.

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