UFO came from Japan to Hawaii


Eighth April 2011 in Hawaii were reported moving unidentified flying objects.

Five luminous spheres as if were watching at the U.S. military base on the Pacific island of Makua. They moved erratically, but slowly, occasionally igniting a bright light, all at the same time or at a time when a number of objects connected to the group.

After a few minutes the sphere moved to the ocean and disappeared, gaining speed.

A similar phenomenon was recorded this week is not the first time. March 12 this year, almost simultaneously with the first explosion at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" group of identical UFO seen in the skies over Japan.


The appearance of unidentified flying objects over the military test sites and databases has long ceased to be a rarity.

Only in Hawaii about the appearance of glowing spheres and blinking colored lights say hundreds of soldiers who have completed their service in the islands.

Observation of a UFO over the places of deployment of U.S. troops have been conducted for many years.

The well-known UFO researcher Robert Hastings devoted to this problem several scientific papers, which suggests that most such strange phenomena occur in the vicinity of nuclear facilities. Back in the early 2000s, he said that in the twentieth century, the aliens were mainly engaged in "mere observation", but warned that over time they began to give military matters more attention.

The researchers believe that the UFO for a long time watching the nuclear facilities, and sometimes worked on them.

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