UFO over Almaty


User is sent to the editor zakon.kz sensational video of UFOs in the sky over Almaty.

That's what we told the witness a unique phenomenon: It was yesterday, May 2, 2011 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I am in the area of 15.00 was returning home from relatives who took away his video camera. I was stopped by a passerby, who showed me to the sky. And I saw hovering in the sky flying saucer. I had a video camera with him, I immediately started shooting.

It turned out great approach, so the video is constantly shaking. Passers around me, 5 or 6 people, filmed on mobile phones. The tray according to my calculations was the size of a 5-meter diameter, it hanging for 2 minutes in the air, of which I took only a minute.




I was distracted by a girl who asked this, the camera flashed. When I turned back, the plate was already high in the air and within seconds, all but disappeared.
Who else saw this plate? Respond!

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