Ukrainians are buying bunkers for 120 thousand dollars


As it turned out, not only Ukrainians care about raising tariffs for housing and communal services, public transportation, rising prices for food, gasoline risen in price, but …. the coming apocalypse, December 21, 2012, that the ancient Maya predicted!


Following the boom in the construction of personal underground shelters in case of natural disasters and man-made disasters, which is observed in Europe, the U.S. and neighboring Russia, decided to acquire a family bunkers and residents of Kharkiv. Ads underground homes have already appeared on the Internet.

"Apartment" for a family of 4 underground at 0.5-2.5 meters in 40 "squares" with an air purification system, an autonomous sewer, water and electricity — no cinematic picture, but a reality that can materialize for 5 — 6 months. The World Wide Web we managed to find two local producers bins: one offer to make safe life underground for a few months, others — for six months.

"We started last year with bunkers, a new popular trend, and we already have potential clients. You see, what is happening in our world? "- Says CEO Vyacheslav Lysenko.



Hide under the ground can not afford every Kharkov. Minimum — the land or private house with a basement and a $ 30-120 million in cash may convert ordinary basement under guard, then one meter will have to pay $ 1000 for at least $ 8 million to equip the tank is necessary systems: ventilation, sanitation, bore water etc.

The cost of the underground lodges depends on the duration of the planned "his release." "There are different levels of shelter: a function such as air filtration (people went to 1-2 days), and there are — refreshing air that is in submarines, can live up to 2 months. From this and the cost depends on ", — said Vyacheslav Lysenko.

Producers say the bunkers most in need in Kiev and Simferopol in the wealthy, in Kharkov only a few customers got shelters. The director of the capital of the company by building bunkers, refusing to give his name, said that the fashion for bomb shelters in the country emerged recently.

According to him, this bunker could protect against fire or chemical attack, but from a nuclear war — is unlikely. List the firm's clients hold "classified." And also secretly build bunkers. Usually thought up the legend of the construction of the cellar or garage. No heat, but with a generator Protection facilities underground in Kharkov build highly trained specialists who once specialized in military facilities built seekers (even on "Baikonur").

Rent space for the key — with a kitchen, a bathroom and a shower at a depth of 2.5 meters from the ground. "The basis for the tank — it's concrete, as long as he was strong, the interior trim — environmentally friendly materials that are represented here — such as drywall. We also establish systems of support. We can offer you the option to install a diesel generator to produce electricity when it is not from the outside, "- says Oleg manufacturer bunkers.

Mebliruyut their shelters by customers, as well as form the food supply. The only thing that is unlikely to be under the earth, — the heating system. "You will not freeze out there, there's temperature — 17 degrees," — says Oleg.

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