It is hard to find people on earth, who would not have been tales of the creatures living in the dark dungeons. They were much older than the human race and had their origin from dwarfs, disappeared from the surface of the earth, possessed secret knowledge and crafts.

Against people inhabitants of dungeons were generally hostile.
That would suggest that in fairy tales described actually existed, and it can be today existing underground world.

Mysterious underground world exists not only in legends. In recent decades, the number of visitors to the caves has increased markedly. Deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth punched adventurers and miners, increasingly they encounter traces of the mysterious underground inhabitants.
It turned out that beneath us there is a chain of tunnels, extending for thousands of miles and a network enveloping the entire Earth, and the huge, sometimes inhabited underground cities.

Especially a lot of stories about the mysterious South American walks tunnels.
Even the famous English explorer and scientist Percy Fawcett, many times to visit South America, mentioned in the books of long caves, located near the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Inlakuatl and near Mount Shasta.

Some students could see fragments of this underground empire.
Recently, the University Library of Cuzco in the Andes, archaeologists found a report on the disaster that struck in 1952 by a group of researchers from France and the USA. In the vicinity of the city, they found the entrance to the cave and prepared to descend into it. Archaeologists were not going to stay there for long, so take food for five days.
However, of the seven members on the surface after 15 days to choose just one — Frenchman Philippe Lamonter. He was exhausted, almost did not remember anything, and soon he found evidence of the deadly bubonic plague.
But still managed to learn from him that his companions fell into a bottomless abyss. The authorities, fearing spread of plague, were quick to lay the entrance to the cave reinforced concrete slab.

Frenchman died in a few days, but it was found under the ground corncob solid gold …
Underground mirIssledovatel Inca civilization, Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, tried to repeat the route the missing expedition. A group of enthusiasts came into the cave through the room, was under the burial place of the dilapidated temple a few kilometers from Cusco.

First came a long, gradually narrowing the corridor, looked like a huge pipe ventilation system. Suddenly, the tunnel walls ceased to reflect infrared light. Using a special spectrograph, the researchers determined that the walls contained a large number of aluminum. When scientists tried to take a sample of the wall, it was found that its casing is very strong and it does not take any tools.

The tunnel is shrinking, and when the diameter decreased to 90 centimeters, the researchers had to turn back.
In South America, there are amazing caves associated with endless intricate transitions — so-called chinkanasy. Hopi legends say that in the depth of their people live-snake.

These caves are virtually unexplored. By order of the authorities, all entrances are tightly closed bars.
In chinkanasah already completely lost dozens of adventurers. Some tried to get into the dark depths of curiosity, others — because of greed: the legends in chinkanasah hidden treasures of the Incas.
Get out of the creepy caves have very few. But these "lucky" forever damaged in mind. Of rambling stories survivors can understand that they met in the depths of the earth with strange creatures.
These inhabitants of the underworld were both similar and per person, and a snake …
Author of Shambhala Andrew Thomas on the basis of a careful analysis of the stories of American cave explorers claims that in the mountains of California have direct underground tunnels that lead to the state of New Mexico.
Once had to investigate the mysterious thousands of kilometers of tunnels and the U.S. military. At the test site in Nevada, an underground nuclear explosion. Exactly two hours at a military base in Canada, far from the scene of the explosion at 2000 kilometers, recorded radiation levels are 20 times higher than normal.
Conducted by geologists study found that close to the Canadian base is an underground cavity, connecting with a huge cave system that runs through the North American continent.

Especially a lot of legends goes on underground world of Tibet and the Himalayas. Here in the mountains, there are tunnels that go deep into the Earth. Through them, "dedication" can travel to the center of the planet and to meet with representatives of the ancient underground civilization.

But not only the wise beings, giving advice "Dedications", live in the underground world of India. Ancient Indian legends tell of a mysterious realm beneath the hidden in the depths of the mountains.
Nagi — semi-divine demons or demigods with snake body and one or more human heads. Ancient Indian legends mention that civilization was powerful Nagas since the dawn of humanity, they lived under the mythical Mount Meru.

Nag — a symbol of wisdom. The cult of the snake and its related holidays. It is believed that the serpent-naga totem was one of the most powerful of the ancient tribes, whose representatives were called naga.

Nagi said that the Buddha preached the nagas.
In the first book of the "Mahabharata" (Adiparve) describes naked people everywhere. Then Brahma rend the earth, and they went for it.
After moving to the underworld Patala, nagas erected a magnificent palaces, glittering with gold and precious stones.
Wise serpent Vasuki became king of nagas and regulations in their underground city Bhogavati full unseen on earth sokrovisch.3
In the kingdom of the Nagas live Nanas — people-snake, which is stored in their caves great treasures. Cold-blooded, like snakes, these creatures can not have human feelings.
They can not get warm and steal heat, physical and mental, the other living beings.

The existence of a global system of tunnels Russia wrote in his book "The Legend of the LFA" spelestolog — researchers investigating artificial structures — Pavel Miroshnichenko.
Inscribed them on the map of the former Soviet Union through global tunnels led from the Crimea through the Caucasus to the well-known Medveditskaia ridge. In each of these places of ufologists, cavers, researchers found fragments of unknown or mysterious tunnels bottomless wells.
Stretching from the Crimea to the east sublatitudinal tunnel near the Ural Mountains intersects with another, extending from north to east. It is along the tunnel to hear stories about the "divyah people" in the early twentieth century, the output of the local residents.

"Divya people" — described in the epics, popular in the Urals — live in the Ural Mountains, the outputs are in the world through the caves. Culture they have the greatest. "Divya people" short, very beautiful and with a pleasant voice, but to hear them can only select …

Who are the inhabitants of the underworld?

There is a hypothesis that long ago the planet descended from heaven amazing creatures. They learned a lot from the locals, but could not adjust to life on the Earth's surface and went into the underground peschery.1
Entrance to the underground world of the picture AntarktidyDzhozef Skipper, a famous archaeologist from the U.S., carefully looking at the pictures, sent spacecraft and posted on the official websites of NASA and other space agencies. Finds many surprising — that sharply contradicts the traditional view.
Once a picture has attracted the attention of archaeologists in Antarctica, where Skipper found the entrance to the underworld, something similar to the "plate" and the lake.

It is known that the Nazis were interested in the South Pole. Fitted out several expeditions there. And even staked out a vast territory in the area of Queen Maud Land, naming it New Swabia.
In 1939, the Germans found it striking an area of about 40 square kilometers, free from ice. With a relatively mild climate, with numerous ice-lakes. It was called Schirmacher Oasis — on behalf of the German pilot pioneer.

Subsequently, there has settled Soviet polar station Novolazarevskaya.2
The official version of the Third Reich went to Antarctica to build a framework for the protection of its whaling fleet.

In fact, supposedly, the Nazis first learned that in Antarctica has vast and warm cavity, and in them, according to legend, something left or from the aliens, or once lived there from ancient advanced civilization.
As a result, by the end of 1930, German U-boats found a secret passage in the ice and get inside — into these cavities.
Area of Antarctica — about 14 million square kilometers. Almost the entire continent is covered by ice and places its thickness reaches five kilometers.
And what is under it, almost no known …

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