Unique city built in Berarusi masters, in the Gomel region

On the territory of Zashirskogo cultural and sports center, which at Yale Renee is a big building. Its result should be unique to the city of Gomel artists. Fundamentally different from their "brothers", which takes place at the festive event, this will be what is an exhibition and sale, and the very real studio.

Significantly more and that provides minimum investment in the project budget. A significant portion of the cost is covered by sponsors. Besides the construction of even use bricks from decommissioned farms. Expect developers and enthusiasts and lovers of old, reviving crafts of our ancestors.

Plans for the organizers and builders of unusual large town — from the organization of historical dramatizations to collect folklore and old things that are? Gathering dust in the attic for many, writes news.tut.by.



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