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According omsk.rfn.ru, anatomical museum in Omsk Medical Academy eighty years stored unique exhibit — a man's body embalmed. Scientists still have not determined the exact composition of the material that was used for mummification.

The body of a middle-aged man is kept in a glass sarcophagus. This is the result of a unique anatomical experiment in 1933, conducted as a private laboratory assistant Andrew Romodanovsky. Specialists say that it is the only mummy, which has kept all the internal organs during preservation. The most amazing thing was that the basic ingredient of conventional formalin, which is pumped into the body through a small incision. Also preserved data on one of the stages of the process.

According to the head of the Department of Human Anatomy Putalova Irina Omsk State Medical Academy, the body for several days was in the cold, as the freezing out. It should be noted that no direct witnesses, no description of the process in the literature, no.

The author has neither a solution is the exact recipe or technique for the "perpetuation" of the human body, which allowed him to continue to this day with no restoration. Descendants have only a unique exhibit, which was the "highlight" of any trip, especially for first-year students.

According to Irina Putalova, it is very unusual for them, because the body has been preserved and the skin, and even the subcutaneous tissue. Be sure to raise questions of who this man was, and how it was done.

And if the process can be to say something, then the identity of the person remains unknown. According to one legend, it was the employee of the department, who bequeathed his body for a unique scientific experiment.

Omsk scientists say that now finding out Siberian mummies no longer needed, it should remain a testimony to the highest professionalism Andrew Romodanovsky. Now scientists have developed a reliable and modern methods of creating anatomical specimens, for example, the method of plastination when tissues are saturated solutions of specialty polymers.

Scientists have unveiled details of Omsk Medical Academy methods by which 80 years ago, a self-taught technician perfectly embalmed body of an unidentified man.
The mummy of a man born 100 years ago, eight decades is in store Omsk Medical Academy. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the body is kept in perfect condition with all the internal organs.

The exhibit not glowing even in normal room conditions. His only protection — a glass box, which simply protects from dust and dirt.

After studying the monograph Andrew Romadanovsky laboratory, experts have come to the conclusion that he has invented a unique technique that was not available even the best minds working on the preservation of the body of Vladimir Lenin.

— Andrew worked as a staff Romadanovsky laboratory, and his brother was the founding father of the Department of Human Anatomy — told Life News Head of the Department of Human Anatomy, MD, Professor Irina Putalova. — Andrei Vladimirovich was a profile of higher education. But that did not prevent him to create and develop techniques to create unique products.

Presumably, the mummy came to the Academy in 1934 — 1935 years. Over time, Andrew Romadanovsky monograph was partially lost, but some were recovered.

According to experts, the mummy is preserved so well not because of the composition of matter: Romadanovsky used quite usual mixture of formalin, alcohol and glycerin.

Embalming Romadanovsky Andrew has developed a unique methodology. On the body was made the only incision in the upper thigh, and through which the injected solution for embalming. This in turn helped to keep all the internal organs — reveals the secrets of a unique method of Professor Irina Putalova.

On the creation of a "masterpiece" self-taught technician began working in 1933, and the whole process of embalming took over a year. In addition to the composition Romadanovsky used … Siberian frost. After the introduction of the solution carried the body to the cold, and before writing back to the lab. And so a few times.

— Methodology and the results Andrey meticulously recorded. It's all in his work. But talking about the technology of embalming is unknown so far. The laboratory Romadanovsky always been one and cover it with a key, — continues the story of Head of Department.

But the method created to Omsk rarity alone surpassed the one that has developed a group of scientists to preserve the body of Vladimir Lenin. Above mummy leader worked whole institution, body, several times restored.

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