Unsolved mysteries of ancient civilizations

Every person interested in the basics of the universe and the origin of life on Earth, at least once wondered how accurate translations of sources relied upon by the Bible. And what are the sources of the Bible?

You can take the Bible at face value, to see it as a literary collection of ancient myths and legends, and to believe in the creation of the world and the life of God in six days.

You can also explore the ancient sources, and to draw the information.

Many ancient manuscripts mention of human contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Thoughts of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth appeared in ancient times, and now humanity in different parts of the Earth finds ample evidence of these visits in the statements of the ancient philosophers and scientists, rock art, architecture and statues belonging to the ancient.

Thus, the priests of ancient Egypt were sure of the existence of life on other planets and extraterrestrial contact with humans. Greek philosopher Anaximander as a theory of emerging and dying worlds, and his successor, Anaxagoras supported the idea of panspermia, ie the idea of the transfer of embryos of life in outer space.

It is impossible to list all the intractable scientific interpretation of archaeological finds, will focus on two: Antikythera computer, and the stones of Ica. Estimated date of creation of stones — XVI century. The largest part of the collection of black stones, owned by Dr. Cabrero, contains more than 11,000 copies of stones of different sizes. On the rocks scratched drawings of people and animals (some of whom are dinosaurs), a lot of erotic scenes. By assumption, Cabrero, stones were originally laid out in order, perhaps, they were used as a library. But the most interesting and unexplained — the image of complex transplants organs, even the heart, with drawings subsequent rehabilitation.

Another mystery — this is a godsend Antikiterovskogo mechanism, parts of which were found near drowning in the year 65 BC ship, which could result from Rhodes to Rome. Mechanism of forgotten, and only in 2008, scientists announced the results of research: a mechanism could account for an elliptical orbit of the moon, to predict lunar and solar eclipses, and perform operations on addition, subtraction and division. In fact, the mechanism was operating manual.

Inexplicable from a scientific point of view finds intertwined with the creation of at least the same inexplicable scientifically theories. One of the most provocative — paleocontacts theory, which studies the possibility of visits by beings from other planets, or the possibility of alien origin of civilization on Earth.

Among the adherents of the theory of ancient astronauts in the XX century were outstanding scientists.

Thus, the founder paleoastronavtiki believe KE Tsiolkovsky. A self-taught scientist called himself a materialist. He believed that the universe is composed of matter and is nothing more than a complex mechanism in which all processes are periodic. Each galaxy is aging and dying to get blown off reborn from simpler to more complex states. The Big Bang Theory (which is the most accurate to date) confirmed the idea of Tsiolkovsky's cycling processes in the universe. He allowed the evolution of human beings of a higher order, and the existence of these creatures that inhabit other planets in the universe, and even the Earth, but living on Earth extraterrestrial beings are composed of invisible matter, and therefore inaccessible to the human eye. These creatures have an impact on the course of human development. Tsiolkovsky theory is reflected in the novel by the Strugatsky brothers' waves extinguish the wind ", where in the course of evolution (ie, non-specific vaccine, which is hampering the development of man) appeared Wanderers — creatures adapted to life in the cosmos, not in need of the atmosphere, that journey the universe, to live forever and to comprehend the basis of the universe.

Ziolkowski skeptical about Einstein's theory, about which said that "developing and successfully without meeting proper rebuff, meaningless theory won a temporary victory." A self-taught scientist compared the conviction Einstein limitation of the speed limit of the universe and the light of the divine creation of the world in six days.

I must say that not all counted among the supporters paleovizita on grounds of confidence in visiting the Earth beings from other planets. Immanuel Velikovsky was employed by advocates for other reasons. He explored the data of folklore, mythology, linguistics, history, geophysics, astronomy, geology, and made a paradoxical conclusion: the main witnesses of global changes in land topography were people who lived in the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages.

According to the theory of Velikovsky, global climate change has been caused by the fact that the planet Jupiter threw toward Earth comet Venus. Release of the comet has changed the Earth's pole and led to the extinction of most of mankind. After the collision, the people were force only on their own survival, but the preservation of the knowledge obtained by previous generations did not even have time to think.

Being a professional psychiatrist, Velikovskiyy believed that the loss of reliable data on the global catastrophes of our galaxy is associated with human psychology, namely, the general amnesia caused by displacement of painful memories. Velikovsky was trying to prove that, due to the common error of scientists, Egyptologists period of 600 years was repeated twice, causing a temporary lack of correspondence between the Egyptian and biblical sources and the emergence of civilizations ghosts. Grätzel ostracized, and the scientist declared a charlatan. But many of his ideas accurately hit the target: radio noise emissions the planet Jupiter, the moon and the residual magnetism in the presence of Venus more dense than Earth, the atmosphere, which is characterized by higher than the ground, and temperature.

Among the scientists who believed in aliens visiting the earth, and may also include Alan Alford.

Alford was researching ancient Sumerian tablets, Egyptian papyri, the Bible, the Qumran sources and other ancient sources. In Mesopotamia, on the place of residence of the Sumerians were discovered more than 50,000 clay tablets. According to the research scholar has written several books, one of which is called "When the gods came down from heaven." Based on the actual translation tablets Alford theorized about alien civilization visiting Earth, who created the Sumerian.

Many, according to the researcher, repeatedly surprised unusually high development of the Sumerians in areas such as agriculture, commerce, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, architecture and metallurgy. Civilization is a sophisticated form of government and the presence of public institutions such as courts and schools.

Alford claimed that the Sumerian pictographs describes the history of the gods, who created the earth and in the flesh descended on her. Gods were few and they are tired of the hard work, work to create a human being able to release them from the burden of work.

According to the tablets, the Sumerians did not consider themselves slaves, and were very grateful to the gods for granted benefits.

Alford argues that the XXVI century BC Akkadians conquered the territory of the Sumerians, but they are in the XXII century BC were captured kutiyami, then the whole region in the XX century BC Amorites moved into management. In the transition of power from one nation to another very long Sumerian religion remained intact, and new people to worship the Sumerian gods.

But the modern world of science, citing the principle of "Occam's Razor", declared the ancient astronaut theory of fiction and effect a sick imagination.

If, however, to summarize the theory paleocontacts, evidence of ancient sources, petroglyphs, strange structures and mechanisms, we can conclude, at least three conclusions:

1. With a gross generalization hypotheses Tsiolkovsky, Velikovsky and Alford turns out that Mars, which adopted the basic blow up in the fall then a comet Venus civilization existed, not far superior to modern and significantly superior in the development of civilization of ancient people.

2. Abstracting from the hypothesis, scientists can expect to ancient roots of faith in the existence of life on other planets. It is impossible to blame the old people in the absence of imagination.

3. Archaeological finds that do not meet the general level of development of ancient civilizations, the skeptics are likely to explain the existence of people, brilliant minds that are much faster than the natural development of science. Leonardo da Vinci — one of the most famous examples of human genius.

Paleocontacts theory — another view of the development of the universe and the emergence of life on Earth, trying to expand the limits of the human mind and get rid of the dogma imposed by modern society religion and orthodox science. This is a look at the infinite universe and our planet Earth as an ever-changing body.

Ancient sources — a bottomless pit in which all the drawers of water, but for some it is sweet, for others — a tasteless, for the third — source imposed delusions, etc. As an ordinary person who does not know the ancient languages, and accurate historical facts, determine the true taste of the water?

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