Uranium nanopyl sowed Libyan cities

Uranium nanopyl sowed Libyan citiesIn April 2011, the official representative of the U.S. Air Force said that the rumors of the application in Libya with depleted uranium shells, the so-called dirty bombs, are not true. However, she chose to "refrain from commenting on the possibility of using them in the future." It seems that the future is now.

• According to an independent group of scientists working in Libya (Surveying and Collecting Specimens and Laboratory Measuring Group), in the country they had found traces of depleted uranium. As the member of a group of scientists Mahdi Darius Nazemroa, where studies were done, were air attacks repeatedly and at different times. It represents a significant danger to the experts.

• The goal of the scientists was the discovery of radioactivity. Research was conducted in the Bab al-Aziziyah, where the residence of Gaddafi in Suuk Al-Ahad. Samples taken from the field bombing, were transferred to the laboratory of the Institute of Atomic Energy of Libya. Laboratory analysis using inductively coupled plasma has shown that in some places the level of uranium even greater than anticipated. Elevated levels of radiation was observed in shell holes from NATO bombs and shrapnel. We also know that NATO aircraft actively using uranium bombs during the siege of Tripoli and Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte.

RAIN — Oil, dollar or uranium?

• TV channel Press TV, referring to the representatives of the international forces fighting in Libya, said the international coalition is applied in operations in Libya, bombs and missiles with depleted uranium. The coalition has also been recognized that the ammunition used depleted uranium, but insists that it was mainly in the first days of the operation in Libya. It is reported that during this time, the Americans dropped 45 bombs and fired more than 110 rockets on key Libyan cities, in which many civilians and for which, according to the western media, and the entire operation was ventured to overthrow Gaddafi.

• However, many military experts and journalists declare that for months against the forces of Muammar Gaddafi to use prohibited weapons by international conventions. One of these types of weapons are bombs with depleted uranium, which leave behind a tremendous destruction.

• The use of depleted uranium in munitions experts explain the high density of the substance. They point out that these shells are usually used against targets that have layered armor. When released into the goal light jacket shell is destroyed, and the heavy and thin tapered core continues to move, punching armor due to its mass and velocity. But the question arises: is Libya so many military installations that could be destroyed only with the use of depleted uranium?

• After hitting a target of depleted uranium is partially destroyed. Dust clouds of uranium oxide and its extremely harmful. Like many heavy metals, uranium and its compounds are toxic and carcinogenic, so the shells filled with uranium are very dangerous to humans. Vystrelyannogo of uranium munitions is released as small particles or dust that can enter the body through inhalation or ingestion of the environment. When injected into the body by inhaling uranium dust settles in the lungs and eventually cause cancer. Uranium oxide is dissolved in the blood and causes a general poisoning of the body.

• Many environmentalists and human rights activists are convinced that the use of such weapons cause land contamination with subsequent outbreak of diseases in the population, including cancer and infertility. Ukrainian doctors who worked in Tripoli, with dosimeters recorded radiation levels increase tenfold in places where direct hit bombs. The observation was carried out some time after the attack the British aircraft. Is it right in this case to claim "protection of civilians" in Libya, as Western leaders are constantly doing?

• It is known that in countries with a developed nuclear industry, a great amount of depleted uranium, and its use in the manufacture of munitions cost foreign manufacturers arms cheaper. It must follow that NATO seeks to minimize the costs of war through the use of dangerous technologies and looking for new platforms (such as Libya) for the disposal of old ammunition, period of use expires. So, the war, according to the NATO strategy must wear permanent.

NOW Libyan population "shine" with joy

• The heads of peaceful Libyans recently fell not only missiles and bombs of "depleted" uranium, but also uranium-bearing shells and large-caliber ammunition. According to experts, breaking through any obstacle in its path, the contents of the tip is heated to 5,000 degrees Celsius and converted into uranium nanopyl smallest. The main danger lies in the fact that the dust easily and smoothly spread over a vast area, contaminating the earth's surface, ground water and all living things in the area, including animals and plants.

• Because of its insignificant size of these dust-killer inevitably enter the body of people and for a long time remain in the human body. After this, the constant exposure to radiation from the inside. It is important that the various dosimeters can not find a speck of dust had settled in the body. Thus, to reveal the fact of its presence in the human body can only be in the development of certain diseases.

• Experts in the field of nuclear energy Dr. Ali Gsant in an interview to a TV channel reported that Libya discovered huge concentrations of depleted uranium. Uranium is everywhere: in the soil, the air, and especially a lot of it in the dust and sand, which are dispersed by wind. It is also possible that this is a dangerous dust can get into and to neighboring countries.

• Active "recycling" old NATO military ammunition tipped with depleted uranium was a great "humanitarian gift" to people living on the Earth, the value of which has yet to be determined.

But it is already clear that the Western coalition, infecting the area written off from the account uranium cores, radiation imposed eternal curse on North African soil: the half-life of uranium is known to be 4.5 billion years old. The height of cynicism — to speak on depleted uranium (as well as the "friendly fire" with machine guns on the unarmed people) because the depleted uranium bombs in reality does not exist, there is only a uranium bomb.

• The real tragedy is that there was not just spraying radioactive dirt, but also burying these wastes. Heavy shells with uranium cores are not held up by serious obstacles, buried deep in the sand or go to the bottom. Therefore, they are almost impossible to find, because the background radiation at the surface is almost not increased. For decades, these shells will, hide, destroy the environment, making the oasis of life in the valley of death.

FORCED nuclear waste

• For the first time the U.S. used depleted uranium shells during the "Gulf War" in 1991. Protecting Kuwait from the Iraqi army, the Americans bounty of the land in the Middle East highly toxic uranium cores. They said that in the sands of Kuwait and Iraq rested more than 300 tons of uranium cores. Many experts that fact seemed strange as the U.S. Army in the first Iraq war, has produced over 14 thousand rounds of 105-mm and 120-mm tank guns and dropped to the ground nearly a million 30-mm air missiles.

• It is known that uranium shells used primarily against enemy armored vehicles (mostly heavy), but such an impressive amount of ammunition you can repeatedly destroy armored vehicles all over the Middle East, not only the one in Iraq. Why was this necessary?

• A number of insightful experts have suggested that the problem of the U.S. military was only to dispose of uranium waste, burying them in the desert far from the local U.S. deserts. So most of the shells flew not issued in a specific goal, but by.

• Some researchers believe that the syndrome of the Gulf War, which consists in a mass disease of American and British soldiers who took part in the operation "Desert Storm" in 1991, is associated with radiation exposure. Thousands of American and British soldiers, the last of the first Iraq war, after leaving the army had serious health problems. And not only them.

• Researchers have revealed a variety of defects in the children of veterans of the Gulf War in 1991, and to make judgments about what leukemia, genetic, reproductive and neurological adverse effects could be caused by constant exposure to their parents. Themselves veterans of the Gulf War, directly link their health problems, and they are familiar with the problems of co-workers stay close to areas of DU weapons. However, all claims cases U.S. and British governments have rejected. Courts have referred to the fact that there is no scientifically proven link between depleted uranium and the diseases.

• Since the beginning of the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the U.S. and its NATO Allies again started actively using projectiles with uranium cores. NATO commanders were forced to confess to using only containing uranium warheads in 2000. Hide the evidence was impossible: if NATO troops who participated in the war in the Balkans, massively developed cancer, and the locals living in the area bombing, significantly increased mortality and increased the number of congenital diseases in children.

A scandal erupted. Fragments of uranium cores taken from the then Yugoslavia to Russia and found a terrible discovery: in addition to depleted uranium in them was radioactive weapons — plutonium and elements such as U-236, U-234, U-232. In other words, NATO deliberately subjected civilians radiation a country that did not attack them.

• Scaring evil tyrants the world, ready to use weapons of mass destruction against their own people, the Americans actually do use these weapons against civilians in other countries. Over the past 20 years, the U.S., organizing war around the world and using them as a universal excuse for his subsequent intervention, reclaimed thousands of miles away from their territories (in Kuwait, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya), according to official figures, at least 400 tons of nuclear waste production. Although it is likely much higher.

• The use of weapons with depleted uranium has affected the health of people living in the Persian Gulf and the Balkans. In Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan, has long been an extremely high incidence and genetic disorders. Today is the birth of a healthy baby externally, such as in Iraq, is the greatest happiness. Sick children are born in the families of American soldiers, swallow this deadly dust in the wars they waged against other nations. Now the Libyans and their descendants will share the tragic fate of innocent Iraqis and Serbs.

WHY U.S. turns Eurasia and Africa in the desert of the continent?

• NATO military action against Yugoslavia led to an environmental disaster in the country. Hundreds of tons of toxic substances applied NATO in the war, came to the soil, water, and were dispersed in the atmosphere. NATO destroyed the economy and civilian infrastructure of the country: large factories, bridges, power generation facilities, water supply, hospitals, that is all that is the basis of life of any nation. The exact same scenario was used against Libya today.

• By its actions in Yugoslavia and Libya U.S. and NATO show the world what fate awaits the country that refuses to act on their orders. As openly said U.S. General Wesley Clark — a former commander of NATO forces in Europe, in his speech of March 24, 1999, "we intend to destroy, ruin, devastate, damage and ultimately destroy the basic infrastructure" of Yugoslavia.

• The destruction of the economy of a country is the main aim of the latest NATO wars. The same can also be seen on the example of Libya. In this country, most recently, NATO aircraft bombed shamelessly hospitals, houses, granaries, a plant producing oxygen for patients who torched date palm plantations — all of these objects can not be called by the military, but always write them off for some "mistakes" and "raw data" as it likes to make the command of NATO, blasphemous and at least meaningless.

• In their wars NATO uses weapons prohibited by all international conventions. For example, in Yugoslavia, it applies fragmentation bombs against civilians to intimidate and demoralize any innocent people. Fragmentation bombs, which cause huge loss of life, banned by the Geneva Convention. However, NATO aircraft repeatedly threw them into the city's neighborhoods Serbian cities.

• In particular, May 7, 1999 the bombs destroyed the city market and a hospital with children and adults who were there, in the city of Nis. In June 1999, Adolfo Luis Martin — Spanish pilot who took part in the bombing of Yugoslavia, gave an interview to the Spanish edition Articulo 20. The pilot reported: "During the bombing to use new weapons — chemical agents, land mines, traps, uranium bombs, napalm — that contaminate the soil and destroying agricultural crops. Americans commit the worst atrocities against humanity. "

• In 2004, the Americans in Iraq during the siege of Fallujah used phosphorus bombs against civilians. It is known that the explosion of such a projectile white phosphorus comes in contact with oxygen and burns everything. This is a terrible weapon prohibited by international conventions, but the U.S. government did not sign the text of this document and is now likely to be considered adequate to use these weapons against civilians.

LIVE testing the ARMS

• Libya has become a testing ground for new weapons Western allies. British Royal Air Force officer, who asked not to be named, gave a frank interview to a London newspaper. In this interview, an English officer was indirectly confirmed the facts of the latest British military developments. It is clear that the mere command of the operation "Odyssey. Dawn "categorically denied the information that Libya was the proving ground for testing. Military and politicians unanimously assert that the aim of the operation is only in the democratization of Libya.

• British military used to bomb Libya with thermobaric warheads. This has led to a significant increase in civilian casualties in the cities of Libya. British command is trying to replace the concept. It insists on using "bombs with increased exposure" instead of temperature and pressure. However, this is unlikely to change the deal — a large number of dead civilians refutes any arguments British.

• During the period of military operations against Libya, the British had already formed the so-called Kremlin Regiment — so maliciously Brits call their squadron, which specializes in the destruction of the Soviet air defense systems S-200. You can, of course, do not pay any attention to this unfortunate British joke. However, if you think about it, it will be seen that in Libya, NATO air force exercise to destroy Soviet, and therefore the Russian military hardware. Acquiring new experiences, NATO military mentally destroy military facilities — the name of the squadron speaks for itself, and this is alarming.

• Information resource UAINFO reported that in Libya is rapidly spreading pneumonic plague. The first death from pneumonic plague were recorded in the port city of Tobruk, located in the rebel-controlled east. The exact cause of mass infection has not been determined, but the chances of NATO bacteriological weapons. Not coincidentally, the disease spreads in precisely those areas that are under heavy bombardment. We also learned that in Libya NATO military use prohibited chemical bombs.

• The report of Ukrainian doctors working in Libya, said: "Last week, recorded seven deaths and more than 23 cases of infection with plague. Dangerous infections in recent days spread that cost the lives of 10 other citizens. Still can not find the exact cause of the spread of plague. Without treatment, the infection can lead to death within one to six days, the mortality rate in the absence of treatment is virtually 100%. "

• Held by Libya Ukrainian and Russian doctors are sounding the alarm: pneumonic plague infected people do not receive adequate medical care, because the rebels have turned hospitals to clinics for mercenaries were wounded in the fighting.

AMERICA IS OLD nuclear course

• The use of "dirty bombs" against civilians and civilian infrastructure of Libya, which has become the main target of NATO air, filled up a long list of numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by NATO.

• U.S. and other NATO countries, using uranium bombs in Libya, loudly accused Syria and Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons. But while NATO is criminally using weapons of mass destruction and nuclear technologies. At the same time, NATO has made sure the world understood that without the presence of nuclear weapons as a deterrent, "the next Libya" can be any country.

• In the 80 years of XX century, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an "evil empire," but now all over the world, it became clear that the only evil empire have always been the United States. Their inhuman actions they proved it by turning the once prosperous, socially-oriented country in the exclusion zone, uninhabitable.

• Americans were the first to use nuclear weapons, and still continue to stand on. When it is necessary to recycle old cheap weapon to replace it with a new, more lethal, they choose a new target on which to test the strength and assess the effect of the use of their weapons.

• The international tribunal charged with the investigation of war crimes, after all these years should finally pay attention to the criminal actions of NATO, until he has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the world community. Popustitelstvuya NATO actions, the world is preparing a new Munich Agreement of 1938. Terrible consequences of the conspiracy are known around the world.

• During the First World War of 1914-1918 the War Minister and then Prime Minister David Lloyd George said: "If people knew the truth about the war, she would be terminated tomorrow. But, of course, they do not know and can not know. " These words, written nearly 100 years ago, very accurately the current situation with NATO — a vacuum of information in times of war is always on hand only aggressors.

Igor Ignatchenko

Army Herald

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