Use the Mistral … as an aircraft carrier?

Before spitting and considered the creator of dunce, I propose to read little stories:

At first, the story of the project, on the basis of which later made the "Mistral" was much more prosaic. In the early 90-ies., After the collapse of Russian Alliance, the military leading NATO countries faced with the reluctance of their governments to continue to provide more funds for defense against external enemies, who then — in the face of Russian Union — more than died. Management of the French shipbuilding giant DCN, also be facing a cut government budget on defense, not without reason, has come to the conclusion that in the near-term, the Navy different states of the world may be needed helicopter-landing docks and ships, combining within itself plus light aircraft carrier with nose diving board and amphibious assault ship, which has quite a huge capacity and unladen docking camera — even more so that the output in this direction have already been French.

In accordance with a fairly wide range of tasks which was supposed to lay the promising ship, he had to have a huge capacity for personnel and troops AMSE, possess the ability to take on board and produce landing craft air cushion (DKAVP), to ensure the continued basing on board combat and transport helicopters (including with concealed hangar to house them ) also have a stationary hospital, well kitted control point (the flagship command post of the commander of the ship or the connection), etc.

Finally, in 1992, at the next exhibition "Euronaval" which is held at Le Bourget in the same venue as the international air show, but the even-numbered years, the company introduced the DCN project promising landing ship displacement of about 15,000 tons, named BIP-15 (with Batiment D'Intervention Polyvalent, ie "multi-purpose attack craft") and represents a certain symbiosis of light aircraft carrier and amphibious assault helicopter dock. Base its striking power was to be a pretty big wing — 6 languid helicopters and eight different types of VTOL aircraft that could be used for take-off bow ramp. In addition, the ship had aft docking camera on the two-dimensional DKAVP LCAC or four ordinary displacement DFA dimension LCM (the last still often referred to as "landing barge").

In the end, in the middle of 2000 it was officially announced in a command decision of the French Navy — to create a new ship project-based BIP-19, and in June announced a tender, which was invited to participate in two naikrupneyshie French shipbuilding companies: DCN and "Chantier de Atlantic» (Chantier de l'Atlantique). Favourite showed up pretty quickly — by the end of the year DCN received a contract for the construction of 2-ships of a new type, the second the same party — the status of the subcontractor and supplier parts of hull structures. But on the division of work between the two volumes-name companies have appeared harsh disagreements, and the final agreement between the Customer and the Contractor was signed only in January 2001, so we had to move at the right time and the ship-combat strength of the state CPA — for 2005 and 2006. respectively.

As a result of all these twists and turns, the team bookmark the lead ship arrived in July, and "cut metal" began in November 2001, the lead ship was named "Mistral» (Mistral) — under the name of a strong wind blowing in from the plains of the Rhone north and north-west towards the sea (an analog of the Black Sea drills). This Provençal word began to be used since 1519, in a broader awareness for the moment, and it means a strong wind.

In contrast to the basic project — BIP-19 — on the ships of the "Mistral" is no longer bow ramp and is not expected basing VTOL aircraft, although at a theoretical level, such an option is not excluded — the flight deck allows the rocket ship and land on her similar aircraft. With a full load displacement of about 21,300 tons, ship Long achieves 210 m (length of the flight deck 199 m) and a maximum width — almost 32 m

If nothing happens, then in the near future, the Pacific Fleet will receive two "Mistral". Because of this ship and its likely introduction of the fleet — has sparked controversy and debate (but take at least, I decided to offer a probable use of vessels as this type aircraft carrier the type of Project 1143. To be honest, I'm a fan, engineering education, and therefore have no desire to hear comments and suggestions to people who know.

We study the performance characteristics of "Mistral" (purely interested in size):

Tonnage (standard) 16,500 tons
Tonnage (total) 21 300 tonnes
Tonnage (limiting) 32,300 tons
Great length of 210 m
Width of 32 m at the waterline
The height of 64.3 m
hangar size: 1800 sq ft
length Runway: 190 m
lift equipment: 2
glider: 16 languid helicopters or 32 light helicopters, air groups on number of Russian DVKD 30 Ka-52K and Ka-29 [1] or Ka-27M

TTX Project 1143 for example, "Kyiv"

31,900 tons (standard)
37,000 tons (full)
Length 273 m
Width at the waterline — 31 m
flight deck — 51 m
lift equipment: 2
the size of the hangar 2925 square meters. m
36 Yak-38, Ka-25,
The Ka-27

At first glance, the properties are not clearly in favor of "the Mistral-carrier", but this is misleading, take for example the English aircraft carrier such as "Invincible". Size as in "Mistral", the ability, as in "Kiev".
In my opinion, making a project small configuration, the Navy ships can get equal or superior to the combat abilities Project 1143 ships. As a wing, you can use UC 141.

Of course, this palliative replacement aircraft carriers, but on the other hand good start to the new.

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