Vatican revealed the dark secrets of history

In Rome, an exhibition of rare documents provided by the Vatican. Only about 100 copies of the famous secret papal archives, which cover more than 15 centuries of European and world history. Here you can see the manuscripts with the most high-profile Inquisition, the Crusades documents, manuscripts of great scientists and thinkers.
Advertising and the success of the event secured the man in the Vatican hate. Dan Brown. Thanks to him, everyone knows terrible secret papal archives there is nothing in the world.

Open secrets and reveal books and letters that have never left the Vatican decided the anniversary — a secret archive marks 400 years. Most of the documents have only seen the scientists. Autographs of the great. Galileo's signature under his own judgment Inquisition. Letter of the Russian Tsar Alexei quietest in the Vatican with complaints of the Turkish sultan. Papal Order of receipt of the Order of the Golden Spur Mozart. After Mass in the Sistine Chapel 13-year-old prodigy from memory sketched a complex cantata, the notes of which were kept secret.
"It's not the quantity, a total of 100 documents, the quality and scope. 16 centuries of history, everything — from old Europe to Asia, from the discovery of America before the Second World War. No country has not escaped our notice, "- says Sergio Pagano, the keeper of the Vatican's secret archives.
Stories that the Vatican still want to keep a secret — in the hall of the heretics. Real discovery — the trial of Giordano Bruno, the death of which the Church calls a sad episode, the scientist has not been rehabilitated. Accusatory documents considered lost this notebook with quotations found recently. But how and where he was executed in Rome, everyone knows — in the Campo de 'Fiori. Bruno passing into the hands of the governor of Rome, the Inquisition demanded for a merciful sentence, without the blood (in the XVII century it — the burning alive).
Flowers on the Square, where there was built a fire, Bruno led gagged. Tied to a pole with iron chains and wet ropes — when exposed to flame, they pulled together and dug into the body. "I die a martyr, and my soul will take to heaven," — these were the last words. Monument scientist set in 1889, his books have allowed just 65 years ago.
A separate women's hall of tragic stories empresses. Abdication of the Queen of Sweden, the last letter before the execution of Mary Stuart. 10 dramatic lines, which were written in the cooler brother of Marie Antoinette. Queen of France bald bald and beheaded on Concorde in Paris. 100 dark secrets that are revealed to the world, is called a sensation and a drop in the ocean. Vatican archives — it is 85 kilometers of shelving.

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