Vegetarianism is the basis in the Russian tradition



Vegetarianism is the basis in the Russian tradition: this is true. Russian easily live without meat for a year at the end of XIX, the early twentieth century. The main food of ordinary Russian people — meatless soup, porridge, vegetables, fish, fruits, berries, milk and dairy products. This is in line with our tradition and by the Book of Veles, where the Slavs in line with its Vedic religion was never offered to the gods no meat, fish, and were mostly vegetarians. This writes the "Agency of good news".

Here food Russian hero — Hunk bread and a jug of kvas and the battle for 33 days and 33 nights. It actually, for the true warrior spirit is clean, fed the higher energies.

"Moderate, bread and cheese always leads to a renewal of the body, because instead of wasting energy on digestion, a person communicates with the divine universe, draws out the vital energy, grace, as do the elders. Children — even more so. Everyone knows that it is necessary to give a hungry child a small piece of bread as he eats. Moms complain, they say, killed the child appetite. But in reality, you can not kill a child appetite, he just gets the boost of energy from the food it needs. And any further seat at the table and eating vpihivanie it does any good. That is why it is extremely important that your child gets what mom … "

Philosopher Osho says so on the subject of vegetarianism: "Vegetarianism acts as a cleansing. When you eat animals, you no longer under the law required. You become severe, you are more attracted to the ground. If you are a vegetarian, you are light, do you belong to the law of grace, law, power, and you begin to draw the sky.
Vegetarianism has nothing to do with religion at its core is something scientific. It has nothing to do with morality, but he has a lot to do with aesthetics. It is impossible to believe that a sensitive, conscientious, intelligent, loving person can eat meat. And if he eats meat, then something is missing — he's still out does not realize that he does not realize the significance of his actions …

We can not change human consciousness, until we begin to change the human body. When you eat meat, you absorb an animal — and the animal must be overcome. Avoid it! If you really want to go up and up, if you really want to go to the sun peaks its consciousness, if you really want to know God, you have to change every possible way.

Vegetarianism — is an alchemical change within you. It creates a space in which you can turn base metals into gold … "

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