Views on how the world of the ancient Slavs

As envisioned their world Slavic pagans? The researchers write that it seemed to them like a large egg. And in related and neighboring peoples, there are even stories of how the egg was laid "space" bird. Slavs as an echo of the legend of the Great Mother — the mother of Heaven and Earth, the gods and foremothers people. Scientists believe that the name of the Great Mother was alive, or alive.

Miniature from the Russian manuscript "Cosmography Kozma Indikoplova", depicting the movement of the sun across the sky and the underground, 'night' Sea

Slavic middle of the universe, like the yolk is the earth itself. The upper part of the "yolk" — our living world, the human world. Lower, "breeches" side — Lower World, the world is dead, Night Country. When there is a day we reigns night.
To get there, you must cross the Ocean-Sea, surrounded the Earth. Or dig through the well, and the stone will fall into the well for twelve days and nights.

Birth of the God of heaven and Water (Varuna — Uranus) surrounded rainwater flows and snakes. Tripilska culture. III — Per. Thurs. II millennium BC

Around the Earth, like films and egg shell are nine different heavens (nine — three times three — a sacred number in many different nations, but that's a topic for another discussion.) That's why we're still talking about not only the "sky", and "heaven." Perhaps it is useful to recall here the troposphere, stratosphere, and other layers, the scientists who share the air cover of the planet? ..

Each of the nine heavens Slavic mythology has its own purpose — one for the sun and the stars, the other — for the month, one more thing — for clouds and winds. The seventh of our ancestors considered "hard", a transparent bottom of the heavenly ocean. There's storage is the living water, an inexhaustible source of rain. Remember, as they say about the strong downpour: abyss opened up heaven! What do we owe this proverb? Biblical legend of the flood, the pagan beliefs, or both? Anyway, the "abyss", "Abyss" — a water space, sea abyss. We still remember a lot, but do not know where this memory and to which it relates.

Slavs believed that at any palate can be reached by climbing the World Tree, which connects the lower world, the Earth and all the nine heavens. The echoes of this myth came to us, for example, in the tales of the miraculous peas growing up until the moon. In the opinion of the ancient Slavs, the World Tree of more like a huge spreading oak. However, this is not one mature oak acorns, but the seeds of all the other trees and grasses. And there, where the top of the World Tree rises over the seventh heaven, the "abyss of heaven" is an island, and on the island live the ancestor of all birds and animals, "senior" deer "senior" wolf and so on. They are also called "old": in the old days, the word "old" does not necessarily mean "decrepit" and "advanced years", as it is now, its basic meaning was "strong", "mature", "Mother." In epics always found the expression "old Cossack Ilya Muromets." This refers to his bodily strength, not old age, sometimes we think.

Slavs believed that it was in the sky island fly fall migratory birds. There also exalted souls of animals caught by hunters, and hold the answer to the "older" — say, as did the people with them. Accordingly, the hunter had to thank the beast allowed to take their hides and meat, and in any case do not make fun of him, not to cause unnecessary suffering. Then the "senior" will soon be released the beast back to Earth, will be born again, not transferred to the fish and game. If a person is guilty — not oberetsya troubles …

World Tree. Paintings cover the chest. Northern Dvina. Late XVII century

The pagans did not consider themselves "kings" of nature, which are allowed to rob her as anything. They lived in nature and with nature and believed that every living creature no less right to life than a man … That would be us, the present, like the wisdom!

Beautiful island in heaven Slavs called "iriem" or "viriem." Some scientists believe that it is the present of the word "paradise", so firmly associated in our concept of Christianity. And Iriy called the island of Buyan. The island is known to us by numerous tales and conspiracy as a "generator of life," the abode of good, light and beauty. This popular tradition continued and Pushkin in his "Tale of Tsar Saltan". Island of Buyan it did not happen! …

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