Vitebsk: 8:40 deleted from the site of the observer

By Antonina Pivonos society, the committee members themselves provoked the scandal came to the table, where sit the observers and were loudly comment on the situation, saying that the heads of institutions should contribute to the holding of elections, and it is written in electoral law. How does the director of the school contributed to the holding of elections on the plot number 20, did not explain the observer — just handed a certificate that it is removed from the site.

Mrs. Pivonos was still an observer from the beginning early voting. Vitebsk human rights activists note that the observation of a certain fruit. In particular, where the areas have independent observers, the number of vote early does not exceed 25%, and where no observers — more than 40%. And human rights activists do not rule out that the removal of observers from polling stations could be on election day mass phenomenon.

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