Vitebsk activists stopped on the way to Minsk

Sergei Parsyukevich, a supporter of Vladimir Neklyaeva detained directly at the bus station, where he boarded a bus to Minsk. The police said that he looks like a criminal who committed the murder of half an hour ago. The activist was taken to the police station for an explanation.

Along with Sergei Parsyukevich arrested his 16-year-old son, Denis. Minor boy did not go home, together with his father was transferred from the Railway police station in October. But to the police department employees say no murder for summary did not pass.

On the way to Minsk traffic police stopped the car in which the driving Buguslav Matsuk, trustee Vital Rymasheuski, and two other activists from Miory. The car stopped just on the outskirts of the regional center: According to the traffic police do not match the technical numbers of the vehicle. The driver Buguslav Matsuk outraged: "Two weeks ago I passed inspection, and then did not have any complaints."

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