Vitebsk: Alexei Mikhalevich drove to the museum

The presidential candidate has decided not to hold meetings for the voters, and to meet with activists outside the Town Hall — this building now houses the museum.

According to Alexei Mikhalevich, he decided not to hold a meeting in Vitebsk, because at such meetings usually meets little people. Yesterday in Polotsk, to meet with the candidate, has gathered a total of about 40 people. On the remark of journalists that came in Vitebsk and 250, and 300, Mr. Mikhalevich said: "So there was a good training."

Alexei Mikhalevich paid for 20 tickets to the museum and invited like-minded people and journalists to see the exhibition "Ancient Vitebsk". In the hall of the museum, he said, why in the town hall decided to make this celebration: "I am a supporter of municipal government. And the Town Hall — a symbol of local government. I am sure that the local government will be on Belarus faster than we think. "

A candidate in the Vitebsk Museum

Above the entrance to the hall was hung label: "Photos and videos are prohibited." But one of the journalists, who were not invited to the meeting — the correspondent of the local public television — in clear breach of the ban. He shot and the candidate, and the present, in spite of their protests. Other journalists have decided that since the ban — is not for everyone, then it is possible to photograph the meeting.

Museum curator called Director — complained that unauthorized visitors photographed. Director, immediately after learning of Alexei Mikhalevich, said the regional TV allowed shoot anywhere, and the others asked to leave the museum and expressed his willingness to return the money for the tickets — if only to stop the "unauthorized action."

I had to go out onto the porch, where activists and the candidate was waiting for a representative of the local district administration Ivan Matsveev. He showed the identity of the ideological department head, and said that to meet the candidates in this location is not allowed. In fact, to break up, the audience was given 5 minutes — then Mr. Matsveev threatened to call the police.

All what happened the museum, the operator of the state TV also filmed a video camera — until Alexei Mikhalevich with authorized representatives did not move for 50 yards.

Inseparable journalist

After the incident at the Museum of the candidate visited Vitebsk city executive committee. According to the trustee candidate Tamara Karizna, greeted them well: employees took propaganda leaflets, asked a lot of questions. But go from office to office in the Executive Committee Alexei Mikhalevich not allowed.

Presidential candidate and visited several polling stations. At the station number 17, October district, which is located in the city center of culture, Alexei Mikhalevich listened to the complaints of observers that almost removed from the area — were ordered to watch from the hallway, as the polling is too small.

The candidate has made its steps, and now the commission should move: from tomorrow it will be transferred to the lobby, where observers accurately enough space.



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