Vitebsk: the community leader Young Belarus police standing guard


The head of the Vitebsk organization "Young Belarus" Taras Surhan reported that the house where he lives, has night duty police car. On the phone he was ordered to appear in 17 hours to the police, but he refused to go there with an agenda.

Taras Surhan under Preventive a police surveillance, as has previously been repeatedly convicted for theft, and then — for the shares with a white-red-white stsyagami.En says with a criminal record was all over, and already years how he became a committed member of the opposition.

Police officers who are on duty in the car at night repeatedly checked whether it is at home. Now, says Taras Surhan, the police escorted them to his brother, Oleg Surganov, the city — being watched, they will not travel to Minsk on October Square.

The two do not exclude preventive detention, as they have been repeatedly punished for unauthorized actions. Oleg Surhan only halfyears ago released from prison, who was serving on charges for assaulting a police officer during his arrest for hanging out a white-red-white flag.

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