Vsevolod Belyustin, the new Saint-Germain

As the names of these members of the historical Rosicrucian Fellowship, no one knows what to belong to this organization suspected all somewhat prominent scientists XVII and XVIII centuries. And it is not only scientists, but also the most famous adventurers. One of these individuals was a mysterious Comte de Saint-Germain — a living legend, the disputes which have not ceased to this day. Saint-Germain (French Saint-Germain, 1710? -1784?) — Adventurer, medium, alchemist. According to eyewitnesses, the Saint-Germain was a secular, brilliantly educated, fluent in all European languages and knew how to gracefully walk away from answering any direct questions.

According to some reports, St. Germain was in Russia during the reign of Catherine II (1762). According to legend, he called Natalya Petrovna Galitzine derived from Pushkin as the Countess, the three winning cards (remember the "Queen of Spades"). Since 1770 the first settled in Paris. Argued that the lives (or reincarnated) for several thousand years. Engaged in "production" of gold, diamonds, sold the elixir of longevity, read the past and predict the future members of the highest nobility, and his predictions were largely pessimistic. When the French Revolution, Saint-Germain safely disappeared from the international arena, providing subsequent historians to wonder what became of him. Works he did not leave behind.

Contemporaries thought of Saint Germain son of Hungarian King Rakosi and at the same time — a great initiation, a true member of the Brotherhood of the Rosicrucians, which all the mysteries of the world. Death of Saint Germain, and as that is the true Rosicrucian mystery. None of those who knew him during his life he could not guarantee that he is really dead. Therefore, modern "Rosicrucians" not surprised when 20 years of XX century on the streets of Moscow was a man who loved ones called "graph" or straight — "Saint Germain." However, in the home he had another name.

His name Vsevolod V. Belyustin, and every morning he walked out of the house on the corner of the square and the Pipe Neglinnoy at the Kuznetsk bridge, the People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs, which was by foreign newspapers and magazines. But after work, in the circle of his closest friends, he turned into a magician and teacher, a man who set himself the task to revive the on Russian soil genuine Rosicrucianism. Vsevolod *** Belyustin born at the end of the last century of a military general and later senator of the Second Department of the Government of the Senate. Even before he graduated from Alexander Lyceum the philologist-linguist Belyustin developed an interest in spiritualism, astrology, occultism. During the Civil War, he lived in the Crimea, but in the White Army did not serve, did not go into exile, and in 1922 he returned to Moscow from the Crimea, where from 1924 to 1932, he worked in the People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs as a translator. Then, as a former nobleman, he was dismissed from the commissariat, the spring of 1933 he was arrested, but soon released. The reason for his arrest was identified bodies OGPU Moscow Rosicrucian Order, led by, as it turned out, was Belyustin. He told the story as follows.

Among the extensive literature, published in Russia before the revolution and dedicated to magic and the occult, attention is drawn to the fundamental work of a young railway engineer Vladimir Alexeyevich Shmakova called "The Sacred Book of Thoth." A second, much larger work on the phenomenology of spirit, — "Pneumatology" — author published in 1922. It was this book made acquaintance with Belyustina search Shmakov. It was in May 1923 at the apartment Shmakov, a gathering Intriguing people, such as art critic and historian of book art Sidorov, a famous philosopher and theologian Pavel Florensky, a biophysicist and anthroposophist M. Sizov. Been here, and members of other secret societies, God-seekers, Orthodox priests and sectarians. Another Motley was the composition of this group on performance and origin of these people. Once in a society Belyustin once took a leading position in it: Shmakov, appreciating his erudition, offered the young reading audience Rosicrucian arkanologii course and conduct workshops on Kabbalah.

Indications Vsevolod Belyustina organs of the NKVD during his last arrest in 1940, are the only source of information about the fate of the engineer and mystic Shmakov and the circumstances of his departure from Moscow. Here is what Belyustin: "VA Shmakov, he said, even before the revolution (from the war) was closely associated with a friendly and former president of the former Czechoslovakia Masaryk, whom he Shmakov, when he Masaryk in Russia during the war, repeatedly provided various friendly service and enlisted his friendship. On departure to Prague Masaryk Shmakov continued to maintain contact with him after the former Czechoslovak ambassador in Moscow — Girs, so when Shmakov went abroad in 1924, the visa and send money are processed through Shmakov Girs … In August 1924, VA Shmakov family went to Germany and then to Prague, where he designed his Czechoslovak citizenship by the President Masaryk, as I could guess.

This information about Shmakovo I learned first, but later, when he received from him at the end of 1924 two consecutive letters of the way to South America, where finally decided to go Shmakov. He wrote to me that he was going to Argentina, in Buenos Aires, in its own long-standing desire to … More letters from Shmakov I did not get but a greeting card for the New (1925) was from his wife. From VI Zhdanov I heard Shmakov wrote him once or twice on your device in Argentina for an engineering degree, and that information about the family Shmakovo ceased, until, finally, as I remember, at the end of 1930 was Zhdanov received a letter from his wife Shmakov, informing him that the VA Shmakov died of a stroke in October 1929 in Argentina. "

With the departure of Shmakova Belyustin became the unofficial head of the Moscow Rosicrucians, and in 1926 founded the Moscow Order neorozenkreytserov "orioniyskogo dedication." Word biophysics Sizov, "Order Belyustin organized independently, without receiving from anyone to this operation or initiation, only his work on reaching a big knowledge … We have a lot of literature — the results of his research and writings on occult matters. Objectives Order — Education its members spiritually on theories of our Order. Order has decals degrees. Thus, green ribbon with a black border indicates the beginning of the "astral consciousness" and is worn at meetings. Belyustin himself wears the ribbon, depending on the nature of the meeting, then white, then blue-gray " . Vsevolod Belyustin was intelligent, educated, educated, handsome, and his looks are definitely similarities with the historical Saint-Germain. Its identity with a legend himself Belyustin not claimed, but never denied. Complement seemed boundless erudition of this young man still in the occult sciences.

In contrast to the wide range of visitors mug Shmakov, the Order, organized Belyustinym consisted of 16 people. Its members had different degrees of initiation and, accordingly, are ranked. After a period of apprenticeship, that is, the study of the relevant literature mentored and writing some of his own, coming into the Order is initiated in the "henchmen". Then — two "knights" degrees, "the knight of the tower outer" and "inner knight tower", followed by the highest degree of spiritual initiation, upon the members of the Supreme Chapter of the Order.

"The formation of the Order is by recruiting members, that is suitable for their development person is gradually exposed, so to speak," viewing "from all points of view, and then gradually introduced into the circle of regular exercise Rosicrucians. Formal entry into the Order made under the special ceremony, more prolonged or shortened, and taken the oath of entering: 1) silence, that store orders' secrets, and, consequently, conspiracy, and sometimes 2) the willingness to die for the glory of the Order, and not to betray secrets. from entering required a development as intellectual, and moral, and breadth of vision. " Unlike the leaders of other secret societies occult sense, to Belyustina was, according to one member of the Order, "achieving astral initiation," that is "living in two worlds" — the physical plane in the physical body and, at the same time, in the astral plane. However, and this was not an end but a means. The real purpose was to train to master the magical powers of the ancient Rosicrucians. To achieve this is to be extended by training, by restructuring consciousness in a certain direction. After all, it is advised to do all of his followers to the mysterious CRC *** Among the specific problems of the Rosicrucian Order, founded Belyustinym, was the development of telepathy and clairvoyance. Here, it was found out that along with the Order of these problems dealt with another group of Moscow Rosicrucians experimenting led by Evgeny Tegher and Vadim Chekhov.

Their work, not engaging with them in direct contact Belyustin very closely followed by some Verevina, who was admitted to the Group. As can be understood from the testimony Belyustina the OGPU, the idea to revive the true, that is operational, Rosicrucianism in Moscow it was launched in 1923-24 and proposed two occultists — Verevinu and Tegher. But in 1925 between him and Tegher a conflict on the basis of selecting the path that should go. However, otherwise it can not be. In its origin, education, and the mystical experience of life was the perfect antithesis Tegher Belyustina.

German, born in Germany, Evgeny Karlovich Tegher child moved with his parents to Russia. In 1905, a teenager, he took part in the battles of December in Moscow on the side of the anarchists, was exiled to Yakutia, returned under an amnesty in 1913 in Moscow, when he was a mystic. Since Tegher subjects remained in Germany after the First World War in August 1914, he was interned in Vyatka, where he met the revolution. After the October Revolution of 1917, Tegher immediately defected to the Soviet government, fought in the Civil War. After the war, he returned to Moscow, worked in the Commissariat of Foreign Affairs, was a short time, the Soviet consul in Kashgar in Afghanistan, but most importantly, to the mid 20's, he had become acquainted with most of the occult circles of Moscow and Leningrad, and no one of them did not satisfy him.

Here is how his familiarity with Belyustin Tegher and try to start joint work on practical occultism: "From the first time I met Tegher fall of 1923 through the FP Verevina at his apartment in Moscow. Verevinym Tegher and I was invited to participate in mystical works on the theory and practice of Western and Eastern occult … Offer Tegher Verevina and I accepted, and before we met in 1925 and were engaged three mystical matters as long as there was between us on discord studying the occult. then I out of the group-Tegher Verevina and subsequent news on Tegher on mystical line in Moscow knew the words FP Verevina. " Familiarity with Belyustinym approved Tegher the need to "restore the ancient initiates," that is, to try to master the secret knowledge of the medieval Rosicrucians. Unlike Belyustina, he belonged to magic as a practical science, being rather an atheist than a theist, and flouted the theoretical knowledge that is considered mandatory for the Rosicrucians. This pragmatic approach to the mystical mysteries could not alienate it Belyustina. But Tegher has found a kindred spirit — able young meteorologist Vadim Chekhov.

Chekhov at your own risk conducted experiments with thought-transference, and has already made a number of reports about the meetings of the Scientific Commission of the Brain Institute in Leningrad. Supportive feedback from the Institute inspired Chekhov, and he attempted to open a branch in Moscow committee of the Brain Institute with the best scientific resources of the capital. For this purpose, Chekhov, who lived in Malaya Lubyanka with Tegher rented a house committee vast basement, where to place them and not officially authorized laboratory. Experimental plan was quite clear. The commission was to be a legal cover their activities. In fact in the basement started to work a little trade secret group in practical occultism.

The goal was the same as that of the Rosicrucians Belyustina: restoring ancient initiation by mastering the astral plane, and the subordination of elementals. In the words of Chekhov, in their organization there were nine degrees of initiation: "1st — Research Metapsychic phenomena were expressed mainly in the works on thought-transference and work on clairvoyance, 2 nd — hearing arkanologii year and the beginning of the occult training; 3rd — occult magic practice, learning magic, 4th — center "Emese Redevivus" and not intended to achieve complete occult opportunities; 5th — that after the creation of a suitable framework for the serious occult and magical work for a number of years 6th — the same to achieve some results, and after the construction of a world of magical occult center in its own territory to the USSR or abroad; 7th — the world center of occult and magic, learning a completely astral plane; 8th — the same with complete mastery of the mental plane, the 9th — the same with the full mastery of the divine plan.

These nine steps were divided into three groups of three successive stages in each on the basis of: the first group — periphery, the second — the center (Emese Redevivus) as a tool to create a world of occult a center with full of occult knowledge and realization of opportunities, and the third group of the world of occult magic center, which holds these opportunities and they serve cultural progress and humanity … In our organization, there are four degrees. In the first level included persons who did not know of the existence of the organization. The second degree, include persons who during the course began to suspect the existence of unknown occult organization with a magic twist. The third level includes persons who knew of the existence of the organization and get some idea of its purpose, but did not know any names, no structure, no core of the organization.

The fourth degree included persons (men only), who knew the name and purpose of the organization and had the right to access all the materials at the disposal of the organization, with each member of this degree had no individual ownership of the materials and information related to other similar organizations, if they previously had to deal with them. "For experimental work the members of society to organize the collection of wild magic and herbal medicine in the Moscow area, planned to grow them in plantations and conducted experiments in hallucinogenic drugs, perfumes, ointments, and so on. Cellar, placed on Malaya Lubyanka , was also not chosen by chance. As demonstrated at the confrontation with Chekhov's closest collaborator on occult practice Transfiguration, "when I was first given in the basement of the house on the street N16. Malaya Lubyanka with the leaders of the organization Tegher and Chekhov, and asked them why the work chosen is uncomfortable room, then was told that the basement, first, in the city center, and secondly, it is located next to the cellars of the OGPU, which shed blood shot, and is known to feed on the blood of the dead lyarvy creating the kingdom of darkness and shadow, which must be destroyed by the currents of light from the magical operations in the generator basement … "However, all this will soon end. According OGPU quite by accident in February 1928 Chekhov was arrested and Tegher, and with them, and two dozen young people.

Both men were sent to Solovki, where Tegher sickness was transferred to Central Asia, and Chekhov, who tried to lead the mass escape of prisoners, was shot in October 1929. Arrest *** Tegher and Chekhov, and with them and other Rosicrucian related Belyustinym seemed, was to offend "orioniytsev", but this time all went well. Moscow Saint Germain lived up to its reputation as a powerful mage: Belyustina after spending three months in the Lubyanka, the OGPU Let him go free. There is no evidence that he was recruited by the State Political Administration, so it's hard to say what he then worked. Perhaps Belyustina saved by the fact that he once refused to meet personally with Chekhov and his accomplices. Tegher same was experienced and Belyustina conspirator in his testimony did not mention.

Silent about Belyustine and Verevin, witnesses called to testify in the case Tegher and Chekhov. As a result, they did not touch OGPU Belyustina and Rosicrucians to the spring of 1933 — seven years (!). What are they doing at this time? Find out it was quite easy, because they themselves "orioniytsy" tried to put down on paper all of what they lived and what they hoped would help Russia and the whole of humanity. They created a huge complex of handwritten works, remains of which have been preserved among the youngest of the Rosicrucians — avoid arrest VP Monin.

They lay beliefs Moscow Rosicrucians, calculations, legends, well-designed symbols, the calculations necessary for magical rites; meticulously described various color combinations, magic signs that should decorate the room and put on during the ceremony remastered, color of clothes, jewels, fragrances and incense in various altars formula spells and prayers, recited in chorus involved. For example, an extremely detailed description of how collective commit Rosicrucians "Great Mystery of the Elements," which historian Andrei Nikitin found in one of their manuscripts: "The general blessing of those present. Spell Grand Master of Thelema. Collective performance of the sacred hymn inherent Pentagram Great Poems:" On Great Telem, spirit-matter of the manifested universe! Your element encompasses the vast depths of the Universe and dwells in me, because the universe and I — are one. About the Great Fire, the Principle of Life! You burn in every atom of life and consciousness of Being and the Burning in me inextinguishable spark of life … O Great Air principle of creativity! You Closes Worlds in terms of light and ideas, and keep them hidden secrets …

About The Great Water, the principle Proizrozhdeniya! You grow into the depths of things, and are flowing in me a scarlet thread … On the Great Land, the principle of Death and Rebirth! You absorb matter, in order to open the gate to the Spirit of Liberty … Bless and glorify thee, the ineffable Elemental Pentagram, residing in the Great Pentagram Man and the awakening of its rays to the creativity in the everlasting God, man and the universe ". This pronounced, of course, in the sacred language created Rosicrucians, after which there is a" great challenge of the Masters Elemental Pentagram. Rest is plunged into darkness. Present kneel and immersed in the contemplation of the mental silver disc. Fixing possible vision. Peace is illuminated. Present rise, coming to the throne, and round him close the magical chain. Ascension ritual objects (cross rod, sword, cup, pentacle, magic mirrors — square, black matte, incense burner). Great spell Pentagram Great Masters of the Elements. Trips the circuit present the magic and bowed high priest, returned to their seats. Rest again plunged into darkness. Personal ecstatic audience, who kneel.

Possible mental images. Peace is illuminated. High Priest blesses the present sacred objects of ritual. The participants raised and starting and ending with the least senior, kneel and bow to the high priest, returned to their seats. Sacred Prayer inherent Pentagram Great Elements. Present, beginning with the eldest and ending with the youngest, coming to the throne, holding a sword in the right hand lowered. Fall on his knees in front of him, stood up and led by the High Priest in turn, go around him and around the small altars and bowed high priest, returned to their seats. This symbolizes the mystical rite of betrothal present followers of poetry. "

And so on in the same vein. These miraculously preserved manuscripts reveal to us the wonderful world in which they lived in Moscow Rosicrucians. The universe appeared before them in the form of seven "space community", including various star systems, each with its own name and of which they had all known: the number of inhabited and uninhabited worlds to the number of comets that sail interstellar spaces. Accordingly they considered Earth's history — as a battle field of light and darkness, good and evil. They adopted the dualism of the ancient mysteries as the foundation of the universe, and therefore believed that everyone has to go through two Rosicrucian initiation — not only light, but also the dark, to be able to control the forces of darkness. "Differ" current Light "and" Dark current ", which gives us the Black and White initiation. Initiation White, based on" current experience ", promotes evolutionary ascent on Disclosure of consciousness and achieve excellence. Dedication Black, based on the" current of Darkness " Lured to the area matter and obscures consciousness, preventing evolution.

In the astral plane is everlasting, never-ending struggle of light and dark forces, and the success is first on one, then on the other side. Present the present moment is a moment of domination of the dark forces, ie forces were forced to stop in the evolution of consciousness through the enslavement of the matter. Deliverance from the bondage of matter occurs in the minds of the illusory nature of the physical plane and the direction of the consciousness of the world of ideas. About the concept turns Ormuzd-Ahriman, or the god of Good and Evil, God is fighting began. As you know, this concept is reflected in the form of Christianity in the future coming of the Antichrist, the son of Satan, who will rule the earth. Hence the priests proclaimed "Antichrist" every person who got up on their way.

Very close to them in their spiritual infirmities Theosophists, it seems, in 1924, saw Bolshevism as a kind of manifestation of Satanism. From them, the concept is passed into the mystical circles, etc., so now every now and you can hear that the Bolsheviks, like their leaders, are Satanists. This has contributed to a rumor circulating in Moscow in 1924 that the Kremlin is "Luciferian center." Thus, the comparison of communism with Satanism is the result of the concept of "good-evil", interpreted in a false sense. Rosicrucians usually give much space to philosophical notion of "good-evil", considering the first as a liberation from the bonds of matter, and the second — as "Wrapping" matter. The official teaching of the Order's "good-evil" is treated only with a metaphysical point of view.

In practical magic, the path of struggle against evil, give more specific guidance on the bearers of evil in the astral plane, and how to combat them. "Is not it this initiative and concluded the main flaw of Moscow Rosicrucians? They want power — first as historical Rosicrucians, to power over the natural forces of the Earth and the cosmos, and then — to the power of the world's evil forces, to become masters of the world and humanity much good. They considered themselves secure his knowledge of the people and of the elementals, they wish to command, untouched by the forces of evil, at the while real his henchmen are increasingly squeezed around the ring, luring their apparent weakness.

And when, finally, in 1933, the OGPU trap shut and all the Rosicrucians, led by the new Saint-Germain were the Lubyanka, they could only admit defeat. Curiously, the most seriously affected only ready to join the Order wife Truschevy for which have since been closure on camps and exile. The rest of the Rosicrucians, including Belyustin were safely sent home, and the Order of the Moscow Rosicrucians — closed. Differently formed their fate. Biophysicist Sizov had survived arrests 1935-38 period, and then went with his family to New York, where he worked in a Biological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where he returned to Moscow only in the early 50's. Verevinu less fortunate, but it is only partially affected by the repression. During World War II he served in the Pacific Fleet, and even willingly shared his occult knowledge to youth. He kept all his papers, and his "green box" with treasured manuscripts still roams the hidden somewhere among Russian Rosicrucians.

Yet some of the Rosicrucians, who were arrested in the mid-30s, died in the camps, someone came to Julia after a long ordeal. But the mysterious destiny, as expected, fell to Moscow Saint-Germain. Second Belyustin was arrested in April 1940 — in Stalinabad (Dushanbe), where he went to work at the local Institute of Education as a teacher of English and German. After his arrest, he was taken to Moscow. Lubyanka in those years was conceived grandiose provocation against an orientalist, who was supposed to announce spies different states to hide behind a veil of mysticism, a key witness in this case was to make Belyustin with the support of their friends, the Masons — Sergei and Boris Polisadova Astromova. Was also attracted Tegher finding him in one of the camps of the Gulag, but he refused to take part in this performance, and after being beaten in Lefortovo former occultist had to send back. Despite such "pads", everything went as planned: the protocol is made to name names, but when it was completed and Belyustin first had to appear before a military tribunal, he refused to sign himself firing verdict, and the case collapsed. With the facts in hand, he proved to first call the prosecutor and then the military tribunal, why it was not and could not be a spy, especially after his release in 1933, and all that is written in the minutes — their collaboration with the investigator fiction. And — was acquitted of this, the most terrible accusations point (!).

However, since he is no longer denied their special position in the Order of Moscow Rosicrucians, in the same court sentenced Belyustina military court to 10 years in the camps. Where he was serving his sentence? When he died? All of this remains a mystery. Details of his death were not able to find either in 1957, when at the request of his widow, it was completely rehabilitated, not now. He came down with the "physical plane" of life as a real Count Saint-Germain, leaving no evidence of his death. *** Regardless of the existing historical Rosicrucian Fellowship in reality, or was it a product of fantasy Johann Valentin Andre occurrence legends about him is extremely important stage in the evolution of the mystical world. Prosecution of individual alchemists and defeat the Knights Templar taught occultists of modern times, that esoteric society of the facility has to be hidden from the people disguised. Rosicrucians have demonstrated that this is possible.

Moreover, they have managed to keep secret their goals and ability to achieve them. Modern followers of the Brotherhood of the less fortunate, but this is due to the nature of Soviet society than with errors neorozenkreytserov. However, here it appears that the Rosicrucians, and not limit their activities to patient care and finding ways to know the "invisible world" — they wanted to change humanity, instilling him esoteric ideology. In this enthusiastic admirers Brotherhood Rosicrucian somehow forget that the esoteric doctrine is often in conflict with the moral norms.

In the hierarchy of an idealistic world described more shamans and alchemists, man occupies a very modest place, behind in value stones and trees. I will not undertake to say that it is the philosophy of the Rosicrucians may occultist for the point at which the coordinate system is changed and it ceases to distinguish between good and evil, and confuses the target vehicle and more into the world of the cold inhuman characters. However, the same way I will not undertake to deny the influence that the Rosicrucians (perhaps unwillingly) have had on the formation of the occult tradition of the XX century, which led to the monstrous crimes and to even more monstrous victims.

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