Want to save memory — eat apples!

American scientists have shown that regular consumption of apples and apple juice prevents the destruction of brain cells, leading to memory loss.
As the press service of the "quality and safety of food products from the United States" (implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of the country), these findings are contained in a study conducted by American scientists at the University of Massachusetts (University of Massachusetts).

The study examined how the regular consumption of apple juice can affect the process of the destruction of the brain of adults and aging mice. Experiments showed that contained in apples and apple juice substances protect the brain cells of mice from damage, which under normal circumstances leads to the appearance of symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in humans.

According to a press release, the study used standard tests for passage mice maze and subsequent studies of samples with the tissues of the brain. The experiment showed that much faster pass the mouse maze that had a balanced diet of water with apple juice. They consume a daily amount of juice, which is equivalent to human consumption of 2-3 cups of apple juice or 2-4 apples.

According to these, the press release said Dr. Thomas Shea, who heads the Centre for the Study of cellular neurobiology at the University, "the study confirms the fact that the consumption of apples and apple juice in combination with a balanced diet can protect the brain from the effects of oxidative stress, which is to prevent the need to regularly consume foods that contain antioxidants (antioxidants), such as apples. "

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