Warped memory

Winning the stateliness Russian war one of the most significant events in the history of the Soviet Union and contemporary Russia. With the approach of regular, already the 66 anniversary from the date of the surrender of Nazi Germany, you start to realize that living is less than the people who were doing the victory. But that's life, and we must always keep in mind the heroism of Russian people and pass this memory from generation to generation. It is necessary to keep in mind about the people who gave their lives for the freedom of the country and so we are living in a free country, and not turned into slaves of the Nazis.

To the chagrin of a great big, modern historians (which scientists call not bring) are trying to spoil the history and memory of the heroes. All the more often those who died on the battlefield or in the chambers of torture by the Gestapo, associated with South American movie hero: Gastello — kamikaze Sailors — samurai, etc. But it is far not the worst, even more dangerous for the future of history — is to present the historical data sample the exploits very different. In his own quest to rewrite the history of our pseudoscientists went very far.

As an example, recall the story of Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, which, being a member of a subversive group, participated in the burning of houses in the village Petrishchevo. Eighteen women have shown real heroism and, despite the fact that there was one, has continued spalivat house and destroy the fascist fighter. The woman was caught by one of the policemen, and within a few hours she was interrogated by the Gestapo, but in spite of all the sophisticated torture that were used to it, except the name Tanya Nazis still did not know. Zoya was executed, and within a month her body hanging on the gallows with a sign "Pyro." Over her body abused units passing the Nazis, the last brutal, inhuman act was iskalyvanie corpse with a knife and cutting off his chest. So what now? Modern historians are trying to prove that Zoe was not Kosmodemyanskaya hero War and did not die at the hands of the Nazis, and was killed by peasants whose homes torched. There were even "witnesses" who say in the village Petrishchevo Nazis did not exist. But, the good, and the people were left who can attest to the turnaround and justify that Zoe really hero and its feat is the prototype of courage and loyalty to the Motherland.

Many exploits of World War II presented as communist propaganda, which, according to the plan of Stalin, should become a typical emblem for other people. But if this is so, then in that disgusting. After all, humans existed in reality, and exploits them more real. Why are our historians are not trained in the same Yankees who idolize his characters, and even some specially invent, to show the power of your own army. Think of the same adventure Rimbaud which destroying thousands of enemies of the United States during times of war. So why did the feat Gastello must fade because he did not first ground ram and that after 620 man repeated a similar feat? It was feat Russian man who, unlike today's terrorists, which only referred to in the pages of the media (our creators so fond depiction of terrorist acts that soon we will know all of the persons who committed them, while increasing them, and let the black, but the popularity) , did not believe in raschudesno rebirth after death and dying for the fact that his kids live in a free country.

Yes, at the moment stylish criticize Stalin and the whole era of the Soviet Union, but neuzh something in order to prove that modern Democrats millionaires is much better than the last of the mighty rulers of the country, you need to denigrate the history and the names of people who had produced it.

We got our historians and to exploit Panfilov heroes. Many people remember the beautiful movie "Aty-Baty …", in which perfectly played by Leonid Bykov, and in what was revealed the fate of 28 characters fearlessly embarked on the path of enemy tanks. So now, according to the latest version, the characters were more than 100 people were killed and far not all. But there is completely logical question, and even if there was a mistake in the statement of the fact, and even if it is intentionally made this mistake, neuzh-it reduces the significance of the feat of the defenders of Moscow, who died on the battlefield?

Do not be left alone and Alexander Matrosov which her body shut enemy bunker and that gave the opportunity subdivision Russian fighter go on the attack. But as it is now presented information about the heroism? One gets the impression that his character and did not commit, and there was just a tragic accident. And the personality of Alexander Matrosov modern historians refer to as the invented character. But in this case, to deal with Weave the evidence of witnesses, or they, too, can be called Stalinist propaganda? As you know, a feat repeated by Matrosov various estimates ranging from 200 to 400 man, and all these people are heroes, and no one would dare to belittle their contribution to the victory.

Activists of the "Young Guard" generally referred to as terrorists. But as people rising hand write this, as people who have put their heads for the sake of you and me, can be associated with the modern extremists. Yes, they were underground and subversive struggle, but they were fighting for their own country for their freedom and destroy the invaders, who beheld in our own future slaves, and now, after more than sixty years, these heroes are portrayed as enemies of society. This is nonsense, and this nonsense has to die in the embryo. We can not allow our children and grandchildren to teach history as presented by modern historians, who is 20 pages of a textbook paint is how Hitler came to power, and one line depict the exploits of our fighter. Historians, for which Stalin — the enemy, and Churchill and Roosevelt — the main founders of victory.

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