We Deputy Chief of Staff took the car Rymasheuski

Traffic policemen confiscated driver's license at the deputy chairman of the headquarters of presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski — Dennis Sadowski. Once Sadowski stopped the car on the street near the office of the Ulyanovsk BCD, he was approached by the traffic police and asked them to send their driver's license.

First, a traffic policeman Yuri Romanenko said that the car is parked in violation of the rules of the road. Later, he said that the car park to the penalty stage, as it is listed in the alleged theft.

In this case, the driver's license back by a policeman Dennis Sadowski refused.

A member of the BCD Valeria Chernomortsev reported that this machine observers should take to the streets to watch for polling station.

This is not the first case in presidential campaign, when democratic activists take the car to the test. The leader of the "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich for two days took the first one car and then another.



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