What is the family estate?

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Patrimony — is a specific place on the earth, the living space created with the love of parents for their children.
It is the birthplace of man.
Family estate — the whole undivided land, an area of not less than one hectare, belonging to the man and his family, who live on it, and build the house, planted family tree, garden, garden, forest, pond, located at the site.
We consider the family estate as a family treasure that will be passed down from generation to generation. It is assumed that the family estate on the perimeter fenced living fence of trees and shrubs that retain their natural shape, and in the future will not require too much trouble. Its width can be from 3 to 10 meters in order to create the possibility of privacy for each family. Hedgerow will provide protection not only from wind, dust and odors, but also from the noise.

Tall forest trees and flowering shrubs will not cause irritation to others, such as a high stone wall.

Green pleasing change of color and flowering hedges will protect fruit and vegetable garden from frost in the spring and fall, severe cold in the winter and dry up the winds in the summer. Inside, the living ring of forest trees temperatures below 5-7 ° in the summer, and by 5-7 ° higher in winter. Compare: 33 ° or heat, or the 40 ° heat. The difference between 33 and 40 degrees below zero and the person can feel, and heat-loving plant. And it is significant.

Found that the protective effect of hedges extends to a depth of a garden area that is equal to 30-fold in the case of wind — 10 times the height of the trees. Thus, under the protective effect of the 2 meter hedge (even if it is in a leafless state) band gets from her garden length of 60 meters, and from the mature forest — 100 meters.

The family estate grows a wide variety of grasses, shrubs and trees, a pond, an extensive orchard and a house for a family. Part of the Manor busy grove of forest trees, agricultural activities are carried out without the use of chemical fertilizers, the care of the soil and plants are used only natural (natural) substance.

Planted with his own hands, in the woods eventually give mushrooms, berries, nuts, and will serve as a home for birds and animals, which has a role in the ecosystem of the estate.

If nearby wood grows, the grain yield increased by 15-20%, 25-30% of potatoes, vegetables — by 45-50%, herbs — by 100%.
The fruits, which grow in the immediate environment of the forest (the closer the better!) Will have a unique and unforgettable taste. Standing near the apple trees oak, cedar, lime or herringbone, fill with apple unique properties.

Paradoxically, in comparison with a small dacha plots per hectare significantly reduced material and labor costs. Do not have to buy expensive fertilizers and manure, as The fallen leaves from trees creates fine mulch. The soil under a mulch requires loosening over time it will become "as a feather", because leaf humus is the best natural fertilizer. And to reduce the physical strain on tillage, use ploskorez Fokine.

Planting of forest trees, as well as the construction of a pond on the site provide a special, soft, moist microclimate, raise groundwater to the surface, which greatly improve the conditions of plant growth. And it is very important for growers in Western Siberia.

In the old saying: "The pond — the soul of the estate."
If you make a large pond, with water surface from 2 to 10 acres, and a depth of 3 meters, then a self-regulating ecosystem of plants, microorganisms, fish and animals. Eliminating the need to constantly interfere in the pond life: clean, to look, look, etc.

Family tree is a symbol of the kind. One of the most beautiful in the area, it charges the energy of man. Typically, this is the Siberian cedar or oak, live 500 and 1,000 years.
Ancestral homes — this is a long term project, but rather a project for the ages. The people creating the family estate, bringing real benefits to the state. They grow a forest, and that is important — valuable trees. In the process of the settlement of the ancestral homes of cleaning air and water, increased soil fertility, reduced the lakes, rivers and springs. Residents of these settlements grow organic food products. Finally, the family estate are born and brought up spiritually and physically healthy children.

Practice has shown that people who have received land under the family estate, first planted wild trees are beginning to an average of 200 units at each site; shrubs, hedges, yagodoprinosyaschie — up to 2000 pieces, fruit — up to 50 pieces.

Family estate involves the inextricable link land, plants and animals to man and his family living on her family estate at all levels of life, spiritual and physical development, preservation and display of the highest innate energies (psycho-emotional states).

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