Calls for the fight against fascism louder and louder in recent years in Russia. "Never to power red-brown," "Stop Russian fascism", "immediately pass laws against emerging Russian fascism."


TV presenter killed Jew B. Listyev. Who is to blame? — Blame the Russian fascists! State Duma deputy killed Jew G. Starovoitova? Who is to blame? — Blame the Russian fascists! It does not matter that the killers never found. It is important, anticipating the verdict, poke a finger in the desired culprit. Even President Yeltsin in a radio address to the country June 22, 1998 was not talking so much about our victory over Nazism, but about the emerging threat of fascism in Russia.

To combat the Russian fascism created and active "anti-fascist committees." By coincidence, they are, in practice, only Jews. Youth created even "anti-fascist committee" whose members and special guests (like Gaidar) wipe their feet at the entrance of the Soviet flag — the same accuracy in the banner that was hoisted over Hitler's Reichstag. And on that committee are also almost exclusively Jewish.

Listening to television and radio, is creepy: Russia rages fascism and there is no escape from it, not even a law against fascism. And we will try to contribute to the fight against fascism, but first let's ask ourselves: What is Fascism?

"How is that? — Shout for those who always sits at the TV. — It is clear to everyone! Fascism — is nationalism and anti-Semitism! "Well, let us understand in order.

What is Nationalism?

Does it surprise anyone if people are friendly to their neighbors, but with love, care and attention toward his family, if he loves his children more than the others, if he honors his parents more than other people? "What's so surprising? — Tell anyone. — It is natural. Family is family! "Yes, it really is natural, because nature has endowed every human instinct of preservation of species. In some people it is underdeveloped, others more.

This is a democracy — 5th column of the West — they want to bring generic instinct to one sex only, pursuing its ambitious goal: to destroy the foundations of the family, dramatically reduce fertility and cleanse the land from wealthy Russian hateful people. For this, they played on all TV channels and movies shameless advertising, crowded country pornographic video tapes, newspapers and magazines, created RAPS (Russian Family Planning Association), which is implementing the school curriculum lessons "sex education", pushing for adolescent sexuality and even children.

No, tribal instinct manifests itself much wider dominant place is occupied by the raising of offspring (ie, the parental instinct), and for this it is necessary to ensure the survival of their biological children (food, clothing, shelter), equip them with work skills and knowledge necessary to independent living. Clearly, in family relationships play a huge role traditions, culture, moral and ethical standards, the level of spirituality, but it is based on all the same instinct. Obviously, the instinct of preservation of species — the instinct of a higher level than the instinct of self-preservation, because it is the sacrificial instinct: for parents to spend their own resources and take your money away from you (often the last) to raise their children, and sometimes even to sacrifice their very lives for their salvation.

But what if a person is in love for the nation, maintaining the respect and goodwill to other nations. What shall we call this feeling? Patriotism? But patriotism — love of country, love for the Fatherland (Latin for "patriotism" is the Russian "motherland"). And if one country next centuries are all kinds of people, both here in Russia? No, the word "patriotism" clearly inappropriate.

What is the word then come up with? And coming up with nothing, because it has the word "nationalism" — derived from the word "nation" as a "family man" — derived from the word "family". If a man feels himself a member of the nation, if he enjoyed the success of the nation and provoked failures, if it is more for the soul of the nation, he is a nationalist. Another thing, if loving his people, he sees only advantages and disadvantages in others only if it is arrogant, contemptuous or hostile to other nations (of course, the aggressor it is not), then he is not a nationalist and chauvinist or racist.

Would not be proud of Tatar poet and martyr Jalil, famous philanthropist S. Morozov and outstanding Russian Boris Godunov — natives of the Tatar people? Would not be proud Mordvin folk singer L. Ruslanova, great sculptor Erzya or nugget-commander V. Chapaev — natives of Mordvin people? Would not be proud Russian Mikhail Lomonosov, P. Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky or Zhukov — brilliant representatives of the Russian people? But this is the nationalism.

Yes, all of us — and Tatars, and Mordvinians, and Russian, and all the other indigenous peoples of Russia — we love our common homeland, we respect each other, but each of us still in the soul selects her people. And if the Russian, Russia loving, respecting all its peoples, does not feel particularly warm feelings for the Russian nation, then it is not Russian: either the "Russian" (in democratic parlance) or "internationalist" (The Communist). If Russian and indifferent to his people and to his homeland if he is ready to quit the country and people in difficult times, if he was home, where better fed live, this man nationless and rootless, that is cosmopolitan. This applies to a representative of any nation.

Whence came the public's sense of nationalism? After all, Leo Tolstoy, and after him all Democrats even patriotism called "irrational feelings" (ie, feeling, devoid of common sense). More recently, any Burbulis and Chubais, Bonner and Sobchak loved to repeat that "patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels." To say nothing of nationalism! Yet a sense of nationalism is understandable and rational: people in their local environment, like a bird in his pack, feel more confident and secure than in another. The basis of nationalism is instinct to preserve the tribe (nation), that is, national instinct, which appeared at the same time, when there were ethnic groups — stable community of people united by a common language, territory, behavior, etc.

All states in the world were not created "Internationale", not unions "brotherly nations", but a very specific nations that move the national instinct. A manifestation of this instinct is a sense of nationalism. And if the members of a nation that feeling is absent, the nation has lost its instinct for survival, and so it is doomed to disappear: it is not itself able to develop its economy and culture, and not able to provide the morale of the army, it is not able to pull together in times of danger therefore becomes easy prey aggressor or diluted among other nations.

However, not all ethnic groups are endowed with the ability of nation-building and talent to create a stable state. For example, the Lithuanians were able to XIII-century to create a powerful Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and their neighbors Latvians (Latgale) and Estonians (Estonians) and remained tribes — a part of the Russian Empire, they became national. On the ruins of the empire of Tamerlane Uzbeks managed to create the Bukhara Emirate, Khiva and Kokand Khanate, and their neighbors — Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Turkmen continued to lead a semi-nomadic life, staying disparate tribes — they became a nation, just being initiated into a state of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union.

National instinct — the highest instinct. People with a strong national instinct, prepared to sacrifice their well-being and the well-being of the family in the interests of the nation, and in extreme cases — even their own lives. Just as tribal instinct is expressed in the worship of their ancestors, love for his family and taking care of the offspring, national instinct is expressed in respect for its history, love for the nation and care about its future.

Thus, nationalism — not only from the natural and quite rational, but also noble, to fascism has no absolutely no relation. As we have seen, nationalism, there are as many as there are nations, and he appeared in thousands of years before the rise of German fascism. Nationalists were Egyptians, Romans, and Chinese, and the French, but nobody bothered to call them fascists.

What is anti-Semitism?

"This hostility to Jews" — so talk all the dictionaries. But where does Fascism? It seems to be nothing in common. However, if you really want it, why not link these two concepts: "Hitler was a fascist? — A fascist! Hitler was an anti-Semite? — An anti-Semite! So, every anti-Semite — is fascist. In general, anyone who speaks disrespectfully about Jews — anti-Semitic, and anti-Semitic is a fascist. "

Here is a scheme for 50 years around the world hammered Jews. Why hammered, we'll talk later, but let us remember those who suffered the most from Hitler's fascism. According to modern historians, in the Soviet Union during World War II killed 27 million people, of whom 25 million Great Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians, that is, every fifth Russian. 9 million Germans died — one in seven. And how many Jews were killed? — This is, by all accounts, is the victim of fascist nation!

Believe all authoritative figures of international Zionism, almost all the Western media (the polls are in Jewish hands), and most of the current "Russian" (in fact, Jewish) media, the victims of fascism were 6 million Jews out of a total of 15 million, that is, every second or third. A terrible tragedy! The name she was given a "holocaust" in Greek — "sacrifice." Shaken by huge numbers, some Jews even put up the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice demanded that the whole Christian world to recognize the Jewish people and to worship the Messiah would return to him of Christ.

But then, and miracles begin. It was found that, compared with the pre-war Jewish population after the war, fell less than 1 million turned out that the crematoria at Auschwitz, for purely technical parameters could burn four times less dead than they are credited (and burned because the body is not one of the Jews). It was found that among the tens of thousands of captured documents captured by the Soviet Army and its allies, there is not one, confirming the existence of gas chambers in the concentration camps. It turned out that no construction camp in Auschwitz, Majdanek, Dachau and other camps, as determined by careful examination, not used as a gas chamber. It turned out that the most horrific images of Jewish victims of the Nazi concentration camps were montages, made Western allies. In short, it turned out that the "Holocaust" — is a myth invented by the Jews themselves.

Expose this myth gave a lot of energy, scientists, journalists and lawyers in Western Europe and the U.S.: Christopher T., M. Roeder, F. Duprat, L. Faurisson, G. Rudolph, J. Graf and etc. All of them have been persecuted for " insult to the Jewish people ": some have lost their jobs, others were imprisoned, others died" under mysterious circumstances ". Democracy does not forgive those who do not like Jews! Still does not forgive because, thanks to the myth of the "Holocaust" of Israel and international Jewish organizations have been getting from Germany toll: According to official data for 1992 Germany paid 85.4 billion marks! According to one of the leaders of Israel, without the money Israel simply could not exist.

Of course, no one disputes that the victims of Nazi Germany were many Jews. There is no dispute that in Nazi Germany were hostile to the Jews (the reasons for hostility special subject). However it is very important to answer the question: was the ancestor of whether fascism anti-Semitism? Here is what the Jews are different people in different countries and at different times (cited in the book by the Wild "Russian-Jewish dialogue," Moscow, 1995).

M. Cicero, Roman orator (I-st century BC): "The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. Who knows how numerous this clique as they stick together and what power they can show due to its cohesion. "

St. Justinian, the Christian philosopher (II-nd century after AD): "The Jews have always been behind the Christian persecutors. They traveled around the country (Dr. Rome), everywhere hating and undermining the foundations of the Christian. "

Guntram, king of the Franks (V-th century): "Cursed be this diabolical and treacherous Jewish people, who lived only deceit."

E. Rotterdam, philosopher (XV-th century), "What a rip-off and humiliation perpetrated by Jews over the poor, who can not continue to tolerate this …".

Luther, church reformer (XVI-th century), "Do the people of the sun is not shining, more bloodthirsty and vengeful, which cherishes the hope of destruction and strangulation infidels … Jews take our money and property are made masters of our own country."

Clement 8th, the pope (XVI-th century): "The whole world is suffering from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and sell. They threw a lot of poor people into poverty, especially the peasants, workers and the poor. "

Peter I, the Russian Emperor (XVIII-th century): "I prefer to see the country's Muslims and pagans than Jews. They are all crooks and liars. I eradicate evil, and not rasplozhayu. "

Benjamin Franklin, American scientist and statesman (XVIII-th century): "In a country where Jews settled, they drop her morals, commercial honesty … They make fun of Christianity, trying to undermine it, building a state within a state, and if the opposition to them, seek to strangle the country to death financially. "

N. Bonaparte, Emperor of France (XIX-th century): "Poverty, caused by Jews, does not come from a single individual Jew, but it is the essence of this nation. They, like caterpillars or srsncha that eat France. "

Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer (XIX-th century): "There will come a time when all Christian people, among whom the Jews live, raise the question: Do they tolerate further or deported. And this question in its significance is as important as the question of whether we want life or death, health or illness, social peace or permanent disturbance. "

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Russian writer (XIX-th century): "In the outskirts of our Ask the native population that drives the Jews and what motivated them for so many centuries. Get a unanimous answer: mercilessness, moved their many centuries alone us ruthlessness and desire to drink alone with our sweat and blood. "

M. Okuma, a Japanese scientist (early XX-th century), "The Jews in the world destroy patriotism and healthy foundations of the state."

E. Dühring, a German philosopher (1900's): "Cancel vanity and a kind of megalomania that narodtsem always given the wind, which blew thoughts. With such means of these, as Voltaire called them, Palestinian Gypsies want sitting with us at our table, as we mock and scoff at us the same. And the German people, because he is patient, it all has to endure "(" Young Guard », № 9, 1998).

Henry Ford, American industrialist (1920): "Expose control 50 wealthiest Jewish financiers, who are creating a war for their own profit — and will be no war."

As you can see, all of the anti-Semitic (and they could have scored a few volumes) were made long before the birth of German fascism. It turns out that the same, and Marcus Cicero, and Napoleon Bonaparte, and Franz Liszt, and Dostoevsky, and the Pope, and Peter I were fascists? This is something new. Prior to that, it seems, did not think the most fanatical fighters against fascism. How then to explain? The explanation is very simple: anti-Semitism and fascism — are completely different concepts.

On the causes of anti-Semitism, there are many opinions. Jews themselves often offer two versions. The first — religious intolerance, hatred of Christians to Judaism. But from the above quote that does not follow. Indeed, Christianity believes Jews bogoproklyatymi for the rejection and punishment of the Messiah — Jesus Christ. However, the hostile attitude of the Jews there, and there is not a Christian one. The more out of place blame Christianity in our time, when it has long lost its former ideological role.

The second version — envy people for talented Jews. Needless to say that from this version is the stench of Nazism confirm the special talents of their own nation, then deliberately put it above others, to preach its superiority. Apparently, the right was Jewish writer A. Koestler: "… the legend of the chosen people of the orthodox Jews understood quite literally. Protesting racial discrimination, they immediately emphasize their racial superiority. "(Reed D. The Controversy of Zion. M.: 1994, p. 511).

Do not we also say that the approval of the special talents of the Jews — is a myth created by the Jews themselves. A myth that does not hold water when you consider that, with a truly unique unity and centuries of trade and financial (and therefore advertising) experience, the Jews first, well able to advertise themselves, secondly, are good at advertising each other, and, thirdly, to use this media, literary criticism and art history, that is powerful leverage public influence they hold in Europe, the U.S. and Russia since the XIX-th century.

We must not forget that the Jews, because of their social status (among them almost no workers and peasants, that is, people who are directly create wealth) are an order of magnitude easier access to higher education, that is, access studies to science, literature and the arts than the peoples among whom they live. (In Soviet times, people with higher education among Russian was less than 15%, and among the Jews more than 80%.)

But something else is to say. At all times, in all countries, almost all rulers sought to attract talent to the service of architects, scientists, artists, poets, regardless of their nationality or even religion (for example, the Orthodox churches in Russia built and Catholics: Fioravanti, Rastrelli, Monferan). History, however, almost no cases to the court invited the Jews. History, on the contrary, brought us a lot of cases where Jews expelled en masse from the states. This happened in ancient times and the Middle Ages: XII-th century — in Kievan Rus, XIII-th century — in England, XV-th century — in Spain and Portugal. For talented people, as we know, did not drive and did not pursue.

No cause of anti-Semitism lie in another. Something to help uncover revelations Jews themselves. For example, the words of the writer, Samuel M., XIX-th century: "We, the Jews — the destroyers and will remain the destroyers forever … No matter what other people for our own good, we will never be satisfied." (Reed D. The dispute over Zion, p. 81). Here's what he wrote in 1922, a history professor Lurie in the article "Anti-Semitism in the Ancient World": "… anti-Semitism did not arise as a result of any temporary or accidental causes, and as a result of certain properties, constantly soprisuschih Jewish people. Therefore it is necessary to reject the explanation of anti-Semitism occasional economic, religious, or political considerations. "(Wild A. The Jews of Russia and the USSR. Novosibirsk, 1994, p. 294). In short all the philosopher Spinoza, exiled compatriots out of the ghetto for dissent (XVII-th century): "The Jews are Jew-hatred with you."

It must be noted that anti-Semitism is beneficial, especially the Jewish elite, because it unites the best of the Jews and can keep them in check, so when there is no anti-Semitism, it provoked the Jews themselves. For example, on 11 May 1905 in the beautiful ancient city, county town of Chernigov province, detained three Jews who were scattered appeals in Russian: "The people! Save Russia, itself, Kill the Jews, and that they will make you their slaves. At the same time in Chernigov spread appeal in Hebrew urging Israelis to arm (Krestovsky G. The myth of anti-Semitism. Novosibirsk, 1998, p.45). Something similar is done in St. Petersburg in the late 1980s, a Jew, who sent out a threat to its own people, indicating the specific dates of the pogrom.

Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion, once candidly admitted, "I would order to masquerade as non-Jews and Jews persecute crude methods of anti-Semitism under such slogans as" dirty Jews, "" Jews, get out of Palestine! "I assure you that the results of emigration … would exceed ten thousand times the results sought by our Voyager. "(Ivan S. Caution: Zionism, Moscow, 1971, p. 103).

Anti-Semitism continues to exist in the world today. According to the newspaper "Continent" (1998, № 2), American sociologists 34% of U.S. citizens classified as anti-Semites. A similar pattern in many European countries. In Japan, every applicant for a position of civil servant is obliged to examine dozens of books on the Jewish question. In contrast, controlled by Jews on the eve of the Moscow newspapers 50th anniversary of the State of Israel together, wrote that "anti-Semitism in Russia was over," and according to Berezovsky, the anti-Semites in Russia no more than 8%. Why not hear accusations of fascism at the Americans. Why blame only in fascism Russian?

We will respond to this question, and yet still need to understand:

What is fascism?

Back in 1994, President Yeltsin ordered the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Justice to give a clear statement of the legal "fascism." Without it, any law or any provisions of the Criminal Code of the persecution of the Nazis turned into a blank paper. Years passed, and the wording has not yet been worked out. Can it be so hard? Are we experiencing a terrible fascist hit, suffering enormous losses, do not know what fascism is? Of course, we do.

The point, however, is that the latter-day "anti-fascists" — those who pushed Yeltsin to a relentless struggle against fascism, very much like the Nazis in the recording of everyone who speaks of the Russian national interest, so those without proper posteniya speaks about Jews . According to them, other Nazis, except for Russian, the world does not exist. As we have seen, neither nationalism, anti-Semitism to fascism have no relationship. The pundits of the Academy and the Ministry of Justice knows this better than us, and so pleasing to the Jewish "anti-fascists" do not accept the interpretation: do not want to be ridiculed.

Still, there are many reputable and honest lawyers who believe that puzzle is not worth it. Take, for example, puts fascism known Petersburg lawyer prof. OG Karataev: "It (fascism) three positions: the superiority of their race, the introduction of this consciousness to the brain from other races, and the use of state bodies of other people to extract themselves profit and advantage." ("Soviet Russia", 12/11/98 ). Others, however, added that the desire to "make a profit" necessarily accompanies the desire for world domination. In the main converge:

Fascism — an ideology of the superiority of their own nation above all other nations and peoples

the desire for world domination,

is a parasite on the body of the other nations and peoples.

In this definition is fully fit Hitler's National Socialism (he is associated in the public mind with fascism). Hitler associates developed the "theory" of the superiority of the Nordic (Germanic) race and introduced it into the mass consciousness of the peoples. According to this "theory", the Germanic peoples attributed to the higher — the "Aryan" race, they are supposed to rule the world, and all the other nations, referred to the "inferior", due to be released to them "living space", to be in a subordinate position. And if some people (Roman) is entitled to a vassal there, others were to be destroyed or become slaves. These "others" are, first and foremost, the Slavs. Ideology constantly reinforced by practice: aggression to the east, west and south, emptying from the occupied territories of material resources, the looting and destruction of monuments of history and culture, the ruthless exploitation of the occupied countries, most brutal suppression of any national resistance.

Particularly sophisticated policy was against the Eastern Slavs. Hitler gave a directive: "It is very important not to awaken Russian dignity. On the contrary: it is necessary to achieve its full absence and not to tell the conquered peoples to their stories. " Covenants Hitler Democrats today do: engaging denigration of our history, culture and spiritual traditions, they deliberately inoculated Russian national inferiority complex.

Or a directive, prepared by German experts for the occupation authorities, "Any propaganda tool must be used to instill in the Russian population the idea that it is harmful to have several children. We must emphasize the costs they cause, the good things that can be purchased with the money spent on the children. " This directive Democrats also successfully implemented, raising the majority of the population to poverty, promoting luxury and greed, they have achieved a sharp decline in fertility and population decline.

But the line of SS directive: "All measures for birth control should be allowed and supported … means for abortion and contraception should be offered publicly without political constraints." Now the matter referred to the SS continues to rape. Well, part of "degeneracy and moral corruption through mass erotic literature", once implemented Reich Ukraine E. Koch, the current regime has gone far ahead.

Does all of this things in common Russian national consciousness, the Russian attitude? Or put it another way:

Is there a Russian Fascism?

Let us ask ourselves: is there among our fellow men, convinced of the superiority of the Russian nation above all other nations and peoples — the Germans, the French, Japanese or Chinese? No, these friends no one. On the contrary, many of our friends are suffering national inferiority complex (the result of long sitting in front of TV). They are ready to follow lisping speakers repeating that "we, the Russian — loafers, drunkards and clumsy, to where we Americans or Chinese."

Let's leaf through any Russian newspapers and magazines were there over the years of their existence at least one article, at least one line, where he preached to Russian national superiority? No, we do not see this even in the most radical publications.

Let us remember the performances of the most unrestrained members of the Society "Memory" or the Russian National Unity (RNE) — those organizations that Democrats especially carefully glued and bonded fascist labels: told anyone about the special qualities of the outstanding Russian national, which rises to the Russian people over others peoples of the world? Lee said kto0nibud the exclusive mind, extraordinary talent or God's chosen people of the Russian people? No, there is also no one will remember.

If we have not seen, have not seen or heard of this for years of "perestroika" and "reform", what can we say about the pre-revolutionary era, which were imbued with the ideology of Orthodoxy — an ideology that does not divide people along ethnic lines, and shared only by faith? What can be said of the Soviet era, which was thoroughly permeated with the ideology of internationalism and the struggle against the "Great-Russian chauvinism"? which embodied the installation of Comrade Lenin: "Our cause — to fight the dominant Black Hundred and bourgeois culture of the Great" (a culture of Great Comrade Lenin did not know)? It is clear that the ideology of national superiority alien to the Russian people.

Now let's turn to Russian history and recall that was there one time when the Russian tried to rule the world? Before the invasion of Batu Russia was just busy that reflect aggression uninterrupted steppe predators — the Khazars, Pechenegs, Kipchaks. There are, however, sin — bloody clashes with Byzantium. Well after Byzantium itself was not without sin.

Then came the 240 years of the Tartar yoke with terrible pogroms, destruction of a third of the population, and the transformation from being taken away as slaves of millions of people, with ruinous tribute. What is already here world domination — to survive! After the national liberation again was not up to world domination: it was necessary to strengthen the state, to ensure the security of its borders, disembarrass of a Catholic Polish-Lithuanian occupation of their Orthodox brothers the Ukrainians and Belarusians, out of centuries of economic isolation.

Only since the mid XIX century Russian nation has moved beyond its natural geographic boundaries, annexed to the Russian Empire, Central Asia and the Caucasus. But also in the Caucasus and Central Asia were a heavy burden for Russia, a burden forced. Russian tsars heeded pleas of his fellow Georgians and Armenians, to protect them from physical destruction by the Turks and the Persians: Georgia and Armenia became part of Russia, but also brought with them a 40-year war against the Caucasian highlanders (who was in the rear of which Russia and strongly supported Turkey). Accession of Central Asia was caused by hostile policy of Britain, which with its characteristic intrigue set against the Russian Khan of Khiva, Bukhara Emir and leaders of nomadic tribes, compelled them to aggressive actions, strongly interfere with normal trade. Russia has no choice but to move its borders to inaccessible mountains of Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai and thus protect themselves from the southeast.

In this and all the Russian ended "global ambitions." It is clear that the desire for world domination is alien to the Russian people. Why here and prove something does not need anything, the second follows from the first: if the nation is deprived of megalomania, it is devoid of world power and mania.

Now let us remember how relations with Russian neighbors. Indeed, not all the people voluntarily and peacefully were part of the Empire, were conquered by force of arms, and the Crimea, and the North Caucasus, and Central Asia, and the Siberian Khanate. Yes, they were conquered, but have never been enslaved. Never conquered peoples are not subjected to a national operation t discrimination, and some (in Finland and the Bukhara Emirate) had autonomy. Any law of the Russian Empire was not a hint of a subordinate ethnic group. Indeed, there were even laws protecting foreigners (such as a ban on trade of alcohol among northern peoples), and violators punished very severely. National and religious tolerance, protection of small nations — this was the policy of the Russian government.

In the Soviet era Russian gave almost all ethnic groups writing (formerly the writing had only a dozen people), built for them schools and hospitals, raised from the local community cadres of teachers, doctors, engineers and even scientists, trained to government (out of 140 nations of Russia under ten had ever statehood). In the 1980s, the Russian Federation (Russian Federation) was passed to other Soviet republics of 50-60 billion dollars a year: in the form of subsidies, tax breaks and unequal trade. RSFSR produced the largest volume of GDP per capita, yet had the lowest housing, schools, hospitals and roads, the low standard of living. RSFSR earned up to 90% of the currency, and receive no more than 40% — almost all the rest went to other republics. Once the most educated people of the Russian Empire, the Great by the number of people with higher education per 1000 population in Soviet times were together with Belarus on one of the last places far yielding to those peoples who have peismennosti not earlier. Great-with Belarusians also closed the list of nations in the number of academic degrees per capita, far inferior and Kyrgyz, and Kazakhs, not to mention the Jews. These were the results of "Lenin's national policy."

The era of "democratic reform" has further deteriorated the position of Russian. They are now not only expelled from the former Soviet republics, but also the most oppressed in the autonomous regions of Russia (in Chechnya and simply destroy). More from the fact that they were created in the course of privatization stolen — mostly non-Russian. The overwhelming majority of the Russian people were benefiting.

What kind of "profit-making body of the state of other nations" can be said? Russian can not reproach a parasite on the body of other people, but the fact that the Russian allowed to sit on his neck parasites.

So, we have seen that for the charge of fascism to the simultaneous presence of the three traits. The Russian people do not and never have any of them. Therefore, any charges Russian fascism is an insult to the Russian nation — a nation that has suffered more than others from the Nazis, and which made a decisive contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

So is there a Russian Fascism? The answer is: there is, and that Nazism — Zionism.

What is Zionism?

Jews themselves claim that Zionism — is a nostalgic movement that emerged in the late XIX century and preaches unification of Jews from different countries on the basis of their historical homeland — Palestine. However, the real Zionism as their first steps dispelled sentimental tale. Here, for example, what the words addressed to the Bund (Jewish Social-Democratic Party of Russia), one of the leaders of the World Union of Israel, "Bund very carried away and goes to the side of the main idea, the main goal. It lost its way Zionism and he did not understand the purpose for which the World Brotherhood Union floated the idea of Zionism. Do you, my brethren, do you think that the Israeli people should be pleased if he would give this small, sun-burnt and turned to stone a piece of land? .. Why do we need the world to exchange this piece of land? World Union brother seeks more ambitious. He seeks to conquer the world! "(G. Krestovsky myth about anti-Semitism, p. 42).

The true concept of Zionism and quickly solved, Russian Interior Minister VK Plehve, who wrote to the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl in 1903: "… because Zionism seeks to establish an independent state in Palestine, and in this case will lead to the emigration of Zionism known number Jews — citizens of Russia, to the extent of the Russian government would treat him kindly. But since then, as Zionism became shirk its direct purpose and engaged in the promotion of Jewish national unity in Russia itself — such direction the government can not endure, for it will lead to that country any group of people, alien and hostile to the patriotic feelings, of which is based on each state. "(Wild A. The Jews of Russia and the USSR, p. 88).

The emergence of Zionism preceded major events: after the Napoleonic wars in Europe were rapidly disintegrating ghetto (closed Jewish community, where the rabbis had absolute power) Jews came out of a voluntary self-isolation, actively associated with the European cultural and social life, intermarried, the process gathered momentum assimilation and emancipation of Jews began to move away from Judaism. Jewish elite, losing power, was frantically search the banner under which it was possible to re-assemble to disperse the flock. Zionism was just what we needed: keeping all the basic concepts of Judaism, he turned not to the religious, and the tribal sense of a Jew, and therefore was equally acceptable for an orthodox Jew, and a converted Jew, and atheist Jews.

To understand the ideology of Zionism, need to refer to its fundamental principle — the ideology of Judaism. Here, for instance, it is written in the Old Testament: "… you (ie Jews) shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves every place to which your feet tread shall be yours, and no one can stand before you …" ( Deut. 23-25, 11).

And here's another: "… brings you (ie, Jewish backgammon) the Lord your God in the land which He swore to Thebes … great and goodly cities, which you did not build, and houses full of all good things, which you did not fill, and with the well, and carved stone, which you have not carved, vineyards and olive trees which you did not Sadil, and you will eat and be satisfied … "(Deut. 10-11, 6).

And this is from the Talmud: "As someone in the world is high on animals, and Jews are high above all nations in the world." (Metropolitan John. Overcoming confusion. St.-Petersburg., 1995, p 150).

And these are the words of one rabbi, published in England in the 80's of the last century: "… we shall be able at any time to raise the weight and send them to self-destruction, revolution, ie, to any of those accidents, which are more and more bring us closer to achieving our ultimate goal — to reign on earth. "(Ibid., p. 154).

And this is what one of the main ideologists of Zionism M. Nordau, "inferior race will soon die altogether. I do not see no escape for her. Death, which condemned the children of nature, it is not painful. "(G. Krestovsky myth about anti-Semitism, p. 82).

But that said leaders Zionist Organization at its meeting in Paris in 1901, "Today is actually clear that our supergovernments depersonalize all rule. It was in the position of a dictator and ruled all the administration of the goyim (non-Jews) … Now, if there are governors and raise their voice against us, it is only in order to hide their solidarity with us, or in our instigation … because anti-Semitism need our supergovernments intimidation for their plebeian … "(Runners JK secret forces in the history of Russia. St.-Petersburg., 1996, p. 95).

They echoed the Petrograd Zionist organization, spread in 1918 letter of instruction to its members (we quote an excerpt): "Bronstein, Apfelbaum, Rosenfeld (ie, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev) — all of them, like many others — loyal sons Israel. Our power in Russia — unlimited. In urban areas, police stations, grocery commissions, house committee, and so on — the representatives of our people play a leading role … the children of Israel! Hour is near, when we reach the long-awaited victory over Russia. Already somknite ranks! Fight for our eternal ideals! "(Ibid, p. 220).

Even greater clarity makes himself Comrade Trotsky: "We have to turn it (Russia) into a desert populated by white negroes, we give a tyranny that had never dreamed of the worst despots of the East. The only difference is that tyranny is not right and the left, and not white, and red, as we will explain these streams of blood, before whom tremble and pale all human losses of the capitalist wars. … We will crush Russia, … to strengthen the power of the burial ruins of Zionism and become a force to which the whole world will fall into his lap. We will show what real power. By terror, blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia to complete stupor, to the animal state … And while our young men in leather jackets — the sons of watchmakers Odessa, Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitsa — oh, how delightful they know how to hate everything Russian! With what pleasure they destroy the Russian intelligentsia — officers, academics, writers … "(From the book. A. Simanovich" Memories ", op. On" Russian order ", 1998, № 1-2, p. 9).

These quotations have convincingly shown that Zionism, like his predecessor, Judaism is the ideology of racial superiority of the Jews, it is the desire of Jews to rule the world, it is the desire of Jews to parasites on the body of the other nations and peoples. Zionism — a Jewish fascism! It is from the "treasure trove" of Zionism, Hitler drew his misanthropic ideas. And not for nothing that the UN General Assembly in 1975, condemned Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination.

Of Jewish Fascism Russian people suffered almost as much from the German. From October 1917 to the mid 30's, the, Jews accounted for up to 85-90% of the top management of the Party, the state and the secret police. Zionist-Marxist Russian rule was worth about 10 million victims of the Civil War, 3 million immigrants, the ritual murder of the royal family, mass starvation in the early 20's and early 30's, the city, the almost complete destruction of the Russian educated layer dispossession , Cossacks which, destruction of churches, the destruction of cultural and historical monuments. Health of the nation, its culture and spiritual traditions was dealt a terrible blow. Only shortly before the Second World War, the country was freed from the Judeo-fascist yoke.

In the late 1980s, was an international Zionism made another successful attack on Russia, which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of Jewish power in the stump of Russia — the Russian Federation. Gaidar, Chubais, Kozyrev Shokhin Aven, Livshits, Yassin Urinson, Satarov, Baturin, Kostikov, Nemtsov, Filatov, Kiriyenko, Zadornov, Primakov, Berezovsky Yakushkin — this is an incomplete list of the Jews, whom we see in 1992, the first roles in government and the presidential administration. How many of them second and third roles! And how many in local government! The initial findings of the Board are as follows: for 6 years, production fell by 2.5 times (much more than during the war years), stopped by the most technologically advanced industries, science practically destroyed, shattered health and education, the breakdown of security in the country 2 million street children and 10 million unemployed, of prostitution, drug addiction and crime, despite the 5.1 million refugees from CIS, the population of Russia decreased by 4.2 million people, that is, actually declined by 9.3 million — almost 7%!

Is purposeful, deliberate murder of a nation, is the genocide of the people of Russia. But this is not enough. Country fell into bondage to the international Jewish banks, natural resources brazenly stolen, abroad pumped hundreds of billion dollars, the latter-day Jewish bankers awarded nearly 2/3 of the economic potential of the country, they also assumed the leading television and radio channels, in their hands most of the newspapers and magazines.

But this is not all. In addition to physical destruction, through the Jewish media actively being spiritual genocide: education complex national guilt and inferiority, the introduction of alien cultural values, undermining traditional morality and family values — all this combined with thanksgiving at Jews, with blatant advertising Jewish musicians, composers, artists , writers, scientists and politicians.

If this is not fascism, then what is fascism?

Even in the most difficult period of the war, Stalin said that should not be confused with the Jewish tip the whole German nation. Following Stalin again: we, too, do not confuse with the fascist (Zionist), the tip of the Jewish people. There is, however, a question for ordinary Russian Jews, in spite of a severe police state during the war, in Germany there were thousands of Germans who risked their lives and fought against fascism, why do you Jews do not protest against the Nazi regime established in Russia? Why you do not make anti-Zionist committee? After all, you are not threatened or Gestapo or concentration camp! Today it is still not too late. Then we will not believe.

The only one who raised his voice in protest against soluble Jewish politician in Russia, was a writer E. Topol, who published an open letter to Boris Berezovsky ("AIF», № 38, 1998). Discarding coquetry, he writes: "… we have the real power in this country. … All or nearly all the money of this country were in Jewish hands. "- Thanks to him for honest recognition! However, he is concerned about the fate of Russia so far as he is concerned about the fate of the Jews because he asks such questions to: "What are you going to do with this country? Do you feel … our responsibility to our people for their actions? … You feel the full measure of the risk to which you are putting our people in the event of the collapse of Russia into the abyss? '.

Poplars for Russia is not ours, but "this" country, for Russian Topol — not "great" or "civilized" nation (as opposed to, for example, the Germans, and Jews for Poplar — "… God's chosen ones," designed to "bring the people of world of barbarism. "How many chauvinistic arrogance in words is not the most stupid Jew! And if you, ordinary Jews, Russia too" this "country, if you are as contemptuous as Poplar, about the Russian people, then what does to yourself, you can count on?

Why Russian accused of fascism?

We ask the question: what can prevent the final defeat of Russia as a state, the destruction of the Russian people as a nation? What can prevent Jewish fascism to implement the plan of turning Russia into a raw materials appendage of the West and the elimination of the Russian nation from the scene? Can prevent only the Russian people. May interfere, only rising to the national liberation struggle.

What do you need? To do this,

First, to understand Russian, under the guise of "reform" is the systematic destruction of the Russian state and the genocide of the Russian people that the country established the Zionist (fascist) yoke — the mortal enemy of the Russian people;

secondly, that the Russian (regardless of their current social situation) realized that hope to survive under this yoke they themselves have little, and their descendants almost not at all, any illusions on this score should be discarded;

thirdly, that in Russian awakened national pride, national pride, national solidarity, so that the Russian national self-preservation instinct is awakened.

Only then will no longer deceive himself Russian hopes for a "good" president, "good" governor or "good" deputy. Only then will the national liberation organization and a national leader. The leader will come when people will be ready to fight!

What you need to do our enemies, that did not happen? They need to pull up by the roots every germ of Russian national insights, every germ of Russian national unity, every germ of Russian national resistance. That is why, as soon as these germs make their way to the light, they immediately set upon by the Zionists with hysterical cries of "Russian fascism is rearing its head!". That's why they use the tried and tested method: the thief loudest shouts "stop thief!". That is why we, the Russian should know:

In fascism accusing us fascists
In fascism accusing us that we lifted our heads,
As we are accused of fascism, to finally destroy us!

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