Which side of the bed to sleep?


The ancient Chinese teaching makes recommendations on almost all issues relating to the organization of housing or the workplace. But what does feng shui about which side of the bed, it is best to go to bed?

There is an ancient Chinese saying, "Men on the left, women on the right." Many Chinese are adhering to the system of feng shui, and do not observe it, remain faithful to this wisdom. If you look at traditional Chinese family photos, then make sure you are respected and the same rule — men are in the left side of the picture, and women on the right.

The validity of this provision in the bed confirms the history of humanity. Our ancestors slept in caves, and the main protector of the home has always been a man. To some animal or another person may have entered the cave, he needed first to deal with the head of the family. That's why the man went to bed closest to the door, that is on the left.

But the woman was obliged first to protect her child, which is usually located in the very back of the room, that is right. So after many centuries, this rule has come to our days.

Although feng shui there are no strict rules about which side of the bed should be sleeping, most of the supporters of this doctrine today and follow an ancient Chinese proverb.

Photo: Fotolia / PhotoXPress.ru
Author: Alex Muzichuk

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