Who built the pyramids?

Modern science is a strange phenomenon. Penetrated into the depths of matter, controlling nuclear processes, reaching space, the modern scientific world does not know anything about the history of the origin of man and the laws of the evolution of human society. In these circumstances, the leaders of world powers — the U.S., China, Russia, the European Union — rule the world on a whim, and then plunging civilization in world wars and economic crises. And all of that does not know the basic laws of human evolution.

The lack of common sense

In the minds of today's academic scientist history looks like. Suddenly, around 3100 — 3150 BC, Africa on the Nile Egyptian civilization arises. Once there are pyramids, the priests and the associated culture. For several decades before that also crops up on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Asia, at least global Sumerian civilization. Of these civilizations, supposedly there was a modern culture. Where did these people?

If they came from another planet? In this case, the origin of an alien people, scientists also reject. Anyone with common sense should realize that this can not be. Billions of people in the world are not aware of where they come from? For a global clouding his mind. Common sense tells us that it is necessary in the world should be a place where the preserved material traces of that civilization, where people came to Africa and the Middle East. But why such tracks are not detected if today to explore every inch of the Earth? And does not show it? Or we just do not want to believe the obvious?

Homeland people

In fact, the presence of people of our species is found on Earth about 70,000 years ago. For 50 thousand years ago, there were large settlements, life in them was about the what the Europeans found the natives of America, where once it was discovered by Columbus' expeditions. But America people settled relatively recently — 20 thousand years ago. The oldest age of 50,000 years discovered in the Central Black Earth region of Russia and Ukraine. But it is quite ancient history, traces of which are mostly worn by glaciers and floods.

The modern history of mankind began about 12,600 years ago. We must understand that human physiology virtually unchanged the past 50,000 years, but it is evolving consciousness. And consciousness is evolving under the influence of climate change. People all the time must adapt to the new environment. That is over 12,600 years ago, the last period of glaciation in Europe, northern continental glaciers blocked the flow of rivers. Inland seas (Aral, Caspian, Black, White Sea) have merged, flooding nearly all Eurasia. Some people were rescued in three heights (Valdai Upland (Kuchugury) and the Ural mountains). These people are the ancestors of modern civilization. They traveled through the world, mingling with degrading tribes preserved from antediluvian times at the periphery of the world, produced the diversity of cultures.

All three centers of crystallization of Russia (the Urals, and the Valdai Kuchugury) play their role in the overall evolution. Valdai was the intellectual and religious center. In more recent times, the ancient memory of antiquity preserved in the epic of the Olympian gods. It is inhabited by the gods in Valdai, namely in Valdai shaped modern Indo-European culture. It is the tradition of the patriarchs of the northern form the basis of the world's knowledge, all the world's religions, most of our consciousness. But where the material traces of this civilization, you say — and rightly so! In fact, so many of them, and the objects themselves are so global, that we pass by every day and do not notice them.

Volotov and zhalniki

In the north-western Russia, these objects are ubiquitous. Just today, walking along the waterfront in Tver at the monument Athanasius Nikitin, highlighted two zhalnika, which try to break down the flowerbed. In Toropets Volot size of 10-storey building in the heart of the city. In the forests of Tver, Novgorod, Leningrad, Vologda and other north-western regions of Russia, they are set. Details of the objects studied Nicholas Roerich and Prince Paul Putjatin, the estate is located in Bologovsky area. This is the top Valdai. Roerich himself conducted excavations from 1904 with Prince Putiatin discovered a huge number Volotov, zhalnikov other megalithic structures.

Volotov giant crater in the center of the city Toropets Tver region. In the old days it was a building a whole village. The purpose of this concave, like a mirror, the object is unknown. Following Roerich I visited this year, too, a number of these mysterious objects in Sandovsky Tver Region, Western Dvina, Toropets, Udomlya district. Objects can be of different types. There are mounds of several hundred burial mounds. Zhalnik — is a flat mound, like standing on the ground flying saucer. Usually it is made of stone and clay size of an orange. This is probably the place of ritual fire, because it is usually at the base of the mound a thick layer of ash. Sometimes a white circle of quartz sand, which is inscribed with ash cross. It seems that this is an altar to God. No wonder the Jews still have a tradition of bringing in the family grave stone, and cast into the grave of Russian handful of earth. The higher zhalnik the more notable people whose ashes scattered there.

There is another type of object. Volotov — is the ideal shape of a hemisphere. Almost everywhere they Boneless top in antiquity input. Sometimes they stand alone, but more often in large groups in the forest. With my guide from Maksatikha Elena Ilina we got to one of these Volotov. In the pine forest was rain, and the sun was shining, and every word spoken, even whispered, carried a hollow echo. In such places, a person gets into a particular psychological state. I found the report Roerich for the Imperial Archaeological Commission. Contrary to popular opinion among historians today, not all Volotov were buried. Anyway, these burials, most likely made in later centuries, when the purpose of these objects has already been forgotten. I too can testify, as was under Maksatikha Volot, which was a modern grave. Archaeologists of the future may well assume that this Volot was established in XXI century, but it is not.

Inside Volotov often remnants burned logs. Volot — is, in my opinion, unlike zhalnika, remains of dwellings of the Magi, who lived at the turn of the millennium BC 3.4 Agree with this and the European scientists who discovered similar objects in Ireland. Why Russian officials, scientists, as opposed to European, identify Volotov IX-XIII centuries AD? Trivial mistake. The fact is that the IX-XIII centuries — the active repression in Russia Kryshen archaic religion, variety prazoroastrizma, modern Orthodoxy. Prior to that time in Russia there was a cult of earth, water, air and fire. Funerary cult forbade burial ground desecrate corpses. Human corpses left in the special places that they prey birds vultures.

Thus, according to the beliefs of the ancient people, after death, they turned into birds. Tradition put grobnichku (as an open coffin to the grave) before the cross at the Russian cemetery, too, from those times. This civilization of the ancient Greeks called Hyperborea. They believed that the Hyperboreans fly. This ritual — to leave the corpses to be devoured by birds — have stayed in some of the archaic peoples. For example, the Kalash, which survived in the mountains of Pakistan. Therefore, to date these sites properly abroad 4 — 3rd millennium BC The map, which is kept in the museum of the city of Torzhok, depicts all known monuments of this era. This is an ancient Hyperborea. Rather, its spiritual center, inhabited the ancient magicians and scientists. This world is the same as the Valdai and its spurs.
There was another spiritual center in the Urals and in the vicinity of the modern city of Voronezh on Upland.
From these places people came to the ancient African Egypt and Sumer, built there the monuments and tombs. But the earliest of these crops as a drop of water similar to Volotov. The same earth mounds, surrounded by flat stones. By the way, near Udomlya showed me Volot also coated flat stones. I found such facilities this year and near Voronezh on the Don River. That is the first African design and construction of the pyramids of the ancient history of Russia coincide. There is no doubt that the ancient pyramids and monuments in Egypt and Sumer built by immigrants from Russia.

Prareligiya Russia is the basis of all the world's religions. In the villages of Ukraine and southern Russia until recently commemorated Kalyada — Mlada ROOF. This is the name of an ancient hero of the epic of Russia, which has its roots in the era of the flood, when the people in horror awaited their fate. And after the water receded, and mankind was saved, they are thousands of years thanks Kryshen for salvation. Over time, the memory of the flood in the minds of people left, but Krishen (Krishna) was transformed into a modern form of Christianity. The circumstances of the roof (Krishna) and Jesus Christ are very equal. Hence, perhaps, the Russian word "roof" (savior of the water).

Kryshen (Kresen)
Kryshen, the son of the upward call of Zlata and Maya, was born in this world, in order to defeat evil and to convey to the Vedic knowledge.
Light the sacred fire!
Let the fires burn fuels —
high up to the sky!
Read and remember the ROOF!
Zlata son of Maya and the highest!

"The Book of Carols"

In his book "The Rigveda and paganism" (Munich, 1981), JP Mirolyubov writes that in the south of Russia remembered the white magician who wore white scrolls, belted red sash, in the hands of their staff was always cherry (cherry — tree Vyšna and roof), "some, particularly strong, he finished with silver or copper mace (the ball). It was their only good, because in addition and in addition a small silver figurine depicting Small ROOF … they had nothing. In the cell in such a magician hanging bunches of herbs for various diseases and dry flowers to KOLYADIN day, in which they put a figure roof, symbolizes the light is born. "

India has preserved the Aryan book "Brahma Samhita", "Krishna, known as Govinda, is the supreme God of all living creatures. As the beginning of everything. He himself has no beginning. He — the original cause of all causes. " Allah has countless names. Name Govinda means that, since the nature of all souls — love, the saints, to rise above the fear and reverence for God, He called Govinda. By the way, here in Alexander Pushkin called Guidon king's son, who had escaped after being in the barrel, he was sent down to the sea. To open the earthly world relationship of the spiritual world, every day of Brahma Vishnu descends through Krishna himself personally as the most merciful incarnation of God on Earth. According to the Vedas, Krishna came to earth in the solar dynasty — Surya Narayana — about 3100 — 3000 BC That is, at a time when the north-west of Russia were built Volotov — churches and homes of the Magi.
Stories about the amazing deeds of Krishna passed on from generation to generation from the past in Russia, and India.

What did the Vedas tell Slavs?

Above all — the Supreme God Kolyada — Kryshen — Son of the Most High. According to popular legend, 4 — 6000 years ago in order to give the Vedas Magi, Kolyada Kryshen incarnated on earth, along with his older brother Ovsenem. "In the darkness of the gloomy clouds of crows circling flocks. There Koschei Immortal lyutuet collects witches — witches, all ministers Chernobog. And agreed Morgan and Margao, flew Black Kali Mazata — Magician sister and came old Mora Yuda. Sopolzalis here and snakes: the snake crawled Peraskeya. With her Surova Lamya, black stork, together with the Dragon. Werewolves came vurdulaki. Soezzhalisya they met, started thinking how to kill them Kalyada — Kryshen, God … Angry young Koschei Immortal, sold-razlyutovalsya, let loose on Iriy Dragon. The dragon flew and opened his mouth. On the ground, he dragged one lip, apply to the second cloud. His jaw — like valley, teeth — like mountain peaks, was the language of the Dragon road, and breathing — a hurricane. And they went down this road in the mouth of the dragon all kolezhane, and behind them walked Bozic. Kolyada Kryshen entered the dragon's mouth — immediately began to rise, rise. Rose above the mountains high above the clouds in high places, and strangled Arakon Son of God, he tore it to pieces. And the dragon could not stand, burst.
Black was confounded Koschey carols, Dazhbog Son! "

Kryshen turned to stone — the mountain and the river Alatyr Alatyrku. The name of the god in Russia vary in different astrological era. Because of the precession of the Earth (the planet swings around the South Pole) every 1700 — 2400 years, the sun on the vernal equinox, rises in different constellations. So too does the astrological era, and it is believed that God will descend to Earth in a new guise, to save people. In an era in question (late 4th millennium BC), was the age of Taurus (in Russian — Ox). Hence the name of God in this era in Russia — Veles or Volos. Hence the name of the mountain Alatyr Valdai — (God forbid) and the main river of the Aryan world Volga (the road to Velez). Veneration of oxen and cows as sacred animals in India has survived to this day. This cult brought to India in the era of arias worship in Russia Veles. Hence the name of the wise men of Russia — the Magi and their temples, dwellings Volotov.
When the garden Iria, in the valley of the mountains Alatyrskij came Indra (Andrew) and drove storm clouds Kryshen at the request of the celestial cow Zimun raised over Iriem Alatyrskij mountain covered with rain!

Contemporary of Krishna, the sage Vyasa, systematized and recorded the vast Vedic knowledge, the essence of which is set out in the product, known as the Bhagavata Purana, the ten songs that tell of the exploits of Krishna. It says that even before the birth of Krishna king Kamsa had been warned of the imminent birth of Krishna. Kamsa ordered the killing of all generated at the time of infants. Kamsa tried many times to kill Krishna, but Krishna and his brother Bala-frame were stronger. (Please note that this story is almost exactly the circumstances of the birth of Jesus Christ.) In the Bhagavad Purana explains that Krishna became the Govardhan hill (Valdai), and convinced shepherds cancel sacrifice Indra the king of heaven. Enraged, Indra sent down to Vrindavan cloud Samvartaku that his never-ending stream of water engulfed the lower and middle planetary systems. Comes the partial destruction of the universe for subsequent updating and improvement. However, Krishna lifted Govardhan hill and kept him over Vrndavana, draining vast flood waters. He did this in order to deprive the pride of his assistant, to control the elements of water and storm — Indra, who did not believe that the Supreme Personality of God plays a role on the ground in the form of a small child Krishna. Recovering himself, Indra withdrew the cloud, and have come to ask for forgiveness, accompanied by celestial cow Surabhi, who thanked Krishna for salvation from the flood of their children.
Krishna Kolyada — Kryshen one and the same person, which is always respected and praised both in Russia and in India.

In the middle of the second millennium of Zoroaster brought this ancient religion of monotheism to the East, and the prophet Abraham in Palestine, South Africa and Europe, the prophet of One — to Ireland. When the era of Pisces, Jesus Christ was born, the circumstances of life which is very similar circumstances of Krishna, and the fisherman, his first Apostle Andrew something similar to the first of the 12 main gods of Mount Aryan Indra. In IX — XIII century AD already ancient faith returned to Russia in the form of Orthodoxy. Forgetting some rites of the ancient religion, ancient Russians were buried in abandoned Magi Volotov dead. Thus confused modern historians, who in the mass atheists and religious history is not known. And without knowing it, it is impossible not to know the past, nor to know the future. So in ancient Egypt and Sumer pyramid builders came from the modern city — Torzhok Toropets, hundred (s) matrix. No wonder in the names of these cities is heard root "torus" — the name of the son of God. Thor — an ancient book of wisdom.

Gennady Klimov

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