Who hides in caves?

According to many legends speak of the existence of intelligent life in the depths of our earth. These stories lead some researchers to think seriously about that fictional stories are hidden nuggets of truth.

According to some historians, one of the entrances to Agartha, the underground city, at the foot of the Himalayas, just below the monastery in Tibet Lasha. Others say even sure what else there is the entrance to the city in Ecuador, in the Los Tayos. There are experts who believe that the entrance to the underworld is located on the top of Mount Shasta in California. Just in the wrong place, according to the Indians, from the mountain top down strange people of very high growth. Although the volcano has long faded, but still alive the legends connected with the mysterious inhabitants of the mountain. In Aztec legend says that the ancestors of the Huichol tribe Nayyarita were from the underworld, the entrance to which is located near the city of Tepic.

Tradition Huasteco from the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi state that there is a lost city, which can be reached through a cave, hidden in the impenetrable thickets. The area Ksilitla, at an altitude of about 2,700 meters Indians noticed how people go out of their underground city and for a time to show people. Written evidence of the Indians say that the underworld can be accessed through a variety of inputs, located in Paso del Cortez, near the sacred volcanoes Popocatepetl and Inlakiuatl. That is where the high-haired people come out of the ground and are the inhabitants of the planet. Local, out of respect to them do not dare to approach and examine them closely. Colonel P.Fosset, scientist and traveler, at the beginning of the century said that the indigenous people believe these people descended from the heavens. Maybe that elected them as prototypes of their characters writer HP Lovecraft?

In one of the works he wrote that they "came to Earth from outer space thousands of years ago and settled in the depths of our earth, because the earth's surface was unsuitable for them. Lovecraft says that one day aliens will rise to the surface to take what is, they believe belongs to them, plants, animals and people. However, the latter may prevent them from doing his plan and then they try to teach the man to his presence, before being brought to the man in this guise. All this is confirmed by the appearance in the early 50's UFO's that we have studied from afar, as if staying outside observers of what is happening. Several years ago, in Laconia (southeast part Pelopponesa, Greece) were found huge cave, named after Alepotripa.

Anna Petrochilos, caving and anthropologist, along with scientists and Butch Dayrosom K.Kalatosom fell into these underground galleries and found a large number of household items, and most importantly, the skull in size several times larger than the human. All of these items were overgrown with stalactites. Also on the walls were found strange characters and symbols which represented the unknown writing, pictures of the underground life of the inhabitants of these caves. But most scientists were amazed to find metal objects, also overgrown with stalactites. Galleries are located at a depth of 200 meters and is almost completely filled with clean water, the millennia filtered stalactites.

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