Why Lukashenka attacked the international observers?

Alexander Lukashenko said he would not allow the observers, including international ones, to establish their own rules for the presidential election. They say, "we opened — any longer." According to Lukashenko, he is astonished foreign observers who are "almost the owners felt the presidential election." What is the head of state saw the threat posed by foreign observers? Can it be said that the findings of international election observation missions on the Belarusian elections can already foresee? These questions are answered by a human rights activist, lawyer of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" Valentin Stefanovich.

Tsigankov: Why Lukashenko lashed out at the observer? Feels if the Belarusian authorities any threat from the observer?

Stefanovic: I think the power is unlikely to feel threatened by some observers. Another thing, the authorities already feel that the estimates of the election campaign by international observers are not the same as they would like.

What we are seeing now in the electoral process, early voting nivelyue the improvements that have been during the previous stages of the election campaign. And, perhaps, it is clear that the assessment of international observers, especially the OSCE, are not as what we would like to Lukashenko. Therefore, such statements are being made in order to explain the Belarusians — that's supposedly what they are bad, these observers, so they are estimates and do.

Tsigankov: Lukashenko also said: "By deploying this democracy by equal, We were given the wrong, wrong signals to those involved in the elections. "Can we say that the government felt that too went too with the" liberalization ", which was on the first stages of the campaign?

Stefanovic: Yes, in the beginning there were, apparently, indicate not to create obstacles to the collection of signatures for opposition candidates. We remember that the original place for the collection of signatures were limited. But then they expanded and the demonstration of liberalization was evident to the authorities. However, in the last step on things that really pose a threat to the authorities — the formation of committees, early voting and vote-counting — is already happening, "as always." And it is seen by international observers.

TsigankovYou said at the beginning of a conversation that might feel the power of the findings of international observers will be negative. Or do you already have any factual basis for such an assertion?

Stefanovic: I think that it is impossible not to notice what is happening now with early voting. Observers have their own methods, they track. Track and the various sources of information, including the Belarusian human rights defenders. That's why I believe that the evaluation will not be too good for the current government.

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