Why whistles Kok-Kol lake?


As well as the famous Loch Ness, Lake Cook-Col, located in the mountains of southern Kazakhstan, for a long time was surrounded by legends. Legends say that it inhabits a huge prehistoric reptile with a long neck. Local residents have repeatedly observed on the surface of the water twisting motion, resembling the movement of the water of the giant snake-like creature about 15 meters long.

These movements were accompanied by a shrill whistle, and the part where the "snake swam" water for a while became mineralized and acquired medicinal properties.
Only recently, scientists have identified the cause of these unusual events. It was found that the Kok-Kol lake of glacial origin, located among the moraine, which often forms a veritable underwater channels.

From time to time, regardless of rainfall, a significant mass of water absorbed through the channels in the depths of the lake. In this lake muffled "sighs" shrill "whistle", and on the surface there are movements that resemble sinuous movement of the body monster. In the subterranean depths of the lake, the water from the surface saturated with gases and salts, and its place is mineralized.

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