World bureaucracy discuss climate

November 29 in Cancun, Mexico at the World Conference of the United Nations to discuss climate change.

The main task of the conference — a decision to halt the destruction of tropical forests. It is also planned to once again raise the question of the extension of the Kyoto Protocol, under which countries have ratified it pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, members of the world environmental "gatherings" frankly admit that Mexico will not be entered into any new contracts or even minutes. Financial and economic issues are also not discussed.

"The conclusion of a new contract this year was daunting task, — one of Russian environmentalists. — Now select a different tactic — taking individual decisions do not require ratification, and a parallel preparation of a comprehensive agreement that in the future all these solutions under one roof. "

One gets the impression that the UN Conference turned into a bureaucratic fashion crowd, which no one decides and does not intend to solve.

Andrew Peretyazhko

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