Worse Than Chernobyl : When the molten rods Fukushima will reach ground water …

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Author: Dr. Tom Burnett, PhD (PhD) in Physics and Earth Sciences, Graduate University of California at Berkeley, professorhttp :/ / www.linkedin.com / in / thomasmburnett

Fukushima eclipse Chernobyl. Category of nuclear accident a week as the same level 7, but the Japanese government refuses to acknowledge it.

This disaster is developing in the direction opposite to Chernobyl [scenario], in which case the plant exploded, and the reaction stops. [The situation with reactions] happening at Fukushima, it only gets worse. I suspect that [web] three nuclear reactors are in a state of fusion, and probably us from them [also] perepadet.

If the third reactor is in a state of meltdown, the concrete containment is similar to [liquid] lava. But Fukushima is located relatively close to the water table. When the molten mass of nuclear fuel [in the state] a self-sustaining reaction will reach ground water, it cools down "in a simple way." It explodes — [and although it is] not a nuclear explosion, it would probably be enough to "engage in the process," the rest of the reactors and fuel rods at the [territory] accident.

Fill the reactor with concrete does not make sense: it's just [will] explode and throw [the environment] more matter containing radioactive particles. The concrete will melt and the problem will only intensify. In Chernobyl situation was different [there] the reactor exploded, and [this] the reaction stops. At Fukushima in the core of a nuclear reactor, the process of melting. The only way to stop it — it'sexplode a nuclear device[Capacity] for about10 kilotonsinside the protective casing of each reactor and hope that [as a result] the active zone to evaporate. Perhaps this is a bad decision.

The process of melting of the core is a self-sustaining reaction. It is nothing to stop other than stopping [itself] reaction. But this would require a nuclear weapon. In fact, just to stop it from happening will need one charge each protective case. The result will be a very "dirty".

Fukushima "waiting in the wings," [just] because of the way were placed emergency generators. If all time is not out of order after the [nuclear] covered the tsunami, what we have now would not have happened (although in this case might still occur nuclear disaster). All protective shell building in the world so as to withstand an earthquake of 6.9 points [on the Richter scale]. The Japanese chose to ignore the fact that a similar effect on the earthquake has hit almost the same area in 1896.

Anyway, here is the information that the U.S. does not want to distribute. And here is a table that can help assess the prospects …

Worsens the situation is that in the third reactor uses soy. SOYBEAN — jargon is an acronym meaning mixed oxide nuclear fuel, which as a fuel for the reactoralong with the uranium used for about 9% of the plutonium. On why you can use [this combination] is here [and reference material on "weapons-grade uranium" and "weapons-grade plutonium."]

The problem is that messing with these substances can not. [What is] a nuclear reactor — it [when] the fissile material is brought to a state where it is hot enough to bring the water to a boil (in a light-water reactor), but not hot enough to melt and go to the supercritical state (Chinese syndrome or the Chernobyl accident). In no case can not give it a go out of control, because if that happens, it will be impossible to stop.

The Japanese continue to say that the elimination of the consequences of this, they take days or weeks. This is not true. Eliminate IS they will not. In these areas, no one will live scores, perhaps hundreds of years.

Source: http://rense.com/general93/whent.htm


This article is actively replicate many Western Internet resources. Clear: a soothing tone of the state media and the lack of data for modeling the processes occurring in the reactor and assessment of the expected levels of radiation and nuclear fallout in the northern hemisphere — is an attempt to avoid panic or intentional concealment of reality, pursuing some other purpose? Because, like it or not, and the fuel in the reactors of Fukushima is 24 times more than there were in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Or Dr. Tom Burnett (scientist in physics and earth sciences) and the famous West blogger Alexander Higgins just exaggerate? I think the answer must be sought from professionals with experience. March 15, when it became clear that the scale of the destruction in the area of Japanese nuclear power plants and started emergency situations are very real threat in the newscasts aired a short fragment of meeting the situation around the nuclear power plant in Japan, which held the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Demonstrated episodes of the impression that nothing serious happens at Fukushima, and Russia and does nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, the full transcript of the meeting contained many details in this article. Although the "geyzeropodobnom" interaction of molten fuel with groundwater and the "military" versions discontinuation of reaction you came. Meanwhile, in Washington, DC in the filters of the ventilation system has detected radioactive dust. Began active dissemination of information on what to do to protect themselves, and the predictions of the spread of radioactive particles in the Earth's atmosphere in the coming months.


English translation and commentary: Sister Mercy

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