Yarmoshina against the abolition of early voting

Answering the question of "Freedom", it should cancel the procedure of early voting, the chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yarmoshyna said:

"I believe that this can not be done, because you can not get in the way voters vote at a convenient time for them. Any deal if desired can be viewed both ways. For example, in Belarus, 8% of the ballot boxes are transparent. Yesterday while interacting with representatives of the Russian Central Election Commission, they told me that they come complaints that the transparent ballot boxes in Russia. It would only desire — and you can do all of the good and the bad. "

Yarmoshina also reported that, polling station Village Gluhavka (Gomel region) on the night of December 19, there was a fire, which extinguished police officer. "This is the answer that, what is on duty at the police stations," — added Yarmoshina.

CEC also said that one of the polling stations Minsk observer who voted on this site, something dropped into the ballot box. "Everyone heard the crash … sealed box … Her vskroyut separately … With that understands the prosecutor's office," — said Yarmoshina.


Yarmoshina CEC

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