Yarmoshyna: No one should be allowed to remain in the areas at night

CEC head Lidiya Yarmoshyna, speaking at the opening of the Information Center, commented on how the campaign is a presidential election.

CEC can be the first to receive the results of exit polls

CEC recommends sociological center that will conduct exit polls, not to disclose details until 20:00, when the voting is over, and the first to share this data with the CEC.

Lidiya Yarmoshyna said that the law does not regulate the time of publication of the survey data at the output of the polling stations.

"But we do not recommend it, since the appearance of these data can be regarded as some of the candidates campaigning on election day," — said Yarmoshina.

"If during the day will begin vkidvanne any false statements of some sociological centers, it will be necessary to provide other information."

December 19, exit polls will be able to perform:

  • Center EcooM
  • Committee of Youth Organizations
  • TNS-Ukraine
  • Belarusian branch of the THC

Yarmoshyna: after 20:00 on December 19 we do not have presidential candidates

On the street protests after 20:00 on December 19 is not subject to the provisions of the electoral law, said the head of the Central Election Commission.

Lidiya Yarmoshyna added to hold the shares, needed submit an application to Minsk city executive committee. "But no one organization requests it," — she added.

"After 20.00 we have no presidential candidates, unless, of course, there will be the second round," — said Yarmoshina.

Yarmoshina of observers: jerks should be put in place

CEC head Lidiya Yarmoshyna, answering the question of "freedom", said, she had no evidence that would confirm that the voters are being driven to vote early.

Yarmoshina reported that the CEC has only 2 complaints about coercion to vote early.

For example, the commander of one of the dormitories where the workers live, "actively invited to the polls." "If it is campaigning for election — it's not a violation. Commandant could not make go to vote, but this information check" — promised Yarmoshina.

CEC agreed with the statements of Alexander Lukashenko that, they say, some observers behave at the ballot box as the hosts.

She reported that on December 17 in Minsk one person will be deprived of the status of the committee members, as well as cancel one accredited observer of the campaign "For free and fair elections."

According Yarmoshina, Commissioner broken seals of ballot boxes, and the observer began to photograph the contents, threatening members of the commission an international scandal.

"Insolent should be put in place" — said Yarmoshina.

December 17 Minsk Leninsky District Administration has excluded from the commission Yuri Shpak-Ryzhkov.

"I found that under the cover of one of the ballot boxes — a hole the size of a hand. I have it recorded, photographed and reported observer. And then I found 50 extra ballots. This case was also discussed and the observer, and the representatives of the OSCE. But the chairman of such vigilance has decided to leave me by sending a certificate for my company that I work ended on December 16, "- said" Freedom "Shpak, Yuriy Ryzhkov.

12% of early voters, Yarmoshina called "traditional voter turnout."

"The campaign is proceeding normally, and all the drama unfold on the Internet. But there are political forces in an attempt to discredit the elections and disrupt," opined the head of the Central Election Commission.

Lidiya Yarmoshyna said that some complaints, the CEC received from observers look at the planned action.

She says that these acts consist of the same text that does not allow observers to monitor the ballot boxes at night.

"No one should allow this. All attempts to remain in areas at night — is planned provocation" — said Yarmoshina.

In this case, observers arrive illegally, said the Chairman of the CEC.


CEC Yaomoshyna

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