You are healthy? Strange. Lets work on that!

Live harmful. How to explicitly reduce the condition is temporary? Let us live in the city, away from nature, since there live 73.3% of the population of Russia, and by 2030, 90% will live. Where else can we get our share of carcinogens in food, carbon dioxide in the air, away from the general concern of radiation urban asphalt?


Let's sit all the time — on the bus, in the car, at work, at home, in front of TV and computer — it's so nice — to lead a sedentary cute little animals like sloths, languidly chewing twigs in the tropical forests of Central and South America.

Public places — it is also a good remedy for longevity. Where else would we have the opportunity to move his elbow "in the belly" neighbor on transport, and dispose of a simple, "Excuse me?" True, it can be very for you sneeze in response, thereby greatly revenge, about 14 days, but you can swallow antibiotics and with a slight noise in the head and some inadequacies continue to go to work.
So what, that urban residents is 30 times more likely to have allergies than rural, and 6 times more likely tuberculosis and ulcers? This is not the main thing — the main thing that is in the city, far from the influence of the beauty of nature, we can get a real, undisguised schizophrenia.

It's very fashionable! This nervous disease are sick in one way or another, almost all urban residents!
You are healthy? Well, no, I want you to comfort — have little time! Soon you refill slender ranks of urban schizophrenics, dark crowd moving through the city from 8.00 to 10.00 and from 17.30 to 18.30. This is a typical urban crowd — with a change of perception, thinking, with a deformed social activity. Speech and motivation — all from the original "homa sapiens."

Do you want to find in their town signs of schizophrenia?

Now you can help! Begin to look at this, the most frequent symptoms of psychological illness.
1. Do you happen to hear voices in his head, as who — what — I said to you, as you've heard, but no one seems to be near there? Or even next heard voices, though obviously there is no one? Well, start.
2. Or you thought that someone — that pulled the thoughts and emotions of your head, and there is nothing left, except for the simple, primitive refrain: "la — la, la — la — la — la"? Ok, a little more pop music!
3. And, perhaps most importantly — you finally — that have lost their individuality? Lost their integrity and spontaneity? Compassion and love? Do not notice that over dark season, pass indifferently by her grandmother in a white scarf, quietly and sadly standing at the glass counter with overseas fruit, and do not laugh with rosy-cheeked child, running through nearby? Or do not even notice the rainbow?
Here it is! Urban schizophrenia! Now you can safely go to a professional psychiatrist and brag! That you have an official diagnosis, be sure to tell the doctor about how it all began.

What to tell doctor

What to tell doctorThat you, at least once a day are in a crowd, from this you have reduced sense of responsibility for personal actions. Give a good example — how recently you calmly threw that — that my feet on the street. Or indifferent tore a branch in the city stunted trees.

Tell us about the skills that you have been rehearsing — and learned how to completely turn off your mind and your emotions. It is, after all, helps you to quickly disconnect from unpleasant situations with superiors, colleagues and clients. Tell that to the whole of your life you are experiencing anxiety and severity of unknown origin.
And, to really convince the doctor and get a coveted diagnosis, go to a major acquired qualities:
You now switch to the environment — for all kinds of clouds, miserable cats — dogs, you are not looked into the faces of others (yes, they all look the same, nothing of interest);

Every day you work with disgust (taking also a pittance for it, with far less co-worker to the contrary);

All your friends — boring people, and you have learned, finally, the duty "stroking", "How are you? Like children? Happy Birthday …. Stay as young and healthy (this is a special appeal to women older than 50 years). " Nobody feels sincere joy and this curiosity, but it is so necessary!
The doctor, himself overcome boredom and depression, can you identify the symptoms of catatonia (stupor, agitation), episodes of uncontrolled flow of thoughts, dissociation of speech, signs apatiko-abulicheskogo syndrome, a combination of lack of will with indifference and loss of desire — all this is, schizophrenia, urban dweller.

Treatment of normal life

Treatment of normal life— Doctor, I'm all right? — You ask hesitantly. — Schizophrenia in the right place! It will be even worse, you should listen to my advice.
— Never ask yourself questions about what is good, important and interesting things going on with you!
-Ever wonder about the roots, ancestors, what — what the original, of good and evil, truth and falsehood, of who this man and why is he here?
— Never read a book that might make you excited and mentally live in ancient times it was fantastic its Slavic ancestors and whose not — or whether other people,
in a world where good and evil are not unique and not similar to the American Adventure — gum, and never thought about the fact that there is a proper life — not candy — pink in carbon monoxide of civilization, and the present, given to us by Nature.


This article was created after reading a message on healthcare real growth of schizophrenia among urban residents. I hope that, written in a humorous way, but to call the real symptoms and causes of the disease, this article will support those of us who, despite threats of urban life and the forced separation from nature, still people. Nearly Gods, in my opinion.

Good health and good!
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