You can get rid of the ghosts with feng shui.


According to feng shui, everything in the world is a combination of two principles — Yin and Yang. If Yang is the personification of all the bright, air, kind and warm, the Yin is dark, cold, gloomy start. Therefore, home-dominated Yin energy, are more likely to become a haven for the souls of the dead.

There are other risk factors. For example, the proximity of the cemetery, which is in Chinese slang is called "night club." The Chinese believe that at night in the cemetery becomes a very "busy", because there are many wandering souls of the dead.

If the new house was built on the site of any burial or battlefield, he can become the abode of ghosts. They attract even those homes, the former owners were very greedy people. Often, even after his death, they can not part with the property.

So, how to rid the house of a ghost? First of all, the home should be filled with the energy of Yang. Often open the windows and doors, let's ability to circulate energy and "wash out" the remnants of Yin walls and furniture. Get rid of the things the previous owners. In most cases, the house, which became a "bright", prefers to leave the ghost himself.

And sometimes, a feng shui master lead with a ghost long meditative dialogue, urging him to find another place to dwell or even leave this world. In any case, the more light, clean and cheerful would be your house or apartment, the less risk that it endeared soul of a deceased person.

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