Z.Vaytsyushkevich: On the Square each will have its own song

Guest morning live broadcast — one of those who spoke Thursday night at Freedom Square, singer and composer, one of the frontmen of the last election shares Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich.

TikhanovichDmitry, our audience, voters at the meetings with the candidates these days often ask them one question: is there a political scenario Square? I ask you: have an artistic scenario Square?

VaitsyushkevichA: Recently, I thought, the art scenario determined already there, on the Square. There are, of course, the songs that are worth and should be performed at the Plaza. But there is an emotional item that you can click on any spike, since the same "flag" or "Where is my land" where Vladimir Karatkevich anyhow not sing. And yet — we need a good equipment, at least not worse than it was yesterday.

Tikhanovich: And call our listener, which you will probably be able to answer: "With Tarasova. Neklyaeva What song will be sung on December 19 square Kalinowski?"

Vaitsyushkevich: It has already been recorded, and there will be two versions: one guitar, which was played at the penultimate rally near the train station, and yesterday we were singing just been marching version of the song "Flag" Vladimir Neklyaeva. Cruising can not just stand by, but to go around. Do not freeze. Because after all a feature of the current and the previous action that was terribly cold, need such a song that was a bit warmer.

Tikhanovich: Indeed, Dmitry, we understand that people do not come to the area for a concert, it would be an extreme night. The area will occur when will clearly demonstrated the political will of the people. I want to remember a huge shock when, in due time all the Kiev Maidan sang the Ukrainian national anthem. What song can unite Belarusians, by the way would sing at night in the cold?

Vaitsyushkevich: Just the songs we have a particular problem, as far hymn that is — not a secret, as the authorities are struggling with this no — no one can learn, and if they learn a mechanically, that his heart nor the athletes nor the "cultural "figures … Well, he did not sing with them.

Art scenario is defined by the very square.

So, apparently, in the Square everyone will have their own song. Or, and the version of "Banner" that is — it is already familiar to people for whom the flag and coat of arms are not strangers. So this may be a "flag" may be the song HPM, the same "balloon", "Better not be." So far, the song that would be all united, and what everyone knew — like "Cheers" and that unfortunate "Kupalinka" — everyone has their own version of these songs …

Tikhanovich: A possible Belarusians could take the same line Kupala, I heard very well found at yesterday's stock when the two candidates have read the poem on the line, "Who goes there", and the people answered him in chorus. When tens of thousands of answer in chorus "Belarusians", then obviously it will sound convincing.

Vaitsyushkevich: First, you need to have good equipment, which would allow to the thousands of people heard. And for many of those who will come — for these people, unfortunately, these lines — this is something new, even though they are printed daily in the "People's Will" …

TikhanovichDmitry, another question about solidarity. In prison, starving artist Ales Pushkin, who apparently preventively detained before the election. Community "race" has taken on this appeal. What do you think, is it possible to take advantage of a wave of social solidarity, more active, why are silent other creators?

Vaitsyushkevich: In general it is strange that it happens … Heart cried yesterday, but just did not have enough time, so the action was quite dense, and the heart requested at least say a few words in support of the bully Pushkin. It turns out that a "bully" — and that's the only thing he is accused — on the eve of elections keeps at bay the entire Krupskaya police. The focus should be on this case — Ales is the second time put to God forbid Krupski area did not appear Pushkin did not lead to the flag to fight the bloody regime. Needless to 19th and early support of Pushkin, which is still not with us now.

Tikhanovich: And the last. There are reports that you, like other famous creators — Lavon Wolski, Andrew Khadanovich agreed to be election observers. Or you have decided on the site, and how much you are willing to observe?

Vaitsyushkevich: Determines somewhere today at 14.00 I have to say, I do know that it will be somewhere in the area of Victory Square. Form of monitoring will also be clarified today, because for me it is a new thing — do not have time to get used to some new guises … But we quickly learn, like all Belarusians.

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