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American Public Association "People are the only ones" made a rating of the most amazing world of supermen. They change the shape of your own body, do not feel pain, piercing his throat spokes, deny the laws of nature, attracting metal objects, and even see without eyes. The ability of people, surprising phenomena not only ordinary people but also scientists.

1. MAN-DIGIT Daniel Tammet

Daniel Tammet was born on January 31, 1979 in the UK. From an early age he began to claim that he is able to "see" the results of complex arithmetic calculations literally as landscapes. In his mind, each number up to 10,000 has its own unique shape, color and texture. For example, the unit — "it is a bright white light, and 89 — as the falling snow." Tammet — the champion of Europe by number Pi: he called on the memory of 22,514 with three digits after the decimal point. In addition, Tammet fluent in ten European languages and Esperanto.


2. BOY-sonar Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood — a young man from Sacramento, California. His eyes were surgically removed when he was only three years — doctors diagnosed "cancer of the retina." But he manages to live a normal life because instead of eyes he uses his tongue! To them it creates the "clicks" — sharp, short sounds that bounce off nearby objects. Ben knows how to "capture" the echo, and thanks to this the ability to accurately determine the location of individual objects. It uses echolocation, like a bat.



Daniel Smith — a five-time Guinness record holder, "rubber" man is the most versatile and well-known acrobat. Daniel started to twist your body in the age of four and 18 years of age went to work in the circus. He easily squeezes through a hole in a tennis racket and a toilet seat, and knows how to fold in incredible shape and nodes, umeschayas in a suitcase. Doctors believe that the incredible flexibility was given to Daniel from birth, but he brought it to the maximum extent possible.


4. "Monsieur EAT IT ALL" by Michael Lotito

Frenchman Michael Lotito, who was born in 1950, opened his amazing ability at age 9 — scared to death of parents, he ate … TV. C 16 he began to entertain the public for money, eating metal, glass, rubber. Usually the details to make out, cut into pieces, and Lotito swallow them with water. Michael once even ate aircraft "Cessna 150". He ate it two years, using 1 kg of aircraft per day. According to doctors, Lotito is still alive because the walls of his stomach to two times thicker than the average person. And toxic substances do not take it.



Malay Radhakrishnan Velu practiced in a tug of teeth vehicles. August 30, 2007, on the eve of the 50th Independence Day of Malaysia, this man with his own teeth win over the train, which consisted of six wagons and weighed 297 tons, to 2.8 meters. Such a record in the world still has not set.

The local population is calling it Superman King Tooth. What is the secret of his strength and extraordinary strength of the teeth? Radhakrishnan believes that it benefits regular meditation, and daily jogs of 25 kilometers, lifts a weight of 250 kilograms and special exercises for the jaw.



A 70-year-old contractor from Malaysia Liv Thow Lin managed to smuggle a car using his magnetic ability: with an iron chain, which just "primagnitilas" to his body. Liv says that one day he took several iron plates and placed them vertically on the stomach. To his surprise, the plate did not fall as fast as if they are stuck. Since he discovered his ability to attract a variety of items, like a magnet. This "gift" is also blessed with three of his sons and two grandchildren, so he considers this a feature of hereditary.

Meanwhile, scientists are trying to no avail to explain this phenomenon. Indeed, around the Malay no magnetic field, and the skin he's all right.


7. The man who does not sleep, Tai Ngoc

Thai Ngoc, a 64-year-old Vietnamese man, I forgot what a dream, after in 1973 had been ill with a fever. He did not sleep a wink 11,700 nights. "I do not know how insomnia affects on health — he says — but I'm perfectly healthy and I can run the economy is not worse than the others." As proof Ngoc mentions that every day is two 50-kilogram bag of fertilizer a few miles from home. And recently, three sleepless months left on earthworks — farmer dug two large ponds for fish farming. During the physical examination the doctors have not found any Vietnamese diseases, except for small deviations in the liver.



Tim Cridland — the person is not in pain. Even in school classmates Tim hit when not batting an eye pierced hands and needles safely withstand any heat and cold. Today Cridland, performing under the stage name "Zamora — The King of Torture", hits the audience with their amazing abilities: in front of an enthusiastic hall swallows swords, pierces the neck, cheeks and hands skewers. And sometimes swallows a rope, and then onstage remove it from the stomach with a scalpel and forceps. Scientific tests have shown that this man is able to endure incredible, absolutely unbearable pain due to a much higher limit of the painful than the average person.



32-year-old expert on the behavioral characteristics of wild animals Kevin Richardson works in the reserve in South Africa. He can sleep through the night even with the lions in an embrace, not thinking about a possible attack. Leopards and cheetahs to take biologist of their own. Even the unpredictable female hyena allow it to take on the hands of their cubs. Richardson, who was called Sorcerer animals in their work relies on intuition, "I never draw near unto the beast, if I feel that something is wrong. Also, do not use sticks and whips. The main thing in my case — patience. "


10. MAN wide-eyed Claudio Pinto

48-year-old Brazilian Claudio Pinto from Belo Horizonte able to gawp at 4 cm, ie 95%, of the eye sockets. Unicum was a lot of medical tests. As a result, doctors have explained its feature of "dislocation of the eyeball." But argue here that have never seen a man who is able to do these tricks with the eyes. "With this gift of God I can quite easily make money and that is why I feel happy," — says Claudio, enjoying its uniqueness.

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