50,000 Don Cossacks waiting for the order to move into Workshop to evict the occupiers visitors

50,000 Cossacks are going to march to the repair

At least 50 000 Don Cossacks are ready to go to war against the village of repair. Its main purpose, they put addressing the causes of ethnic conflict that broke out in the village. In this case, limit yourself to the methods they intend.

Change leadership Remontnensky district administration and the local police now require residents of the area, and the Cossacks nereestrovye support them. The latter also announced readiness to go on a campaign to resolve the current situation in the village.

Recall from September 13 Workshop is literally at war: the streets of the village hundreds of police patrolling around the clock, and is housed about 200 riot police. The reason for this situation was the large-scale conflict that arose, according to some sources, a quarrel of two local residents, and on the other — from shooting, which was opened in the market village representative of a diaspora. As a result, the streets of the village came out hundreds of local residents, urging the authorities to rein in visitors from the North Caucasus. For five days, as is the duration of the tense situation in the village, there were some scuffles between the conflicting parties. According to the facts already filed 13 criminal cases, and is 19 checks.

"We need a change of the head of the district and the police, who allowed this development", — said Ataman of the Don Cossacks Vsevelikogo Vasily Litvinov. It should be noted that at present the management of the local police, the change demanded by many local residents and their supporters, is under investigation on suspicion of bribery.

According to Vasily Litvinov, Cossacks insist on eviction of immigrants from the North Caucasus. They, Ataman said, do not respect the rules of conduct and laws, thousands of sheep graze outside hospital zones, thus destroying the fields and pastures, as well as buying up land. However Vasily Litvinov sure that the idea of eviction are unlikely to support the government in the Rostov region.

"There are six in the repair of our representatives, who are watching the situation in the village. In case of aggravation of the conflict to go there at least 50-60 thousand Cossacks. Now they are just waiting for an order retract. We're going to clean up and make everyone respect local traditions and laws, "- emphasizes Vasily Litvinov.

The final decision will be taken on a hike this Friday at the Council of chieftains. And limited to the village and the surrounding area of repair Cossacks did not intend. If the army is still due in march, the Cossacks are planning to bring order to the entire Upper Don.

Registered Cossacks of the Don Cossacks Vsevelikogo yet not in a hurry to make some statements, and even more so to declare, "The alarm".

"Cossack Cossack Army Society" Vsevelikogo Don army "and members of the Cossack guards Remontnensky area in a number of ongoing activities in conjunction with law enforcement officials to resolve the situation, to ensure public safety and order, — the information service VKO VVD. — This work is coordinated from the local administration and the chieftain Sal Cossack District Alexander Korotkov, who is also in the district. "

In Vsevelikogo Don Army (register) state that at the present time in the repair operational control of the situation and take measures for its early resolution. Cossacks also promise to prevent the incitement of ethnic hatred.

Prevent the escalation of the ethnic conflict in the repair and seek police. To do this in the area created a hotline by dialing the local people which can inform the police about committed or planned crimes offenses. However, to call the hotline number at the headquarters of the Russian Interior Ministry in Rostov region correspondent 161.ru refused, explaining that all the inhabitants of the district Repair already know it.

"In the course of the preventive measures for the last day in the area tested Remontnensky 476 transport units, 517 people — said the press officer of the MOI of Russia in Rostov region, Konstantin Rozin. — The residence tested 29 individuals who are registered enforcement agencies, as well as 17 to the sale of cattle and 91 point, 54 the owner of firearms. "

He added that the police detained three local residents, the quarrel between them was the cause of the conflict in the village of repair. Two of them were sentenced to five days' imprisonment, and one — to ten days.

Andrew Ryzhkov, especially for 161.ru
Photo from Depkazak.donland.ru

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