A blind man received his sight, kissed the picture of his dead wife


Blind pensioner from Britain miraculously received his sight, kissed the picture of his dead wife, writes the Daily Mail.

76-year-old George Hudspeth established diagnosis of dry macular degeneration (age-related retinal) ten years ago, since then, his vision steadily deteriorated and a year ago a man permanently blind.

George expected now until the end of his days will be living in the dark. Imagine his shock when he took before going to bed to kiss a picture of his late wife Sheila, who died at age 51 from pneumonia and suddenly saw it in all colors.

The man was so excited that until 5:00 am watching TV. "I want to tell the world to sit on the top of Mount Everest and shout," I see, "- admitted George.

He added that he is not a religious person who does not believe in the Bible, but believes in the spiritual world.

Neither the Hudspeth nor the doctors can not explain this miracle. Now retired vision is normal. Doctors suggest that perhaps he incorrectly diagnosed. But to return to the hospital, George is not intended. He has other plans — he is now looking for a "nice lady", which could share the joy, hugging and kissing.

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