A campaign of solidarity with political prisoners

The campaign of solidarity with the arrested presidential candidates and all other parties to rally on December 19 begins today. On December 21 announced the participants a special press conference, representing the democratic parties and public organizations. The first step will be to support solidarity of those who are now in prison in Akrestsin and other metsah conclusion.

Come on December 21 evening to prison for Akrestin called leader of the "For Freedom" Milinkevich. It is through real solidarity can be primarily to show their unity, the politician said:

"There is no solidarity among us the people, which are now sitting on dungeons — hence, we still unworthy to live in freedom. I believe that today, regardless of our different ideological views, from different approaches to the strategies and tactics we have to show solidarity. And this is not only a political matter. This is a public affair. So I appeal to the members of political parties and movements to members, community organizations, just to the citizens of Belarus, if not noticed violations of human rights that are imposed on society by force, and you will not have the fate of the free. "

Another stage of the campaign of solidarity — to raise funds to help the victims. This is on behalf of the staff of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov announced Ivashkevich:

We should not leave people alone with their problems. And our main goal — to launch a campaign of solidarity.

"Attention is a lot of people who would like to help in some way arrested, join the solidarity actions. And we announce the fundraising office BNF. The money will be used primarily to pay those attorneys who will help convict. As well as the payment of fines, which will award the power of the people. We should not leave people alone with their problems. And our main goal — to launch a campaign of solidarity. "

The press conference, which included also Gregory Kastusyou, Yanukevich, Lev Margolin, Siuchyk, stated that no depression after the elections in their organizations do not. In particular, the chairman of the BPF Yanukevich said:

"We as a party for this company stronger, a lot of new members, many new ideas emerged. We are not going to fall into some sort of depression. And no one in this condition is not. We have taken an important step toward freedom, and we will do the next steps. "

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