A number of villages in the Gabala region of Azerbaijan flooded agricultural, destroyed dams, bridges were in disrepair, severely damaged grain fields

Gabala. Shahnazar Bashirov-APA. Heavy rains and mudflows caused serious damage to Gabala region.

According to APA Shirvan, incessant rains that fell in the night of 22 to 23 June in the Gabala region, water and debris brought by the mountain rivers, caused serious damage to individual homeowners, grain fields, gardens, bridges, coastal dike, communication lines .

Debris water caused serious damage to the bridge length of 135 meters above the river Garachay, comprising the village Emirvan, Melikli, Sileyli, Blyh with the regional center. In an emergency condition was the bridge over the river on Highway Mirzabeylichay Gabala-Sheki.

As a result of rising water levels in the river mud boom waters flooded homes and plots of land in the villages Myhlygovag, Hazra, Mirzabeyli, Imamly, Hyrhatala, Dzhygatelli, Tikanly and sucked mud orchards and cultivated areas. Out of service support with a capacity of 110 kv electric cables near the river boom, passing through the village of the same name.

Built to protect the villages Myhlygovag, Tikanly and Halls from mud water dike destroyed under the pressure of water flow. Destroyed as asphalt on the roads of the villages, in a completely unusable state were street. Near the village of Wanda villages Nohurgyshlag, Tyuntyul, Bunud, Nazri, Mamedagaly, Seidgyshlag, Zargerli, Mirzabeyli serious damage caused cereal squares.

In this regard, the district committee for emergency situations and relevant organizations to take the necessary measures.

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