A search of the apartment of Alexander Fyaduta

The apartment trustee Vladimir Neklyaeva Alexander Fyaduta raided. This was reported by the spouse analyst.

Fyaduta wife Marina said that the search was conducted by four members of the KGB:

"They took a laptop, flash drives, some papers, a photo of Sasha with friends and colleagues — a total of 17 items. Behaved correctly. It lasted about a half hour. "

Alexander Fyaduta — Confidant of former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyayev, who was severely beaten on December 19, was admitted to hospital and from there taken by security in the KGB remand prison. According to city police, Alexander Fyaduta among 19 people is also suspected of involvement in the riots and is in the KGB prison "American." Political scientist was arrested December 20.

In 1994 Alexander Fyaduta was a trustee of the presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko, part of his campaign headquarters, some time later as Head of the Presidential Administration of the information.

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