A series of powerful hurricanes struck the U.S. state of Michigan

A series of powerful hurricanes struck the U.S. state of Michigan on Sunday, more than 100,000 people lost power, said on Monday Broadcasting Corporation CNN en.
Element caused the most damage in Battle Creek in the southern part of the state where wind gusts reached 80 meters per second. According to the power company Consumers Power, only in Calhoun County, where the Battle Creek, left without electricity about 29 thousand people. In total statewide electricity lost due to bad weather about 104 thousand people.
"Most of the hurricane affected our business district and residential area," — said the head of emergency services in Battle Creek, Mike McKenzie (Mike McKenzie). According to him, the hurricane knocked on the car and house a lot of trees, a large part of the city off from electricity. However, according to McKenzie, despite the hurricanes caused extensive damage, reports of serious injuries people have been reported.
Due to adverse weather conditions at the international airport in Chicago O'Hara in Illinois were canceled 450 flights.
In early May, the U.S. Midwest collapsed wave of powerful tornadoes. Disaster victims in early May were 139 people in Joplin, Missouri, in the center of which a tornado "paved" road length of ten kilometers and a width of one kilometer. According to recent data, missing in Missouri are considered 105 people. For a few days in the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas by a tornado killed 16 others.

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