About 60 people have died in Cambodia by the flood

Flooding in Cambodia

About 60 people died in Cambodia in the past two weeks as a result of severe flooding caused by torrential rains.
On the submitted reports here today, because of the Mekong flood inundated 12 provinces of the country. The most significant damage was caused and Siemrep Thom province, where water flooded 90 thousand hectares with crops of grain, 265 schools and thousands of homes. The number of victims of the disaster was 100 thousand people.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen today went on a trip to the province of Kompong Thom, completely submerged by floods. The prime acquainted there with the course of rescue and instructed government agencies to provide compensation to $ 500 for each family of the deceased and to urgently send food aid to the population, according to ITAR-TASS.

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