About unknown archeology

What the reader will discover here, known to many researchers' interests.

But all these details are unknown or inaccessible to the vast majority of people, often just because the official academic science does not want to explain the many archaeological finds and written, not to destroy it created a formal picture of intelligent life on Earth.

It is essential to talk about some of these findings and provide relevant explanations, especially since they are very well fit into the picture of the development of intelligent life, which is given in "The Book of Light."

…what is found by archaeologists in the last two centuries, and that every possible hiding official academic science?
So, is not recognized and explained the official academic science archaeological lead us to the following conclusions.
First, the intelligent community on Earth appeared over 500 million years ago.

Second, they are the result of the arrival and activities of representatives of the upward call of the Worlds from different parts of our galaxy.
Third, by the representatives of the upward call of the Worlds reasonable community over time died as a result of natural disasters or during the disastrous wars, which compels us to consider details of ancient Indian sources that tell of the existence on this earth 22 civilizations in antediluvian times, quite authentic.

Fourth, the death and the subsequent degrade residues of past intelligent communities supported by the presence on Earth of people of different species of exotic peoples (Dagon and dzopa) and hominids.
Fifthly, Archaeology unrecognized and unexplained monuments of the past no doubt confirms the ancient Slavic source, "The Book of Light."

*** 1. Magazine "American science" in July 1852 to put the information on blasting in Dorchester.

Explosions of rock performed at depths 4.5-5 m, and with the broken fragments of stone on the surface of an ancient vase was thrown out, the walls of which are six colors in a bouquet, with a vine and wreath.
The vase was made of metal, reminiscent of zinc, and inlaid with silver.
The biggest secret findings pointed to by people finding fragments of vases was the fact vmurovyvaniya vases in natural stone, indicating the antiquity of manufacturing vases.
Local breed of card U.S. Geological Survey assigned to the Precambrian era and has an age of 600 million years.

*** 2. In search of fragments of the meteorite expedition Center "MAI-Kosmopoisk" combed the fields in the south of the Kaluga region and thanks to Dmitry Kurkova found a piece of stone.

When the stone rubbed dirt on his face surface bolt found a length of about a centimeter, unknowingly got there.
Stone has consistently been in paleontology, zoology, physics and mathematics, Aviation Institute of Technology, Paleontology and biological museums, laboratories, and KB, MAI, Moscow State University, as well as in several other dozens of specialists in various fields of knowledge.
Paleontologists have removed all the questions regarding the age of the stone:
really old, it 300-320 million years.
"Bolt" hit the rock to its hardening and, therefore, his age is not less than the age of the stone.

*** 3. In Siberia, the humanoid skull found lacking brow and dated age of 250 million years.

*** 4. In 1882, in the journal "American Journal ofsayens"
it was reported the find near Carlson (Nevada) during the excavation of several prints of human feet in shoes is quite elegant performance, superior in size, and very significantly, the feet of modern man.
The prints of the feet were found in the layers of the Carboniferous period.
Their age is dated about 200-250 million years.

*** 5. In California, found traces paired with size of about 50 cm, Stretched out in a chain, in which the distance between the footprints is two meters.
These traces indicate that they belong to the people higher than 4 meters.
The age of these traces is also about 200-250 million years.

*** 6. On the rocks of the Crimean peninsula, dating again, many millions of years, shows a trace of a human foot length of 50 centimeters.

*** 7. In 1869, the mine coal mine in Ohio (USA) removed a lump of coal to the surface with an inscription in an unknown language.
Deciphering the finding is not susceptible, but scientists have recognized that the letters were made up to that time, as coal is dry, that is hundreds of millions of years ago.

*** 8. In 1928, the shafts of Oklahoma (USA),
at a depth of several hundred meters of wall was discovered cubic blocks with storonamiv 30 centimeters with a perfect finish faces.
Naturally, this wall has caused the miners surprise and distrust, and even fear, as it relates to the age-Carboniferous period, ie the period of 200-250 million years ago.

*** 9. The expedition of the Bashkir State University,
headed by Professor Alexander Chuvyrovym, found in the southern Urals piece three-dimensional map of our country created 70 million years ago.

Plate, covered with various signs, dug around the mountain Chandur.
Surface of the upper part of the front was smooth as porcelain.
Under yellowed fingers felt veneering ceramic glass.
Then her fingers felt velvety surface stone — dolomite.
Ceramics, glass and stone — in the nature of these compounds does not occur.
In 1921, about boards mentioned in the report visited the Chandure Vakhrushev historian and researcher.
He reported that the plates six, but four lost.
In the XIX century, the sources said that the board had two hundred.
Participated in the study Chinese reported that ceramic plates in China has never been made, because it was as hard as a diamond.
Stone-dolomite was also strange, is homogeneous, which in nature is currently not known.
Glass was diopside.
Such learned to cook at the end of XX century.
However, the glass plates are not welded and cold produced by some unknown chemical means.
At the junction with the stone and ceramic compound is called nanomaterial.
Mysterious signs were painted on glass by some tool.
And only then the surface with a layer of ceramic.
The map shows the topography, the former in the southern Urals 120 million years ago.
The most striking thing is that in addition to the rivers, mountains and valleys marked odd channels and dams — a whole system of hydraulic structures with a total length of twenty thousand kilometers.
A fragment of an ancient map (plates) weighed more than a ton, it barely pulled out of the pit.
In order to study the terrain visually card without distortion, the growth of an intelligent being, who could use it, should be about three meters.
The size of plates accurately correlates with astronomical quantities.
For a complete map of our land to 125,000 plates.
Equator is placed in 356 such stone cards.
This corresponds exactly to the number of days in the year to date.
He was nine days shorter.
Signs on the card is a mathematically accurate.
Some of them have been able to decipher.
It was found in the left corner of the sky coded diagram showing the angle of rotation of our Earth, the inclination of its axis, the axis tilt of the moon.
And the prints were discovered mollusk shells that lived in those days.
Apparently, the creators of plates intentionally leave these "time stamp".
After studying the plates in various academic institutions, including foreign ones, concluded: stove is not a fake and authentic artifacts of the past of our land, leading to the conclusion that it was created by intelligent beings.

*** 10. He equally impressive collection of Dr. Cabrera,
Peruvian citizen, who since the early 60-ies of XX century, gathered in the small town of Ica huge number (about 12,000), oval stones (from very small, fist-sized boulders to stokilogrammovye).
The entire surface of the stones dotted with shallow patterns of people, objects, maps, animals, and even the many scenes of life.
The main mystery of stones from Peru presented the images themselves.
On the surface with the help of some sharp instrument incised scenes of hunting for ancient animals
dinosaurs, brontosaurs, Brachiosaurus, scene surgical transplant of human organs, people, the subject matter through a magnifying glass, studying celestial objects through a telescope or spotting scope, geographical maps of unknown continents.
A French journalist of "Paris Match", describing the collection, suggested that through drawings on the stones of Ica some ancient civilization with a high level of development would give information about the future of civilization itself, suggesting impending disaster.
Something similar has occurred in Latin America.
In July 1945, were discovered monuments of ancient Mexico.
American collector V. Zhulsrud bought a large number of items.
Images on them looked like dinosaurs, plesiosaurs, mammoths, as well as people in the neighborhood of ancient extinct reptiles.
These findings are discussed and many historians and archaeologists.
However, they have not come to a positive conclusion, and carried them to the fraud.
Appeared Stones of Ica, more diverse, more detailed, more numerous, with a large number of images, becoming the official historical science in an impasse from which it can get only by revising all its conceptual framework.
In the eye catches one major feature in the image of man in the pictures.
These images are disproportionately large head.
The ratio of the head and body is 1:3 or 1:4, while the modern man has a ratio of 1:7 of the head to the body.
Dr. Cabrera, who studied the stones found with drawings, concluded that this ratio proportions in the structure of ancient intelligences suggests that they are not our ancestors.
This is also evidenced by the structure of the hands of the creatures depicted in the drawings.
Professor has devoted over 10 years to the study of found items, before making the first public findings.
One of the main conclusion is that in the Americas in ancient times there were intelligent beings, like modern humans and extinct as a result of a disaster, which at the time of death with extensive knowledge and experience.
Ica stones are completed in groups of areas: geographical, biological, ethnographic, etc.

*** 11. The presence of considerable knowledge and experience tell drawings depicting a craniotomy and skull, with different sizes and shapes.
The large size of the skulls with elongated and round the back of the point to the fact that in the past some people have brain mass was three times greater than that of modern humans.
Ability to change to increase the weight of the skull and the brain suggests that people of the past had the secrets of the Gods — Teachers who have created their own.
This is also indicated megaliths Peruvian city of Tiwanaku.
Ancient structures were collected from well-worked stones weighing several tens of tons and adjusted to each other so that there is still between them impossible to stick a knife blade.
One gets the strong belief that the builders of these structures possessed the secret softening rock, then fashioned out of it, as of clay, that we wanted, and the secrets of gravity, so as to move entire blocks of stone in a few tens of tons for sizable distance in the mountains just ordinary means impossible.
Some old buildings in Peru have been destroyed by the explosion of unprecedented force, most likely nuclear explosions.
Of them were huge craters and boulders twisted rock.
No less interesting are found in Peru's Nazca desert drawings, laid on the ground and depicting various birds and a variety of geometric shapes.
These images could detect by aircraft.
Who ever posted these pictures, and for what purpose they serve?

*** 12. In 1982,,
140 kilometers from Yakutsk Prilenskoye archaeological expedition of the USSR under the direction of Molchanov, at an altitude of 105-120 meters near the Lena River was found more than four and a half thousand of artifacts in the geological strata dating back 3 million years.

*** 13. Legends about the arriving star Gods,except for wide distribution, are without some justification.
This may indicate an archeological expedition 70 years of XX century to the ancient Mexican city Cholumu, 100 kilometers from Mexico City.
Ritual complex, excavated in Cholumu, dated VII-XIII centuries and was dedicated to the two "gods":
men and women who came from Heaven to other gods, but stayed to teach people different sciences and agriculture.
As a result of unknown events "Gods" were killed, but are grateful for these sciences, residents staged for them and built the crypt ritual complex.
German archaeologist who excavated, took a few shots with the preserved skulls.
Photos have enormous size of the cranium, its teardrop shape resembling the skull of the "star child".
Still, the best known in various circles skull, which caused many interpretations and hypotheses skull was "Taung child".
It was discovered in 1924 during excavations of the eponymous village in North-West Africa.
Riddle of the skull, which undoubtedly is related to the humanoid form, more than 70 years torturing scientists in different directions.
Some consider it a baby turtles — mutant, other adult skull.
Lee Berger and Ron Clarke of the University of Vitvatesorand several years studied the skull with a huge amount of powerful forehead and slightly elongated neck and came to the conclusion that he does not belong to an earthly being.
It was also established that he died, it hit the rocks.
Moreover, researchers have finally established the idea that, despite the number of features, the skull belonged to an adult, who lived two and a half million years ago.
In our land found a skull with the traumas of thousands of years ago with the help of firearms.
At the Natural History Museum in London shows how the skull of a human being, which was found in 1921 in what is now Zambia.
Skull, called "discovery of Broken Hill," is interesting in that the left-hand side there is a perfectly round hole with perfectly smooth edges.
The form of the wound shows that it has done a bullet flying at high speed.
On the opposite side of the skull was another hole, indicating that the bullet had passed through.
This was confirmed by experts forensics from Berlin.
The fact that the strange find was discovered at a depth of 18 meters, and it could not have happened if the other kind of creature was killed in a century when firearms penetrated Central Africa.
Discovered the remains of a few.
For example, a buffalo skull, found near the bank of the Lena River, dating back 40 thousand years.
In it there is a hole with smooth edges, have done a bullet fired from a firearm.

*** 14. In October 1922, Dr. Ballou alerted readers of New York magazine about the discovery of a mining engineer John Reid.
In coal seams of Nevada found a piece of rock from the surface of a frozen footprints shoe.
Were distinguished not only outlines the sole, but a number of stitches, the crimping of the shoe.
The engineer showed finding geologists at Columbia University, who found an imitation of what he saw, but recognized that a piece of coal from the rocks can be dated more than 5-million years.

*** 15. In 1871, the mine depth of 42 meters, that developed in the state of Illinois, was found several bronze coins.
Naturally, in the mine developed coal seams, slicing hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the depth.
The absence of other signs of human activity is also due time education coal seams.

*** 16. One of the greatest archaeological finds 70-s of the XIX century became Salzburg box, stored in the museum of the same name of Germany.
He was found in the sediments of the Tertiary period (12 million years ago) and was composed of carbon steel with a splash of nickel.
Official scientists declared it a meteorite.
However, this "meteorite" was very strange, because it has the form of processed cube.
In addition, he has no reflow, which should appear in this meteorite.
Thus, all the evidence indicates that the box (cube) — is a man-made product of intelligence.

*** 17. In Philadelphia, at a depth of 21 meters, workers found a marble slab carved with letters on its surface.
They called from the nearby town of respectable citizens, and they have witnessed the discovery that lies beneath many layers of shale and ancient clay.


*** 18. In the early years beginning of the millennium press Russia has bypassed the news of the discovery in a remote village of the Tula region Salamasov two huge rocks covered with images of monkeys, panthers, dinosaurs, duck-bills, CDs, symbols of unknown purpose.
Geological boreholes made on the spot Bald Mountain, brought amazing data:
stones 100-200 thousand years.
This examination of stones still to be, but the very artifact detection whit pointing to the existence in the distant past, a development of human culture.

*** 19. In India, on the outskirts of Affairsand, near the tower Qutub Minar tower is composed of pure iron.
It 99.72% iron, 0.28% of the remaining amount of the impurity.
In her black-and-blue surface can be seen only subtle spots of corrosion.
Who ever made this iron tower is unknown.
It is unknown how and where she was taken to Delhi?
This giant weighs 6.8 tons.
Bottom diameter of 41.6 cm, to the top tapering to 30 cm
Column height of 7.5 m
Surprising is that now in metallurgy pure iron is produced by a very complex and in small amounts, but the iron of such purity, as a column, modern technology can not be obtained.

*** 20. In the Indian village of Shivapuri, close to the local church, are two stone.
Weight per 55 kilograms, the other about 41.
If more of them to your fingers eleven people, and to a smaller nine and utter with certain note on a strictly magic phrase, both stones rise to a height of about two meters and hang in the air for about a second, as if there is no gravity at all.
Make sure that this is not fiction, are now able to anyone who can afford to vacation trip to India.
The stones are a tourist attraction any tourist itinerary.

*** 21. The roof of one of the temples of Puri in Indyand is made of monolithic weight of 20 tons.
How such a monolith brought to the city, and raised to the temple, there is no answer.

*** 22. Numerous archaeological finds Spitsbergen and Novaya Zemlya are also a lot of surprise.
In particular, at the end of XX century on the island of Vaigach in permafrost found a bronze statue of winged people.

*** 23. Majestic temples and pyramids of America, that set out in the plan of interaction motions of the Sun and the Moon.
For architectural realization of these interactions should systematically monitor the movements of celestial bodies for no one thousand years, and scientific understanding of the results.
The accuracy with which the builders made all calculations, it is doubtful that it could make the Indians.
Anyway, for the last thousand years, the Indians have not built anything like this

*** 24. Mayan Calendar was precisely the modern Gregorian calendar as they led with 5,041,738 years before the modern era.
This suggests that the inventors of the calendar and chronology probably were not Indians.
Moreover, the most recent cycle of the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 by the Gregorian reckoning.
Modern scholars of the 2012 calendar is called the end of time.

*** 25. Far from clear, and the Egyptian pyramids.
The time of their construction, which has established an official academic science, is highly questionable.
Construction accuracy, precision orientation of the compass, and energy pyramids available even modern builders that points directly to their construction in the past.
It has also recently been transcribed some Sumerian writings, dating older than 10,000 years.
They say that the pyramids at the time were standing.
Probably no coincidence that the Egyptian civilization from the time of the first dynasties of pharaohs, about 3,200 years before the modern calendar, is the impression of the prevailing culture, accepting someone's ancient knowledge in terms of their understanding of the form.
Subsequently, this knowledge has been encrypted by the Egyptian priests as final conclusions in the form of numerous sermons and teachings.

*** 26. But if an American Egyptian pyramids and more or less widely known, the pyramids in other places of our earth to know about.
Just recently became aware of the opening of the pyramidal structures in China.
They are found in the central regions of China in the town of Mao-Lin and some other agricultural areas of the country.
The largest pyramid found in town so Tsiyan.
It has a height of up to 300 and wide at the base and 500 meters.
Even with the earth, or, as archaeologists, cultural layer, this pyramid is twice the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops, which has a height of 148 meters.
Learn anything about the secrets of Chinese pyramids impossible as leading scholars in China are quite sure that the state of academic research at this stage not allow the carefully and correctly assess the ancient culture, in which the pyramids were built data, so you should wait with the excavation and not try to change the existing view of the past in China.

*** 27. To the northeast of the island of Taiwan is an archipelago of tiny islands belonging to Japan, which holds many secrets.
Not far from the island Ionaguni in calm weather under the surface seen mysterious stone array.
It stands on the bottom like the temple.
It was discovered in the 90-ies of XX century snorkellers group Kihachiro Aratake.
The first scientist who could not resist and went down under the water to see with my own eyes a mysterious object, became a professor of geology Okinawa University Masaki Kimura.
He was convinced that the object is clearly not of natural origin.
Behind him a monument Ioguni examined and studied other scholars and submariners.
They were found blocks weighing 200 tons, with a perfectly machined surfaces.
Under water already found more than 70 buildings.
The age of some of them more than 12,000 years.
Recently, in the same area recorded another inexplicable phenomenon.
From the height of a passenger airliner in the archipelago can be observed at the surface of the water mysterious flash of bright light.

*** 28. Not deprived of the pyramids and the present-day Russia.
One such pyramid is near the city of Nakhodka in the Primorsky region on the hill Brother.
Visually, this is a hill-shaped object with the proportions corresponding to the pyramids of Egypt.
At present time knoll half brother podmyta razed and one of the branches of the river Suchan.
However, the researchers found that the base of the hill pyramid brother has a natural origin, that is composed of natural granite.

At the top of the hill is now mine.
In one corner of the pit were found the remains of an ancient building — part of the plastered walls with traces of paint.
It is light brown ocher and brown.
The wall was made of unknown composition: solution with marble chips, mica, and mineral inclusions, partially crystallized.
This solution was poured at a temperature no lower than 600 degrees.
Now it is impossible to imagine how it was done.
Discovered walls indicate that in the hills at the top of her brother was a third room.
The upper part of the hill was in Soviet times deliberately detonated, and crushed stone for construction went Nakhodka.
The researchers also found that the nipple-pyramid brother appeared at the end of the last glaciation, which is estimated antiquity of at least 40,000 years.

*** 29. Also of interest are the Mercator map and the Piri Reis.
On one of the Mercator map depicts North Mainland (Da'Arias), as it was before flooding.
Piri Reis map shows Antarctica without ice, and South America.
These cards are also not accepted by mainstream science, although the coastline of Antarctica on Piri Reis map is more accurate shapes than the modern map of Antarctica, based on data and images obtained from satellites.
But this is not all the monuments of the past of our Earth, which do not find a proper explanation from the official academic science.
Some ancient monuments declared fraud, others are primitive explanation, others that can not be denied simply ignored.
To the monuments that are primitive explanation, in particular, the drawings in the Peruvian desert Nazca.
Official scholars argue that these drawings on the ground laid out the Indians with balloons.
This explanation raises many questions.
Indians who taught weaving material that density surpasses modern parachute cloth, given that in the last thousand years, the Indians have not created anything significant?
How could the Indians to stabilize the balloon, which is indispensable to keep the figure in the same situation to be monitored?
As of the balloon, they transmit signals to the ground and control the operation of thousands of people?

And most importantly, why they needed these figures, drawings, invisible to those who were on the surface, if they do not fly over the Earth or in outer space?
Official historians and scholars of other profiles believe that drawings, figure and ground of the desert of Nazca can not be used for space takeoffs and landings.
But it is really only when the use of modern ground missiles.
And if you sit in the Nazca desert starships that can hover and gently fall to the earth's surface?
It radically changes the situation.
These ships, which had a different shape and size, sat down and started with their designated sites, which just have been identified in various shapes, designs.
Appeared in recent information confirms the above.
Having been in Peru cosmonaut Grechko showed mountain was once the top of which had been cut.
The resulting platform like a runway, which in ancient times could take aircraft, similar to modern aircraft.
The ability to use this band for flights confirmed cosmonaut Grechko.
Thus, together with drawings of figures, this artificial strip is a huge range of take-off and landing, which in ancient times was used aerospace aircraft.
No matter if these archaeological sites to a reasonable last culture that existed in the area, or the monuments of several successive civilizations.
It is important to completely different — that they existed in antediluvian times.
Antediluvian time it is not a primitive time, as it treats the modern academic science, and a huge time period prior to the destruction of Atlantis and what happened with the flood.

After these catastrophic events occurred and existed in America developed cultures were rapidly degraded.
Construction people Collie, the pre-Inca constructions copy antediluvian civilizations, but they are made of stone, commensurate with modern bricks.
As for the famous Inca constructions, they quite primitive.
These buildings are made of solid rock fragments of various natural forms and sizes, held together by water.
This suggests that the emerging post-Flood civilization time America had lost touch with their Vyšna Worlds, and with them, and have lost a lot of ancient knowledge that they were given to representatives of the upward call of the Worlds.

So that the post-Flood earth people were rapidly degraded.
So, is not recognized and explained the official academic science archaeological lead us to the following conclusions.
First, the intelligent community on Earth appeared over 500 million years ago.
Second, they are the result of the arrival and activities of representatives of the upward call of the Worlds from different parts of our galaxy.
Third, by the representatives of the upward call of the Worlds reasonable community over time died as a result of natural disasters or during the disastrous wars, which compels us to consider details of ancient Indian sources that tell of the existence on this earth 22 civilizations in antediluvian times, quite authentic.

Fourth, the death and the subsequent degrade residues of past intelligent communities supported by the presence on Earth of people of different species of exotic peoples (Dagon and dzopa) and hominids.
Fifthly, Archaeology unrecognized and unexplained monuments of the past no doubt confirms the ancient Slavic source, "The Book of Light."

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