Above us are constantly carrying out experiments, which we do not notice

The fact that, despite all the vicissitudes of history, certain forces tselenopravlenno lead mankind into a state of weak-willed, rootless and mindless herd "bipedal besmyslits" — no doubt about it. Degradation of man (in spite of a purely external development) — is obvious. To achieve this goal the "secret power" (yes, for some reason they are called secret, although their work, to say the least, for all to see) and their liberal fucking brat in recent years seriously succeeded. There are very little.

How globalists conduct experiments on us, feeling our resistance to the suppression of the will (spend at different levels, testing the intellect, senses and emotions …) selenadia blogger writes:

"Above us the experiments that we do not notice.

Then carry out the "anonymous" surveys in which we deliberately and even joyfully — fun! — Participate, comforting themselves: they also anonymous!

According to the results, it concluded, we are ready or not. Where to strengthen the "infusion", and where there is enough.

Socio-pathological studies reveal the presence of our will, our attitude to injustice, to the misfortunes of others, to the pain of the individual or the misfortune of a city.

They monitor "the overall temperature of the hospital," ie, curve by country, to humanity as a whole.

You had to participate in the discussion of the indifference of passers-by when in front of everyone suddenly drops, but there were not suitable for him?

Such a situation — not a secret! — Often modeled laboratories that monitor and response.

You had to wonder equanimity citizens when some bully Wanton suit scandal in transport?


Yes, if you are with your people contemptuously call Rashkin cattle sheep yes! Oh, how it pleases the enemy!

But the people — just an involuntary participant in the world upyrinogo experiment!

Tests showed disgust: Western society is more indifferent.

When the air show leading devouring fried meat Shmatkov each other, the audience just twiddle his temple, or shake your head at all — pohihikali!

The reaction of the Russian diaspora and individual track as well.

One lady has created a situation in the bank when its accounts were lost money, said something like: "If our bank you lost your money — it is your fault and you have to prove that it is not. Wait for the end of the week, can that — it turns out … "

Russian did not wait, rolled the fur fly. Money was found.

Be assured — it is under control and it will "break" new experiments to create artificial difficulties! Study.

Cannibalistic laws on housing, etc. Yuyu bigotry — is also a test for our sanity!

West — vrazhina already knows: the Russian religion as a tool to suppress the will is valid only for a small part of society.

But in Russian is the Law!

Citizens are, without exception, therefore, have to obey it!

The law — like magic!

And here we are more vulnerable.

After all, for the Russian Contract — A Case of Conscience!

In fulfilling its obligations under the Agreement (the Act), we naively believe that the other party will perform and the!

And to make us remember, for any such agreement and who were cut 75,000 Persians voluntarily disarm? And if not for these characters and write our "laws" in order to bring "under the knife"? Why we do not link these analogies together, not to draw conclusions? Because the cause-and-effect relationship we previously destroyed.

Pitched us the ability to holistic view of global processes. They did it systematically, through religion, education, and advocacy.

Has anyone noticed how quickly waned "interest" of society to the Crimean tragedy?

When the people rushed there, the power was scared!

But she had a week to bring the situation under control. In an instant, went some laws about volunteering, reporting, permits … — zavolokitili and brought "zero" will of the people!

He had only volunteers had called "beautiful" a foreign word — volunteers — the people "blown away." Here you have all the magic!

To bring people to the "voluntary" commitment and "obedience", people should be standardized. Unified. Western society that stage with a wave of a conductor is beZslovestno.

To "Align" and we are introduced to the Western, standards. Teach us to be jealous centuries ottsivilizovannomu West, seek there …

What were instigated provocations with "blasphemy" of the Orthodox Church, Kirillova scandals insults "holy"?

Not because the Orthodox are too righteous, and their troops for the Antichrist spread rot.

No, not because. Because Russian — do not like them!

That's why negate Orthodoxy as synonymous Russianness (for them — a synonym, what is very conditional … Do not go the same campaign against the Russian because they — Russian!)

This and ecumenism Cyril as an enemy agent. Hence the revisions church structures.

Russian sum of Protestantism! Unemotional and beZchuvstvennosti! That would mean breaking the Russian archetype at all!

Religion, as we usually say, are created to control people. But should finish: control by suppressing the people's will! After its suppression of human feelings.

With this perfectly correlated Western legislation, in particular, Yuvenalka.

There's a familiar sight when the setting is hysterical child does not bother sitting next to her mother! No, it is, perhaps, still alive … but she can not respond to his "suffocating love" or bang on the ass of his child. The consequences can be horrendous: the child immediately taken away, and "stifle" no one else will have to … "compassionate" hit witnesses "who have".

How to make the neighbors "not passed"? We need to create the people of the Nation! All, as one …

Remember the behavior of parents whose babies were to be shot Breivik? They rushed back and bare hands tore the brave mason? No, no. So would make the Russian. Still would have done.

But the western people, it is "in-law" mannered. He sat down together on the phone and gave instructions. The first thing that asked people, put it in the fame of the incident the police? And advice: wait for her instructions.

It was also a test. Monstrous? And then …

Rate is high — to rule the world! The West has been tested successfully. That's what the nation and create — uniformity control easier. Through the laws of the state, political structures, ideology, propaganda suppress consciousness, and with an assistant of the process — religion — to suppress Soul.

But all together, kagalom — Will!

Why do the citizens "voluntarily" so eager to create out of himself, yet people — Nation — is not the question. People's subconscious long and technologically processed.

Because the citizens of creating a political structure — is a subconscious desire to extend their dependent status in childhood.

Such behavior of society — is surrender born of fear, laziness, and expediency. This is the real wealth, as a strategic weapon, useful against the hideous society

People give the politicians the power to create and support the war machine in pursuit of goals: to ensure survival … resist the invasion of interests … kill … destroy foreign enemies citizens in the country that prevent maintaining the stability of the nation.

And then the people turned to the electorate, people, crowd and cattle …

Narodnaya Volya like voluntarily delegated to politicians, from which the population is expected to return — the political will … and in return receives the rights and freedom. Freedom within the pen specified by law.

Hobbled horse mettlesome — the Russian people.

In his ears lie pour: "Sleep, sleep, sleep .." — religion.

Before the eyes of scenes from other people's lives play out .. — TV.

Crap laying in a manger …
In drinker sweet poison …
Croup poisonous wasps — vaccine cut away … ".

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