According to Feng Shui, the door should be in the south side.


According to the laws of Feng Shui the most suitable place for the location of the front door is the south side. In this case, the people living in the house waiting for happiness, prosperity and peace. But the north, east and west are not very suitable for the arrangement of the entrance. However, these calculations are useful only if you control the construction of your home.

But what if you already live in the finished apartment with a "dysfunctional" door? In this case it is recommended to do the internal arrangement of space.

Do not make the bedroom the first room after the corridor, otherwise you're going to be constantly tired. It is advisable to immediately out the door and you do not end up in the kitchen, not to experience constant hunger.

Ideal first room will be living or office. Well, when the flow of energy passing through the door, spread out at first on the living room or office, and then in all other rooms in the house. This gives the charges of all tenants apartment right energy.

Experts in Feng Shui recommend to insert on the front door glass, preferably in color. Of course, in apartments is not accepted, without a steel door, few costs. But nothing prevents you to have a double door.

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