Actors from the films Balabanov pursued mystical rock


The director died after his fellow actors, became a star of his films. Before his death, Balabanov himself appeared in an episode in his latest film.

Many actors from the films Balabanov died an agonizing death. Alexei Poluian, who played a maniac in "Cargo 200", died of alcoholism. A car accident claimed the life of Yuri Stepanov. The mysterious death of Andrei Panin like a murder. But the heaviest blow was the death of a close friend of director Sergei Bodrov Jr..

Daria Jurgens
, actress: "He said the guys died, I was not interested in anything. He's always wanted to them. "

The tragedy in Karmadon Gorge forever changed Balabanov. After the death of Bodrov he left in the first bout. Peel director for more than 10 years. In his latest film, will he played a cameo role, which turned out to be prophetic.

About mystical coincidences and the evil role of alcohol in the fate of the creator of "Brother" — the materials of the "You would not believe!".

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