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By supremacy on landQuestions answered by Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov.

— Alexander, Army played an important, often crucial role in protecting our homeland. Changed to their importance in the modern criteria to the trend of increasing the proportion of forces and means used in the aerospace sector?

— Indeed, over the last decade, the military importance of the aerospace space has increased significantly through the use of sverhtehnologichny systems, in particular for the reconnaissance, electronic warfare, communications, navigation, drawing distant fire strikes. And in the future, this trend will only grow.

But one can not take into account that the main area of life's population now and in the foreseeable future — after the earth's surface. And military conflicts occur, usually due to the "Earth" problems: territorial disputes, eagerness to gain control over natural resources, redistribution of spheres of influence, political, ideological, religious and other differences.

Given the vastness of our country and the length of its land borders, saying that reliably provide the defense of our country without the widespread adoption of the Army is simply unrealistic. They are versatile and functional form of the Armed Forces, military units which are capable to take a long time to delay the areas and boundaries in order to consolidate the final of success. In other words, as the forces of "territorial presence," Army and in modern conditions continue to play a crucial role in the defeat of the enemy and achieving the objectives of military action. Yes, they are doing it in collaboration with other branches of the Armed Forces and the armed services. But other branches of the armed forces and combat arms, usually act in the interests of the Army.

The examples do not need to go too far. Only through decisive and rapid action and units of the Land Forces (with the support of the Air Force, of course) in August 2008 managed to rapidly prinevolit Georgia to peace and to prevent the genocide of the people of South Ossetia. The same can be said of the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus, where the Army also carried out the bulk of the tasks to defeat illegal armed groups. All this testifies to the leading role of the Army in the system of modern warfare and military security of the country.

Coupled with the increase in the proportion of those capabilities, operating in the aerospace, make excessive demands on the organization, equipment and strategies of action and units of the Land Forces.

On the one hand, the need to increase their ability to secure the protection, management and camouflage combat means of aerospace attack the enemy, countering his intelligence and electronic warfare airborne.

On the other hand, they have to learn to keep closely work with its air and space forces and means in order to more fully utilize their skills in the area of fighting (meaning the intelligence, electronic warfare, communication, navigation, etc.), as the results missile and air strikes against the enemy.

The implementation of these requirements will, in our view, a positive impact on the efficiency of the implementation of formations and units of the Land Forces, their suitability to conduct independent, highly-fighting, including isolated areas, apart from the main force in the most difficult physical and geographical criteria .

By supremacy on land

— These requirements and have become one of the causes of large-scale structural changes in the Army, during which divisions were reorganized into teams?

— Yes, of course. In our opinion, the divisional format organizing the Army itself has outlived its usefulness. Some military experts at the division called "dinosaurs on the streets," and with them, perhaps we can agree. Particularly problematic use division in complex criteria mountains and forests in the northern regions and in urban areas, where at each step there are settlements. Not the case most of the ground forces of the world have either fled to run across the brigade structure.

Compact, maneuverable, equipped with modern weapons, perfectly adapted to autonomous action teams are more effective in the management of modern combined arms operations. And what's very fundamentally, they are kept in constant readiness for use and can be quite fast to transfer to the threatened area, including transport aircraft.

The need to move the company to brigade confirmed by the experience of large military exercises, such, for example, as "Vostok-2010". This has already been said more than once in the media and disk imaging. So I will not repeat.

By supremacy on land

— By the time the true structural reforms carried out in the Army in the Armed Forces give a new species, in the main completed. And what next? What are the tasks of construction and development of the Army the most vital in the coming year?

— Tasks to be addressed more strongly a lot, they are quite complex and multifaceted. First, we will continue to improve the organizational structure and units on the experience of military exercises, trends configuration, maintenance and disposition of wars and armed conflicts of a promising means of armed struggle.

Another principal task — the Army to re-new, modern standards of weapons and military equipment. As you know, the President of Russian Federation to put the puzzle in 2015 to increase their share to 30 percent, and by 2020 — up to 70 percent. Difficult task, but we must in any case to perform.

Will also improve the management of military units of the Army, first through the introduction of the unified automated command and control system and instrument at the tactical level, and digital communications.

It is necessary to transform the system of combat training, to increase its intensity, effectiveness and properties through the introduction of new programs, improved training facilities, the growth of methodological expertise commanders at all levels and the introduction of outsourcing eliminates the separation from employment of personnel. The course of combat training will bring into the mainstream of research and development of new forms and methods of implementation of troops inherent in modern wars and armed conflicts.

Another very responsible task — implementation in the Army Institute Professor sergeants. We need to attract to these positions really deserving candidates canceled their reach and teach, so they sought for a long time to serve in the army. Without it, you can hardly read the release to qualitatively new level in the preparation and implementation of the Land Forces.

You see, the scope of work for the upcoming construction and development of the Army is very important that requires our continued attention and vigorous action.

By supremacy on land

— As reported, in 2010 the Ministry of Defence have been revised functions of all officers and military authorities and held a substantial reduction of the latter. As in connection with the changed tasks and responsibilities of the Head of the Land Forces Command? And how it can affect the quality of solutions your tasks?

— Revision of functions, which you has it made in order to avoid duplication of solid, when all were responsible for everything, but for all that it appeared that no one would not bear the full responsibility. These transformations are, of course, touched, and the Head of the Land Forces Command.

Part of our task to run across the joint strategic commands, and some — other central bodies of military control.

Yet for us still has many important functions such as planning and organization of the activities of construction and development of the Land Forces, the organization, conduct and control of combat training, training of younger professionals and sergeants in the interests of the Army. With all of this on the Main Command of the Army and is responsible for the company interspecific training, and therefore raised the status of the body of the combat training of the Army. He converted to the Main Directorate of Combat Training Ground Forces.

In addition, in the area of the Army High Command were managing peacekeeping operations, the definition of the main directions of development of weapons systems for the Army's 15-year term, a role in the development and implementation of State programs from weapons as it relates to our view of the Armed Forces and certain other functions .

Together with the added task management activities in the aftermath of emergency situations at the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in assisting Russia. This was due to the events of the past year of fighting forest and peat bog fires.

All of the above tasks of construction and development of the Army within the competence and responsibility of the Head of command, we, in spite of the significant reductions can solve perfectly and on time.

By supremacy on land

— This year, the units and the Army are engaged in new programs when training. What is the essence of configurations? And can already talk about the positive effect of the introduction of new programs?

— Yes, from 1 December 2010 and units of the Army are engaged to 10-month military training programs when necessary (instead of 5-month-old) and junior experts at preparing for a period of three months (previously was 5.5 months).

The essence of configurations is to increase the intensity and properties of combat training, and increasing the duration of the single steps of military training and combat coordination units. Thus, the length of the school day or increased to 8 hours instead of 6, and during field outputs — 10:00. With all this Saturday — a real day off. Once a day, the military engaged with 4-5 hours of physical training, taking into account, of course, a morning physical exercises and sports activities.

A more fundamental studies, exercises and field outputs are planned and conducted with the complex role of military units of other branches of the Armed Forces, the armed forces and security agencies of the Russian Federation. This allows us to achieve high-quality working out the organization and maintain relationships with the joint decision of combat missions in modern combined arms combat.

Another feature is that the new applets include a section on the preparation of all units to peacekeeping missions. Earlier this question dealt only with the units and started to peacekeeping activities, according to a special program there. With this approach, at least some Army units in short term will be able to proceed with the implementation of these specific tasks.

The transition to 3-month training programs from junior professionals allows three times a year to produce their output, which, in our view, would increase the combat capability of formations and units of the Land Forces, where they will be held after the training service for 9 months instead of 6, as previously. However, this extension will claim vernal recruiting campaign for 1.5 months, until the end of August.

New programs from being tested, and read at the moment of any effect in advance of their implementation. On this subject can only be judged by the results of the final tests and large military exercises. In other words, at the end of the school year.

By supremacy on land

— How is the preparation of Professor sergeants for the Army? What are the conditions of their lives and living conditions? Managed to selected candidates with the programs of learning?

— Education Prof. sergeants we started back in 2009 in a specially made the center of their training at the Ryazan Airborne School, which at the moment is a branch of the Military Training and Research Centre of the Land Forces' Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. " At the center, the sergeants are prepared in the field of Land, Airborne Troops, communications and auto troops. Duration — 2 years 10 months by programs when the average professor of education.

In 2010, he took a second set of candidates, not only in the center of Ryazan, and in some other military schools Army. While the number of students, of course, a little that, in general, is understandable. In-1's, yet many who want to link their lives with the army because of the lack of attractiveness of military service, and in-2, the candidates imposed very strict requirements, and many of them do not pass the sieve of selection. But to soften the requirements we will not, in this case, quality is more important than quantity.

With regard to the criterion of residence for future sergeants, they are good enough. Thus, in the center of Ryazan they are a 2-four-cadet dormitories in separate rooms for 3-4 people. There is everything necessary for life, life and the educational process.

With the programs of training cadets managed quite well as for civilian and for military discipline. It almost everything that contributes to the size of their foreign exchange allowance is based on the results of their studies. For example, in the center of Ryazan honors now get to 21 thousand rubles, and horoshist — 5 thousand less.

After completing his studies at the destination and the size of the post exchange allowances sergeants will increase significantly and should exceed the average wage in the country. Thus, the sergeant — commander of the (tank) in 2012, will receive about 34 thousand rubles.

By supremacy on land

— Will this year be a new set of candidates? In which schools and how much?

— Certainly will. Apart from the Ryazan center is scheduled to perform a set and in other branches of the Military Training and Research Center "Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation." This is the first Capital and Far Higher Military Command School also Omsk Tank Engineering Institute.

In addition, the appointment of candidates for teaching positions at the sergeants will be organized in the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy (St. Petersburg), the Military Academy of Air Defense Army (Smolensk) and NBC Military Academy and the Corps of Engineers (Kostroma) suitable for specialties.

A certain number of sets in every military school will be determined later, after verification requirements of the troops in these spices.

— Where should I apply to the guy who wants to become a sergeant? What are the aspects of selection?

— We consider two categories of candidates for training sergeants for programs when the average professor of education. First — the citizens of the Russian Federation, past military service, whose age does not exceed 24 years. They should contact the recruitment office at the place of residence and submit it by April 20 statement, receipts.

Second category — the soldiers who are in military service under the contract (without the officer ranks), their contribution to the age of 30. They serve a report addressed to the commander of a military unit until April 1 in the year received.

Both categories of candidates are required to have a document of the municipal standard of secondary (full) general education. The main aspects of the selection of the following: a conscious choice of profession sergeant, compliance indicators for honey; highest motivation for the long military service, no criminal record, the highest moral and psychological properties and discipline, a good level of physical development consent for the conclusion of contracts for a period of training and 5 years military service after the end of a military school.

By supremacy on land

— Alexander, and what tool will prof sergeants and their subordinates in the not to distant future? What are the general directions of the principal values and the development of weapons systems the Army?

— Today's system of Army Weapons inherent three main difficulties. First — a small fraction of modern weapons, military and special equipment (AMSE). Second — its imbalance when obsolete, poorly performing providing reconnaissance, control, communications, navigation, targeting, identification, protection, masking do not allow the ability to implement existing weapons, not to mention promising. And finally, the third — razunifitsirovannost, ie very large "raznomarochnost" samples AMSE, which greatly complicates their application, service and logistics in the process of fighting.

To solve these and other problems of the Army weapons systems and to avoid them in the future, and to identify ways of further development of the Main Command of the Concept of development of weapons systems for the Army until 2025. Its main purpose — to provide interdepartmental standardization, versatility, balance and modular designs of weapons, information, and technology compatibility of individual samples with their cooperation in joint implementation. And in addition, the concept should assist to reach unanimity military authorities, developers and companies of the military-industrial complex on the development strategy of AMSE for the Army with the representation of consumers, in other words those who specifically will use them in battle.

In developing the concept of a new approach to the development of weapons and military equipment as a single integrated system that includes a built-in sub-arms formations of the Ground Forces. Such embedded subsystems that operate in a single information space, it is proposed to have about 16. Chief among them — is a subsystem of armored cars and military vehicles, tube artillery and multiple rocket launchers, ground-based missiles, anti-tank weapons, air defense, intelligence and information management, unmanned aerial vehicles, communications equipment, automated command and control systems tool; fighting equipment and means of close combat, etc.

Given this approach to the concept defined by the following priority areas for the development of weapons systems the Army:
— formation of a unified automated system of intelligence and information support of the Army at all levels of management on the basis of future development and integration based on the ESU TK highly effective reconnaissance, communications, electronic warfare, navigation, target detection, identification, information sharing, communicating control signals and combat missions, etc. like;
— developing and equipping the troops different types of precision instruments, as long-range and short-range actions, means of non-lethal acts as a tool for new physical and technological principles;
— introduction of mechanized systems and complexes AMSE, unmanned aerial vehicles for various purposes, and other sets of equipment, ensure the application of armaments in remote control;
— improvement of military equipment from the elements of mental systems, allowing very enhance the effectiveness of military personnel of various specialties in modern warfare;
— the creation of compact and ultra instruments of war on the basis of micro-miniaturization and nanotechnology, in particular to meet the challenges of intelligence and command and control;
— increase security and survivability of personnel, combat and support vehicles, meeting requirements for ergonomics and habitability of the latter.

The implementation of these and other concepts presented in the directions of the weapon system will allow, in our opinion, to give a perspective combined arms formations of the Army kind of reconnaissance-strike systems (RPS) that can ensure the timely achievement and retention of information systems and weapons advantages over the enemy, and at the appropriate criteria — his defeat in the initial or subsequent phases of the military conflict, at least some scale.

By supremacy on land

— What effect do you expect from the introduction of the unified automated system of tactical level? When it is put into service?

— We are going to introduce a uniform system of automatic tactical control (ESU TZ) not in connection with the mode of digital technology, in order to significantly improve the efficiency, speed, reliability and stability of the command and control tool.

The fact is that today's management techniques developed in the 1940-1950's, are no longer suitable because they do not correspond to the liking of modern combined arms operations, which have become more lively and highly maneuverable. In addition, significantly increased performance and the ability to sample and weapon systems, communications, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare.

In these criteria work on cardboard cards, hand collection, collation, evaluation of the situation and make decisions after lengthy hearings various chiefs
and setting goals cardboard or orders for obsolete means of communication — a real anachronism. If we do so we will manage the troops, it just will not be able to react to the configuration of the situation and lose the initiative, which will inevitably lead to defeat.

Only the introduction of TK ESU will allow fundamentally do better and accelerate command and control tool. This single system will be integrated intelligence capabilities, automatic data collection and compilation of the situation, satellite navigation and digital radio communications. On each piece of equipment, be it a command post vehicle armored brigade commander or the commander's office, will be installed software and hardware — bortovik. With the help of their commanders at all levels will be able to display a map with an electric monitor constantly updated real-time data of the combat situation and determine the coordinates of the location and its own purposes (objects) of the enemy, to set tasks for their destruction, promptly give military orders, track security units everything necessary to resolve goals, etc.

So Makarov, with the introduction of ESU TK at the tactical level will be created a single information space, which will eventually lead to a substantial increase in the efficiency of implementation and units on the battlefield, will allow ahead of the enemy at every step operation to seize the initiative, to put him on a sudden massive strikes areas of success and achieve a little blood.

By the time the true ESU TK actually created and runs troop tests in one of the compounds of the Army. Conducted in fall 2010 by experienced CPE generally confirmed its effectiveness and compliance with the requirements, although all of this have been identified and some flaws. Therefore, we decided to give the industry another year to bring the ESU TK in compliance with our requests. And then check the system during scheduled for the end of 2011, Brigadier-tactical exercise where it will be used not only governments, but the connection at full strength. And only then, if the result we want, we will ESU TK into service.

By supremacy on land

— What are the characteristics of municipal defense contracts this year in respect of the equipment of the Army? What are the current standards of weapons arrive in the units and NE in 2011-2012?

— The main feature of the municipal defense contracts this year is to move from the repair and modernization of the fleet AMSE only to purchases of new, modern designs for the complete equipment of military units and formations of the Ground Forces.

Please provide buy modern digital communications and automatic control systems, such as, for example, as ASU antiaircraft missile brigade (mixed group) air defense forces "Glade-D4M1 'newest all-embracing automation station tactical level of military defense, and others.

In addition, the Air Defense Forces Ground Forces will receive modernized S-300V4, "Buk-M2" and "Buk-M3" anti-aircraft missile systems, short-range "Tor-M2U (M)", man-portable air defense systems "Igla-S" and "Willow."

We extend equipment and units of missile troops and artillery tactical missile complexes "Iskander-M", the new multiple launch rocket systems, self-propelled guns, "Host" and "Nona-SVK" anti-tank missile systems "Chrysanthemum-S" guns and "Octopus -SD ".

Of armored car armored vehicles provided purchase the latest modification BTR-82A, modern recovery vehicles ARV-K for the BTR-80 and ARV-A on the basis of the BMP-3 armored special vehicles carrying up to 2.5 tonnes ("Iveco" "Tiger", "Wolf"), and new trucks KamAZ "Mustang" family.

High-efficiency standards for appliances and equipment will arrive and units of special forces. Thus, CBR defense troops will receive heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A rocket infantry flame-throwers over-range and power of thermobaric warheads RPO PDM-A radiation and air reconnaissance systems WRC. A Corps of Engineers — New stations comprehensive cleaning and desalination of water on the base car Kamaz (SKO-10/5), universal road machines (UDM) and other effective means of engineering equipment.

All of these purchases will be a significant contribution towards increasing military capabilities and units of the Land Forces. So we will be changed and improved, so that in modern conditions play a crucial role in ensuring the military security of Russia.

— Alexander, our conversation was held on the eve of the 1st of the most beloved by our people prazdnichkom — day or the patron of the Fatherland. What would you want to wish subordinates and colleagues in this solemn day?

— I wish to express my sincere congratulations on the Day of Fatherland defender personnel, veterans and civilian staff of the Land Forces, and all those people who puts their generous contribution to the cause increase in the defense of our country. I wish you all good health, happiness and success in the service and work for the good of our Russia.

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